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  1. I'm slightly worried about what will happen when I switch to my sandbox game - I've left a plane in the old hanger... which was the other side of the runway
  2. the ability to switch the SAS to a horizon based model - I've spent the last 6 hours dipping my nose every 10 minutes while I attempt to circumnavigate (I'm going to run out of fuel - 2.3Mm so far, 62 of 450 fuel left) - but I got a good few crew reports - (I sent one every time something interesting happened - sunset, sun rise, flying over the sea, flying over a mountain...)
  3. I have flag on top of my tower.... and with a bit of help from the jet pack you can jump over the railings instead of getting dizzy going down....
  4. death to the physics bubble! The game can handle multiple craft in atmosphere, it *doesn't* need to make one vanish when it gets a short distance from the other - it needs to make smarter choices about what do. The current choice works reasonably well for launching a multistage rocket - but people use KSP for much more than that. So the next step may be introducing a simplified model "atmospheric rails" "SAS controlled thrust rails" for things with deployed parachutes or that have control nodes
  5. and it probably would have got someone fired given the state of modern science. Curiosity? it's all about the funding.
  6. move SAS several steps up the tree, move reactions wheels up to the first step, make the tailfin (and small control surface?) available immediately (or even better a nerfed delta-deluxe winglet) make angle snap part of stability, and put symmetry general construction?
  7. rover keys have to be different from flight keys have to be different from RCS keys - my planes have electric wheels and I use RCS to fine tune space thrust.
  8. I have to admit I was a little nervous when my goo escaped into the ocean...
  9. Except an "engineering bonus" that makes future on site analysis more effective (please?)
  10. Aha. I have a new graphics card, and now my PC really flies (*groan*) I no longer have the fear. (unfortuately, the new graphics card was too puch for the old motherboard, which promptly melted, so now I have a new one of those too. So far KSP has cost around 350 pounds.... The new motherboard LBAs the disk differently, and stWindows "Fixed" my filesyste, so I've lost all my ship designs. as well as another 83% of my drive contents)
  11. not forgetting the ocean runs under the land, so its there even if you can't see it... My concern is the exisiting buildings are pretty simple shapes, so the colliders for them are quite simple, that doesn't appear to be the case for the new one.
  12. Eeek! that science complex gives me the fear - runway landings are already at 3fps (take-offs are OK, I can do them with a birds eye view) http://test.that-thing.co.uk/ksp/orangetank_landing_small.mp4
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