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  1. For some strange reason, I can't get PF to properly decouple (nor can I get other fairings to do so, but Squad's own work fine). They worked before I installed (and subsequently removed) Visual Enhancements, which is the only change I've made. When I trigger the decoupling, the fairings don't move, but if I go into time warp, they drift through each other, and then when the warp ends, snap back to their original place and destroy the craft. Any ideas on what could have borked?
  2. Most can be docked, but a few need to be berthed. Stick a PMA at each node, and they'll connect.
  3. Alpha Station (ISS-2) - Includes parts from DSEV. (I can't seem to insert it as an image...)
  4. Ah, okay. I'll add one to my copy for personal use (I don't use shuttles or RMS arms). I think I can place it so it doesn't interfere with the airlock.
  5. Oh, and any chance of a stack node on Kibo so it can be docked, rather than berthed? (I can add one myself, but a set of coordinates would make it so much quicker...)
  6. Unless you want to do what I did and incorporate a centrifuge (from DSEV) into a module.
  7. That's the one, I think. It's "Lights Out Relit" on Spacedock. Ah, okay. That's easily fixed. Will report back.
  8. Dunno, but my Ghidorah Heavy went all rubbery when it was installed, but flew just fine once I deleted it.
  9. Seems like Lights Out now breaks Lisias' version of KJR.
  10. If I recall correctly, the only Russian part not in the Tantares pack is Zarya. I believe that was included in the original HabTech (but I could be mistaken).