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  1. @JadeOfMaar I have a question: What could cause the buildings that KSC++ adds to not show up in the space center view? They do appear when I'm on the runway or the launch pad. I'm thinking I might have checked or un-checked a setting. The buildings initially appeared in the space center view after I installed GPP.
  2. @sisyphean good luck in your career and your future!
  3. Try copying KSP 1.2.2 to a new location and follow these instructions:
  4. Lol! I'm driving a small rover on Iota. I see a rock ahead. I figure I'll just drive through. Nope!! No damage, a good laugh and thanks for making them solid!! That has always been a minor pet peeve of mine.
  5. When you fixed the directory did you do anything else? Everything seems to be working, but I always like to keep everything up to date. Thanks!
  6. Well, that makes sense. Thanks LGG!! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, hope it was great. If not, hope you had a good day
  7. In the Space Center view press Esc. Press settings and then at the top of that window press difficulty options. There should be a selection for Dangit in the next window.. Choose that then toward the bottom of that window is a MTBF slider. Mine is set at 1.00 currently. Yours may be as well. I suggest sliding it to the left, maybe set it at 50%. Below that is a Lifetime multiplier. I have no idea what it does.