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  1. So my engineer windows are going missing when I click the float button to send it back to the default window which is also now missing. When I use the menu from the toolbar nothing happens. I can't get my windows back. Can anyone help? Output Log
  2. The patcher that download via the launcher, with a fresh install, refuses to authenticate. Specifically I get this message "Unable to authenticate with the server: Received malformed data from the server: File not found." I have done everything the wiki has suggested, I have given it all of the firewall permissions I can, I've deleted and re-installed several times, and nothing has worked. I have changed my password several times just to make sure I'm using the correct login info, still nothing. I have contacted squad via email and they only send me what amounts to courtesy emails. They have been no help whatsoever. Will someone please really, actually help me?
  3. Can't use the patcher and I am definitely using the correct login information. Re-downloaded it twice and I still can't use it. Every time I try to login I get "Unable to authenticate with the server: Received malformed data from the server: File not found." HELP!!!!!
  5. I just updated my game to .90 and it crashes before the loading screen comes up. All I get is is my mouses busy icon. If I press anything the game crashes. I tried re-installing it already, no help. My game worked fine before the update. HELP!!!
  6. Every time I use the rotatrons they only work when I initially use them then they get stuck. Am I doing something wrong? I wanted to use it as a Vtol engine. I have the min and max set to 90, is that where I'm messing up?
  7. Yeah this is still not working for me. I have the toolbar installed. Parts show up in game but don't work. Its like they don't exist once I launch. Output Log: https://www./?va9udsqwtjhjhtq
  8. Oh ok. Where do I send that? Also thanks for the help.
  9. I did install the toolbar directory. Where is the output_log file located? Sorry I'm pretty new to this, first mod I've had issues with.
  10. The servo control toolbar is not showing up when I launch. Help!!!!!!
  11. What button do I hit to actually upgrade the parts? I have enough science points but no upgrade option. I get a retrofit option but that doesn't use my science points.