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  1. What you've said sounds correct, but rock-vaporizing-separating equipment is heavy and easily broken - two things spacecraft do not want to be. I've heard a similar case for NTRs, and while maybe not any old rock can be used as propellant, I see no reason why water, or CO2, or any fluid you just... find couldn't be used in an electrical engine. Even more so for NTRs.
  2. Once again, we find that the Nazis are vital to the success of a space program.
  3. >>BEGIN UNHELPFUL REPLY<< I'd suppose the best way to start would be to figure out how much energy, and how fast the needle needs to be moving in order to achieve desired impact characteristics. You can use some of the kinematic equations to figure out barrel acceleration. Knowing final speed, length of acceleration, and initial speed (zero), you can solve for acceleration needed. I've never had a chance to study the equations that govern magnet-magnet interaction, but I will say that I think you need a magnetic projectile. But I hope I'm wrong.
  4. I've heard that they've stripped a lot of the functionality out of it, and that basic windows programs will need a monthly subscription in order for you to use them. For instance, I've heard that there will be a 30 second ad between every game of Solitaire, but you can remove it with a 10$ a year fee. Also, that windows 10 will be unable to read DVD's... unless you pay a yearly fee. Of course, these are all from one source, Forbes, so I wait to see more correlating observations. http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2015/08/05/windows-10-charging/
  5. There a sparse belt of satellites at GEO altitude, but inclined 10-15 degrees. What might be the reason behind that? If anyone else can see it, that is.
  6. You know you would like it. :hailprobe:
  7. What? I.... no! That's not how that works!
  8. Oh, I have a NASA-authored article on this subject! Gimme a minute... *digs through folders* Here ya go! Wait... I think I have a second available too... *digs through folders* Eeeh... I have a .pdf, but I can't find a place that's hosting it freely that I can link into here.
  9. Probe grants approval for construction of a new Airbace on the Mun! http://www.orbiter-forum.com/showthread.php?t=23976
  10. Thank you, sal. It is really good to hear from a Squad team member. I wasn't that a switch to Unity 5 was in the works; that explains the lack of bugfixes.
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