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  1. radonek

    Funding bug in career mode?

    Just you wait until you see price tag on top tier facility upgrades. I tried it several times, but always ended in boring grind.
  2. radonek

    Rigid Attachment Question

    Also, rigid attachement should add a mass to part.
  3. radonek

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    I agree with everything else, but I think you are mistaken here. Gathering and analysis is already big business and those tend to defend themselves. No need to be NSA, outsmarting average Joe will do. I am no NSA either, yet I can think of several ways how to get data out more or less covertly. Yeah, it is. I'm just betting there is no source mage or scratcher around to call me out :-) As for KSP, there is a steam overlay (it just pulls required libraries) and Unity works fine. Even CKAN works, though I hate Mono with passion.
  4. radonek

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    Public outrage is not arms race. I was refering to idea that this issue can be resolved by purely technical means (e.g. firewall rules). Getting rid of particular nastyware only forces adversaries to find more covert ways to gather and exfiltrate their precious loot. It matters to me. I was ok with original KSP stats collection precisely because Squad was open what is gathered and how to disable it.
  5. radonek

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    I beg to differ. In my country, I can buy food without fear of poisons. I can buy electric appliance without fear of hazard or fire. I can buy a car without fear of safety. I don't see why should I need be afraid of software. "Informed users" do about as much good with software as with aforemetionables - knowing risks is nice and all, but you can't expect ordinary people to police their own particular software any more then to chemically analyze toxicity of their food. I run custom built system with handcrafted kernel. You can hardly take your computing into your hands more than that, unless you are RMS. Heck, I even possess very politically uncorrect penguin t-shirt :-) But if my granny should need that kind effort to use computer (or, as of late, phone or even a lightbulb) I would consider it a failure.
  6. radonek

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    I for one do not want to live like checking everything I buy like product of adversarial entity. It's waste of everyone's time for zero productive result. In the end, it means computers are dangerous to use for everybody outside of small group of professionals, just because environment is too toxic for, you know, the people. Do you really believe you can run this kind of arms race against companies doing this for money?
  7. radonek

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    Simple. Lots of people just now realizing that those hairy wild-eyed hacks with tinfoil hats were actually up to something all the time.
  8. radonek

    Can't Rendezvous correctly

    Actually, you don't need that. You just put maneuver node at rendezvous point and fiddle with it until you see same orbit as target vehicle. There, you just planned a speed-matching burn. A bit rough, but good enough to get good idea of burn time, delta-v, and target vector. I'd still do it by retro marker marker, but I come in prepared.
  9. radonek

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    Because KSP did not come with it, and it was one of reasons why I bought it. Because it essentially makes for a "bait-and-switch" scenario, which is probably illegal in every law framework in existence.
  10. Well, it's very efficient process, so it would melt your generic mirror prety fast. But that is just engineering problem, and I'm sure anyone with technology to fool around black hole also knows a trick or two with optics.
  11. Yes, it's definitely plausible. There is also second kind of singularity bomb - black holes evaporate, losing mass and releasing it as energy. It's a very slow process at stellar-sized black holes, but it gets faster as black hole gets smaller, exponentially. Terminal phase is so fast it makes for a huge explosion.
  12. radonek

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    Yeah, reading that show clearly why are people so angry. Such blatant statement of total disregard of privacy is hardly going to win positive reaction. From anyone who took time to read it anyway.
  13. radonek

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    I am not happy about T2 fiasco either, but copying pre-made review? Man, people nowadays are lazy to even get angry properly…
  14. radonek

    Starting to learning Python

    where did you install and what is in your $PATH? ed: sorry, its %PATH% on windows
  15. Fullscreen or windowed? Have similar problem in windowed mode, switching from maximized state and back fixes it.