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  1. Anyone have any idea what channels this stuff will be aired on? Excited to see KSP get more mention on the TV.
  2. I have a strange error on 64x. If I start a career game I don't get level 1 facilities, I get level 3. If I start a career in 32x I get lvl 1 but if I load that in 64x I get lvl 3 again. I know 64x is buggy but I have tried this several times on fresh install and it happens everytime. Anyone else noticed this?
  3. agreed, Curse is literally pointless, Kerbal Stuff is the true replacement for spaceport
  4. Breathtakingly beautiful! Downloading instantly!!!!!! p.s can there be an option in the survey for 'all of the above' !
  5. *jaw drops* These parts look really cool! Its really close to Pork Jets style which I like and the idea is great. Downloading for sure!
  6. the modelling on that is absolutely beautiful! Great work. Downloading now!
  7. So excited for the Sputnik release! There has been a real lack of Sputnik mods. I love the modeling on the sputniks, something about them looks stock-alike yet still historically accurate. Well done sir!
  8. Will you do Sputnik at some point. Seems strange how no one has done the first satellite ever Oh and I can't wait for the Vanguard and Mariner probes!!
  9. Can't wait for update. Love your mods Black Heart. Just wish I didn't have a poor laptop so I could run more of your mods without hitting the RAM limit but I will always use this mod because it's just so darn handy! Thanks
  10. I don;t care what that cyber bully thinks, I really appreciate your work. You released and developed your three mods really quick. They've been essential for my historically KSP save game. But of course the decision on the releasing of your work is down to you alone. Just wanted to let you know that most of us on the forums love all the stuff mod developers make. Thank you!
  11. Ooooh. This looks very promising. Can't wait to see what will come out of this!!!
  12. rbray89, do you plan on adding more configs for more mods. A config for Umbra Space Industries is desperately needed. Also ones for SDHI, Aerojet Kerbodyne and R&S Capsuledyne as they use quite hi-res textures. Thanks for your mod, it's a game saver!
  13. I'm running 64bit 0.24 with only 0.24 saves and a ton of mods including MKS 0.18.8 and the latest o.9 #3 prerelease but I only have food and no water or oxygen but still all three waste products. This is apparent in every scene. Also, this food is not consumed and waste products not made and no electricity drained or kerbals dead. TAC LS is enabled. ALso, of I go into the TAC LS settings, it glitchs out. These are really serious bugs. EDIT: Turned out it was Universal Storage being just out of date. All good now!
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