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  1. I actually coded those display modes back when stock aerodynamics were less-than-stellar, like three versions ago. I dont even remember what it hooks into for stock and the FAR integration is probably majorly out of date by now (not the mention the complete lack of NEAR integration). I might get around to updating it? Right now it turns out Im actually going to be quite busy for a while due to a sudden onset of deadlineitis. I think there was something... right. If you open up the .cfg file for the monitor youd like to change the default value for(for example, for the basic MFDs that RPM puts into stock capsules, thatd be <installPath>\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\JSI\RPMPodPatches\BasicMFD\MFD40x20.cfg) and find the page entry for Vessel Viewer: Then you can simply drop in latencyMode = 0 (for OFF) anywhere, like so: And it will be the default for that particular monitor prop from then on. You can find the other configurable options here, though Im not ENTIRELY sure how up-to-date that page is. (though I should point out the latency flicker thing has since been fixed on both my and MoarDV's end)
  2. I only uploaded the complete version to KerbalStuff (didnt want to put up duplicate mod listings) so thatll be the only version currently up-to-date on CKan (assuming its automated). I might have to look into cleaning that up as well but honestly I have no idea how to CKan. Can you check the console for any null pointer exceptions or any other errory-looking printouts? EDIT: Nevermind, just checked the RPM thread. MOARdV apparently introduced a screen clear every frame to deal with some-bug-or-other, and since the latency modes rely on keeping renders from previous frames, they get wiped on every frame theyre not redrawn on. Seems its being looked into? Just switch latency mode to off for now, I guess.
  3. Well, I dont know what it was that caused the problem, but recompiling with the newest API version seems to have fixed it...? Ive also fixed that longstanding wireframe bug while at it. EDIT: Ive also put it on KerbalStuff, like all the cool kids are doing it these days.
  4. And done. If it fails horribly Id like to know about it, as usual.
  5. I looked at it. It, um, worked fine, I just had to click through the wing first (because the parts were attached to it, not the pod). Im not sure if that means there's something else wrong or if you just didnt think of doing that? That being said, I did still poke at the code - not the least because as it turns out I never did implement scrolling, so its entirely possible to attach so many parts to one part (like, say, a dozen solar panels) that anything you might want to actually interact with is listed off-screen... so thats a thing I worked on. I also plan to make parts that are part of a symmetry group only be listed once, and possibly finally put in a action list-based part selector.
  6. Well its not ideal. You could probably strip it to just a capsule + whatever it is your science modules are attached to and anything directly attached to that for the same result? If the remaining parts belong to like two or three mods I could just install those and it'd be fine.
  7. I make no promises, but I might find some time to take a look into the issue (I've been avoiding KSP till 1.0 comes out). It might be helpful if you could pass me a .craft file that demonstrates the issue.
  8. So the programming bug bit me again. So I made this. And reworked the special modes subscreen so that it looks like this: Why is this the least bit interesting? Well, because of this: That's right, adding new custom display modes is now as easy as dropping another .dll in. Now this makes it a lot easier to add things for me, but more importantly, it makes it possible for YOU. Now, I'm not sure how many people actually use this mod, but I do know that its a nonzero positive number, so there ought to be someone interested in taking a poke. Ive set it up to be reasonably easy, just take a look at the source for the example DISCO MODE plugin. I plan to add futher functionality down the line (such as overlaying icons, lines or other primitives) if there's interest. See first post for links.
  9. Apparently there's been a change in addon posting rules? How devious! Luckily I happened to randomly check the forums (despite not having played this game in months), so that should be fixed. I mean, I dont actually know. Licenses are confusing. Anyway, while at it I replaced the included moduleManager with the latest version, so if it stops working I'd like to know.
  10. I might have found a problem with Vessel View, after latest update .24 I added Rasterprop and Vessel View. Science is no longer working.

  11. ...both of those are already a thing? Its located under Info in stock RPM.
  12. Argh. I thought I fixed that. Can I have the save? EDIT: OK, I THINK I fixed the Alcor issue, give it a shot. The staging diagram thing Ill need the .craft file to fix properly but I did put in something that should hopefully stop the whole thing from falling down at least.
  13. *shake shake* The magic 8-ball says... yes! (check first post)
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