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  1. That looks like an incompatibility with Texture Unlimited. The decals use a transparent shader, so if the TU config isn't set up properly to maintain that they could be being replaced with a non-transparent shader, resulting in the weirdness you see there. I don't have much experience with TU myself so I don't know how you'd go about fixing this, but I'm sure there's some way of excluding certain parts from whatever config you're using.
  2. I didn't specify anything for them so they'd be randomly assigned, but with Texture Replacer you could set them to use the default head, which is meant to be pretty much the same as the OG head design.
  3. Historical Kerbal Heads is a skin pack for Texture Replacer which adds a number of Kerbal heads based on real-life astronauts and cosmonauts. It also retextures the default kerbal head, as well as adding a total of 16 additional head textures in the same style. The Kerbal head texture has been completely reworked from the ground up, and features added normal maps and subtle skin detailing to take your budding spacefarers to the next graphical level. So far, Historical Kerbal Heads features Kerbals inspired by 13 real-life astronauts: Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong Cha
  4. Not explicitly but I haven’t been able to replicate it here - tried reloading saves multiple times, switching flight scenes etc. and I’ve never encountered it. Would you mind showing your mod list/game data folder so I can try to work out if it’s a conflict somewhere?
  5. There is nothing that would make any of my mods incompatible with the latest ksp version as far as I’m aware - I’ve been using SOCK/HabTech in 1.11 just today with no issues. What you’re describing sounds like a different problem - what other mods do you have installed & what are the specs of your PC?
  6. It is attachable via KIS part mounting (i.e. a tool is not necessary), in the same way that KIS containers can be mounted. You could try this: However it will only apply to future contracts and isn't confirmed to work with 1.10 (though the mod author thinks it should do). The alternative is to grab the part with a claw, or bring the entire module home in a shuttle payload bay, for example. The ISS parts don't have hatches (apart from the airlock) as they're not equipped IRL to support an EVA.
  7. The Orion docking port is included as part of Benjee10_sharedAssets, which is bundled in the download. You should be able ot find it in-game by searching for HabTech or APAS in the VAB.
  8. Do you have any mods installed that add fuel switching that could be interfering?
  9. Great pics! Love the vintage look they have. And that Moonraker cockpit texture from SOCK in colours is awesome, gives it a really cool unique look.
  10. At this stage I am not planning on doing anything with the SRBs - they are rather old parts and don’t hold up art-wise compared with the rest of the mod. I would recommend Photon Corp for SRBs - in future I’d like to deprecate the existing SRBs and have some sort of integration with Photon, but still considering how to this.
  11. This is available as an optional extra in the 'Extras' folder included with the mod, installation instructions are in the ReadMe file.
  12. I am very happy about this - EVAing in orbit on the Mun always felt weird with the Kerbal wearing a WWI parachute pack! Any chance we could get helmets turned into inventory items (perhaps in a future update?) Then you could mix and match helmets from the different suit types, and modders could even add their own custom helmets (this is something I’ve been dying to do for ages!)
  13. The difference is probably that Nert's part has a single deploy animation, whereas mine has four - one for each radiator panel, and one to start the sun tracking. KSP is capable of auto-generating a drag cube for a part with only one animation, but with multiple it automatically switches to the dynamic drag cube system (which is computationally expensive, and seems to be the source of these errors) rather than trying to pre-generate a drag cube at launch. By defining a specific set of drag cubes in the config, you can tell the game not to use the dynamic drag cube system. It's a little unclear
  14. I like that lander a lot. I’m planning an Orion/SLS revamp down the line, so that may well make it in as a part of that.
  15. Try locking every robotic part of the arm and then autostrutting the end effector to root. ALL the joints need to be locked, or the autostrut won’t be able to pass through them.
  16. Ah, IR RO sounds like it was probably the cause, then. If it works any differently to RO Next the patch wouldn't work correctly. No need to delete the patch unless you want to revert to using the stock robotics system. I guess what you're wanting is something like the Canadarm foot restraint: Don't currently have anything like that in the mod, but I suppose you could surface attach a command seat onto the arm and have a kerbal ride it like that. I will be adding the Canadarm2 in a future update so I will likely add something like the foot restraint alongside it.
  17. Hmm, seems like it might be a problem with the IR patch. Did you install IR after building the arm by any chance? If not, the patch itself may be broken - I'll have to take a look into it. Removing the 'Patches' folder from the 'htRobotics' folder should revert the joints to use the Breaking Ground robotics which hopefully should fix the problem. You might need to rebuild the arm to see the effects if that doesn't work. Also - just a heads up, you have the end effector upside down on the top of the arm - the end with the grey stripe is the grappling end!
  18. That's strange. At a guess, it might be a product of the craft file being created with atmospheric autopilot installed (I think that might add custom modules to control surfaces). Will the craft load correctly if you install atmospheric autopilot? If not, do the elevons/control surfaces work correctly when you add them to a craft yourself? Looks like it could be the depth mask from Orbiter Docking System's IVA. There was an issue with that being on the wrong layer in earlier versions but I thought I fixed it. Could you confirm: What version of the mod you are using, W
  19. It should work fine, just make sure all the dependencies are using the latest version available.
  20. The solar arrays use the solar panel tracking module so that they automatically rotate to track the sun. Unfortunately that means that attached parts won’t rotate with them, just because of how KSP works.
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