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  1. wow, you get a speed-up when there's a planet on screen?
  2. "launch" a pod on the runway earn enough science to get plane parts takeoff, hit F5 land (may involve 20-30 holdings of F9) wait for LinuxGamerGuru to port Kramax if I'm lucky, get enough research to take my plane suborbital then... curse download the update goto 1
  3. I'm not entirely sure that's correct - if the runway positioning was simply scaled then the pieces would be separated from each other - whatever is doing the scaling is only scaling the height. If instead of newHeight=10 * oldHeight it decided on a reference height for each collection of statics, then used newHeight=10 * referenceHeight + (oldHeight - referenceHeight) the runway should be no worse than in stock.
  4. Why is the Rapier (or CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R) methane fueled, not liquid hydrogen?
  5. Unfortunately the runway seams make it unplayable :-(.. oh well, I guess I'll have to wait for RSS for 1.3
  6. I like the idea of this mod, but don't get a lot of time to play.... I started a rp-0 game but want the 1.2 bug fixes, and want USI support. You mention TestFlight, but don't list it, are this or Unnamed Part Failure Mod 'compatible' The Taerobee mod should probably be moved to required mods, or at least have "needed for early aircraft parts" added to the description. It stumbles on British Rockets, but I can't work out why - the .cfg for waxwing has SolidFuel and Gamma has minThrust:
  7. The original cryptolocker simply used the Windows encryption library
  8. It was a second stage failure, I though Mr Musk had abandoned plans to reuse those.
  9. From Spaceflight Volume 57 page 253, the crew have supplies until August 21st, the next Progress mission is scheduled for early July.
  10. The east/west thing is what makes me wonder if the effect is active at night. I'm avoiding upgrading at the moment.
  11. Which bit? The child-like Kerbals, the marketing intent, or that the doors are appropriately sized given the preceding?
  12. Kerbals are designed to resemble children (to encourage emotional attachment), and as such the door is the prefect size.
  13. U5 will be the next big change, because there's no point coding anything new before then. It should make getting rid of the physics bubble a breeze, which will make multi-player (shudder) easier.
  14. The "nozzle" in an linear aerospike isn't circular. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8c/Twin_Linear_Aerospike_XRS-2200_Engine_PLW_edit.jpg
  15. Decide how you want to join them together. Load the first craft. Change the root node on the first craft so it will attach where you want it to. Drag the first craft into a sub-assembly. Open the second craft Drag the first craft from the sub-asembly Attach it. sort out the struts, fuel lines and staging.
  16. I wish this was true. Just two years ago I asked for half a kilo of mature cheddar, and the counter assistant gave me 478 grams, and apologised for it being a bit over. The fresh from school darling had converted the half kilo to a pound, and then tried to cut me 454 grams. - - - Updated - - - Just under twelve and a half of her majesty's gallons. Nearly fifteen American ones. - - - Updated - - - You'd agree, then, it's easier to say a rocket is four metres wide than four yards, one foot, one and 7.685 sixteenths of an inch?
  17. Why bother with parachutes then? If you want to bring more parts back, you have to design around it. The extra cost of bringing parts back will often outweigh the savings - look at how little of Apollo was reusable. Look at how much payload Musk will lose when he boost backs his lower stage. Does that include drogues? I honestly don't know I've never had need to use them. So you want the science bay and the fuel tanks to be made of lead, so they will lead during rentry?
  18. change the root node to the top of the air-launched rocket. when you separate the plane will carry on doing it's thing, with it's staging messed up - but there shouldn't be any staging on the plane.
  19. Yes, but the lunar module program was held in two cubic feet of rope memory (and used a cubic foot of ram) - note cubic feet, not cups or sticks
  20. You are mistaken. The drag model works that way, but the re-entry heat works with a "shock cone" built into the model.
  21. Isn't keeping the Russian space industry going an important foreign policy goal? the risk being that unemployed rocket scientists would get employed by Iran/ISIS/Hydra.
  22. Nope, a cup of butter is also insane. Perhaps it's just that Britain is a cold country, but "square block" and "round hole" come to mind. I can just about cope with the idea of using cups to measure flour and sugar - if I can't find a "better" recipe (tell me, how tight is tightly packed?), but I prefer to weigh liquids.
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