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  1. Lock all the joints in the arm and apply autostrut to the end effector (ideally to root part). You can bind the lock/unlock to action groups to make it easy to unlock and relics it all at once.
  2. The autostrut to heaviest thing might be the answer - I only ever use strut to root or grandparent part because I don’t trust autostrut to heaviest, so I wouldn’t have seen this in testing. I’m working on my own CKAN integration down the line.
  3. There was never a node for the RMS. Not sure on future plans there, it is a tricky one to replicate the functionality of in KSP.
  4. My instinct is that it could be Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, seems like the only mod you have that could potentially cause that. Could you try removing that and see if the issue persists?
  5. OK, well a mods list/log of the issue being replicated is needed to diagnose what's going on. Not much I can do based just on that.
  6. That’s strange. Maybe double check the version of B9 you’re using is for 1.8.1? If it’s a newer or older version I suppose that could cause issues.
  7. Not possible I’m afraid AFAIK, you’d have to ask Squad to implement that. Need a bit more info than that. Any other mods etc? Safe to say it’s not an issue I’ve experienced!
  8. Looks like an incorrectly configured waterfall plume. ReDIRECT doesn't support Waterfall currently so you must have something else adding Waterfall configs.
  9. Not sure quite what you mean by the endcaps here - if you're talking about the flat metal cap on the right hand module in this pic then it's just the small FLA adapter from restock clipped in a bit, not a part from this mod. Otherwise the structural endcaps are included as separate parts and also as a part switch option on every 1.875m part. If you are using Janitor's Closet then the APAS docking port wouldn't show up under Benjee10_MMSEV, it'd show up under Benjee10_sharedAssets as it's stored in a different folder. Worth noting that without the Breaking Ground DLC the MMSEV wheel
  10. Because the models only fit specifically with one of the stock suit models - for example, the EMU headpiece would appear to be floating or clip into the making history or breaking ground suits.
  11. I will ask Vali and see if it's doable. The suits use the stock switcher & I'm unable to replicate I'm afraid. It has been working fine for me and there doesn't seem to be anything in the log.
  12. It could be that RO configures any part with a solar panel module on it for example. Pure speculation on my part, but if it can’t be replicated in stock then there is obviously something about the RO setup as a whole that’s messing with it.
  13. You're welcome to use it however you'd like! If you do try using it as a biconic, give me a shout on how the aero holds up. I've only really tested it in capsule configuration. Many thanks! I put a lot of care into them especially so it is really nice to hear that.
  14. This is a strange one. I'm not sure how well I will be able to help since I don't have an RO install - it could be a bad interaction with another part of RO for example. But I will take a look and see if there is anything obvious that could be causing that. The solar array part overall is not the most stable...
  15. B9 is a hard dependency for the mod, it handles part variants and node repositioning based on those variants, so if you've removed it it's no surprise that things are breaking!
  16. I should probably get around to that! Unfortunately not, no. Yup, the window layout is very Ranger-y (though a little more sensible!) That clustered window look has been something of a trend in space movies since Interstellar (and I'm not complaining)
  17. That truss port has various part variants that will make it fit with different form factors. You should try them out and see what fits for each situation.
  18. Not without making the mass of the orbiter higher, which in turn throws off the balance of everything else (e.g. require more OMS fuel, more thrust from the SRBs, more fuel in the external tank) which makes everything else unbalanced against stock. It is the stock SSMEs which are unbalanced.
  19. Thanks for the kind words everyone! That's a really cool idea! Ah thanks very much! I don't have any KSP related socials really, so a link to my SpaceDock page maybe? I'm not sure! It seats 4, though having now watched the movie it should actually seat 3 (with someone stowed away in the back). Having said that we have a lack of 4 person capsules in KSP and there's plenty of space for 4, so I'll probably stick with it. yes
  20. Example station based on the movie Stowaway. Features parts from Planetside, HabTech & Restock Coriolis Space Systems | V1.0.0 | Space tethers & more based on the movie Stowaway Coriolis Space Systems is a small parts mod which adds a number of parts based on the movie Stowaway, most notably a set of simple extendible tethers in three sizes. These are ideal for constructing spinning tether-based spacecraft, building skycranes, construction equipment, or any other use you can think of. The tether parts use & require Breaking Ground's system, so they are effectively extreme
  21. The suits can be converted over to texture replacer relatively easily, KIS I suppose is possible but it wouldn't have the full functionality. KIS also attaches models to kerbals at the end of every frame, so they seem to lag behind the kerbal model itself slightly. The EMU helmet lights I was originally creating to use with KIS, but I found that because of the frame lag it would clip through the helmet pretty much constantly. With complete helmet replacement you end up with things like the kerbal head clipping through and the neck ring having a gap in it, so while it would be possible to make
  22. Issue with that is that they wouldn’t rotate with the existing panels to track the sun unfortunately. Might be something that needs a plugin to work correctly.
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