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  1. the reason your challenge was taken down was probably because it would take 3 months of running KSP nonstop on your computer with maximum time warp which would probably run out the batteries

  2. http://www.techonce.net/threads/48952-Due-to-my-present-location-on-this-planet the same item was in the here at one point before it got closed with the same replies
  3. - - -ooh shiny - - - 1 But everytime there is an update I copy it so I have two
  4. robonaut 2's legs are on this flight. i'll post updates as the launch begins. update : T-1 hour to launch update 2 : 40% chance of violation Update 3 : they just mentioned the real ARM no mention of KSP though
  5. Granted but the Russians say anyone who downloads it is there slave I wish for a pet penguin
  6. it was also my tenth birthday yesterday
  7. do you know any good space games available for mac? i don't want any games about space warfare please
  8. get the government to believe that terrorists put someone in maven and that the door can only be opened from the inside
  9. the kraken was going to attack and the last thing i thought about was your beauty
  10. duneny kerman has bin awarded the jebediah medal for outstanding bravery and courage but he can't receive it because he's frozen
  11. jeb loves rocket football even though it has no rockets http://i62.tinypic.com/2mrgr4g_th.jpg
  12. year 621 the kerbals play the first explosion bowl and the broncos beat the dunas then explode in a booster ride 1 hour later memorials are put next to the vab in the shape of a ball
  13. i think i might have found the first ever easter egg back when i was playing the old demo i didn't think of taking a screenshot but i looked kind of like a big blueish green cylinder but this was before evas
  14. junior explosions full of bombs bwa ha ha ha ha ah I'm late for my mental doctor appontminty
  15. Guess what after long wait next chapter Mechjebs first target was bob a member of the backup backup he snuck into the house at night and shot bob. This is breaking news bob Kerman has been killed in his home and mech jeb will take his place on the backup backup crew.perfect said Mechjeb now I can kill bill..............
  16. Rocket + boosters = explosions if no struts Jeb + anything but explosions = happiness Therefore jeb + struts = happiness But boosters minus struts = death Confusing yes
  17. can you build like whackjob? you better to win this challenge biggest rocket wins and it has to be able to some what fly
  18. I will go to ksc and meet you jeb
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