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  1. http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/enginelist.php#id--Beamed_Power--Solar_Moth
  2. I have similar early lander, sans fairing - I usually stretch outrigger tanks to form a multicolumn booster. It's strutted hell, looks like pig and certainly flies like one, but beats landing a pencil…
  3. Designing a lander is not hard, just put stuff to sides instead of stacking it down. Add asparagus to taste. Real problem is how to push that low, wide lander up to orbit. And that is one part where engineering is well complimented by piloting skills :-) If you really have to land a candle, it helps to turn on RCS for a bit after touchdown. It can smooth out landing gear oscillations and get you into stable attitude. And if it just fires constantly, you know you are not actually stable.
  4. C- for lander design, but A+ for piloting
  5. I was thinking about buying it, but… is it really a space game? Ingame videos look like regular simcity clone with bubbles over houses.
  6. OTOH it kinda fits with all those equaly jarring old mag cover pictures.
  7. You are wildly mixing tech levels (again?). If you can build antimatter torch, you may as well fullfill all your material needs by tapping Jovian atmosphere. Or haul suitable icy body from Oort. As for actual mining, I'd go with hitting selected icebergs with splash of color-adjusting nanomachines. Directed outgassing is a slow way to move, but I don't think you can beat the energy budget. Dunno if it's feasible though, not much sunlight there. Lasers could be used to speed thing up, but note that unlike Nukes idea they would just pump in additional energy. Other way would be to build a big mirror at higher orbit.
  8. War of the Worlds It's totally war, it's definitely scifi and it's absolute classic. Yeah but it pretty much glorifies that excrements (with notable exception of Emperors Text to Speech Device)
  9. This reminds me something. There used to be combination of plastic and metal distance pillars for mounting the board and IIRC most boards used to ground on one of metal ones. So if that particular distancing pillar is removed (it can be unscrewed), whole thing is left ungrounded. Now, back bracket of that ISA card have a screw on one side, close to our magic screw...
  10. The screw probably just closed a loop that involved something else. I have absolutely no idea what could be, but most likely ended in PSU or motherboard because, well, where else? And I can't think of any PSU problem that would only affect a lone ISA card. BTW this reminds me of magic switch.
  11. My guess would be that something touched motherboard outside of mount points. Still, symptoms beats me.
  12. That's a nice story except color was a pink and it happened two years later. Later, it was found that some Party officials were indeed probing army about possible deployment against protesters and were firmly put off on the ground that men would not be willing to fire at their own people (and neither would most of the officers). So Mr. Zubrin actually has a point here.
  13. You can consider human to be a drone engineered by nature to work at certain conditions and it actually performs quite well. It's versatile, independent, easy on maintenance and can be extensively upgraded. Replacing it will take a lot more then finding a few particular cases where it is at disadvantage. Not saying it's not possible, but it it will take a lot of technological edge. I'm thinking grey goo, knife missiles (of Culture fame), this kind of stuff. But take a man out of environment it is designed for and it fails miserably. Seventees tech can beat humans underwater or in space combat. So, I can see "space marines" having a role , but people manning the guns of space battleships... nope. No crew, no space battleships.
  14. I can see that working, especiall in some aquatic creature. I would go for opposing thumb be more, um, opposing. "Paddle" is not gonna be very fexible IMO (evolutionary pressure in that direction would be more likely to produce separate digits) so thumb have to do more. Maybe have more joints, or have thumbs at both sides of paddle. Not sure about suckers though - if they are so useful why are they not seen more often in nature? There must be some disadvantage to select against it quite heavily. And having a thumb to get hold of things is just as good for most things, so parsimonious mother nature will let you off with either one but not both. BUT,if you can have them somehow and can control them individually, that is your controls. Instead of push-sensitive keys, their keyboards have pull-sensitive disks. So instad of flat "keyboard", they use curved "discoid". There.
  15. @Fierce Wolf Combined waiting/transfer orbit is great for small bodies like Mun or Minmus, but I would avoid it near Kerbin unless I happen to be on same orbit and close to target.