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  1. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. "Free lords" being superintelligent AI's to whom other citizens defer simply because superintelligent AI's are much more able to run the show. Except its quite a bit more complicated, suffice to say it's outright utopistic, yet I don't find it naive or idealistic, just Lightly Seared On The Reality Grill.
  2. My take would be "post-scarcity anarchistic meritocracy". In short, the Culture.
  3. Not sure I get your intent, but it seems to me you just need while True block with bunch of if statements inside.
  4. radonek

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    Looks like author of that article could not be bothered with basic fact checking. I mean, I have issues with the series, but it's obvious Mazin did a lot of research.
  5. If it's atmospheric vehicle, why not use ordinary aerodynamic control surfaces?
  6. Dunno about broken legs, but your lander does not look very good to me. Tall, quite high CoM, that's just asking for trouble. Single landing leg sticking out at sides… if you land on even mildy inclined ground, that one leg will bear almost all of the force before others touch down and can share the load. Your design is really helping any problems to manifest in worst possible way.
  7. I see we are all looking at the same delta-v map :-)
  8. I would say that at this stage, what OP needs more then calculator is getting handle on controls and orbital mechanics. Lots of supposedly counterintuitive properties of spaceflight can actually become quite familiar with experience, and instinctive feeling of something being wrong is something you can't calculate yet it saved me many times. So my advice would be – do it like real astronauts, in incremental steaps. Play around in orbit with tasks you can handle easier (or fail with less pain, which will inevitably happen) until you learn enough to pull off Mun orbit and then landing. Playing with orbits, chasing sattelites, doing EVA's, building stations - there is a lot to do. One particular thing that I always recomend is to learn rendezvous and docking. Tanker or rescue ship can get one from many sticky situatiuons, pretty much everything except really hard landing. Yes, it's one of the hardest things to do, but that is why you want to practice it in easy steps, at familiar Kerbin orbit and not in real distress.
  9. For me, simple rule of thumb is this: how does weight of the engine compare with weight of rest of the payload (that is, everything that is not fuel)? Or put another way - if I add hypotetical fuel tanks to lighter engine to make up same total weight as the heavier engine, would I gain anything? For (exaggerated) example, if I compare spark with LV-N, it means _tons_ of fuel for spark. Now, if my craft is a small comm probe with something like small toroidal tank, those tons of extra fuel will obviously add a much more delta-v then what better efficiency of LV-N can save. On the other hand, if I were to make a big tanker based on good 'ol large orange tank, few tons of extra fuel does not make that much of a difference.
  10. IMO easiest way to get to Moho is just to pack more fuel, get to some lower solar (kerbolar?) orbit (possibly with Eve assist) and do a transfer from there instead of falling all the way from Kerbin. Yes, it's a waste of fuel, but so is hauling big TWR down there, especially if one have big craft that needs something like mainsail to slow down. Eve assist may be more efficient, but tricky to set up and you still arrive with a lot of speed to shed. If your intermediate orbit is low enough, Moho capture burn is not much bigger then, say, Mun one. Again, this is not best way to do it, but easiest to start with.
  11. I don't think that lifting ore off Mun surface is very economical. I would go for surface ISRU and lift up processed fuel. If you want orbital processing, Minmus is a place to go.
  12. Of course I still love names of Elons ships, but if he comes out with something like 'Gunboat Diplomat' or 'Attitude Adjuster', I will be worried.
  13. Low, wide designs are much easier to land then pointy towers. Hauling them up is another matter though.
  14. Too bad antivaxers are not interested in citations. However, I have one interesting observation from meetinge one of the afflicted: pointing out medical side of things fell on idiotic ears (one noteworthy response was that treating any illnes (including viral!) with antibiotics is safer and less stressing for body then vaccines), what did have noticable effect was pointing out business side of things – how all those nice people saving us from evil medicines have this or that finacial interest. Looks like people care more about being fooled off their money then health. I would like to point out different angle. I think reason these people cannot be persuaded by medical facts is because they dont care about medicine at all. They do this to fight The System. Consider this: While chaining oneself to a tree requires effort, antivaxers "fight" by literally by not doing a thing. It's perfect form of protest for age of consumerism. Beats up being beaten by a riot squad. Serious protesting can be unhealthy, while antivaxing conveniently outsources any health risk onto your children. It's perfect for helicopter parenting since it does not take up your time. Care about dangerous chemicals in toys or food requires constant attention. Evil Shots will bother you just a handful of times. It's does not cost anything. Donating to a cause will never be this cheap. Politicaly neutral issue in itself, but any half competent party will have issue with it. You can asociate with other afflicted across political spectrum and still fight any political party you don't like, or all of them at once if you feel extra radical. It gets more attention then old, boring fight against Evil Corporation. Having a transmission vector running around tends to grab attention even from people who do not care about Important Causes. And number of Bad Pharma agents around guarantees warm feeling of being Important anytime.
  15. And how did the landing go? I plan my retro burns by surface features, since those tend to stay in conveniently fixed position relative to KSC. For fast balistic reentry, this is desert peninsula ahead of KSC. This method was also used in real spaceflight - early cosmonauts and astronauts were trained to expect certain prominent earthly features be visible at certain points in flight to have an independent navigation aid.