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  1. Personally very excited by this. I love what this mod sets out to do, as I always wanted to have a motivation to resupply stations and be more wary of my maneuvers, but it does fight with MJ's Smart A.S.S too much currently, and the stock S.A.S just seems to get oscillations all the time. Somewhat of a pain. I can't wait. Keep up the good work
  2. Can't speak for Pak, but what I can say is that I will be providing him the source files for that deployment system I was working on for him to use as he sees fit. Just so you know
  3. That won't be necessary - the full assets for these parts will be sent to Pak when I can find the time to package it up, and it will be up to him what happens to them from then on. It's probably best that some of the stuff I made goes in with Cormorant
  4. I just tried it, and it works fine in the most current version of the game. Make sure you have the updated versions of the bundled mods - DMagic Science Animate and WildBlueTools. A quick google search will find them Well, I include no MM configs, or compatibility with Kerbalism. You are correct - it uses the standard antenna module, and it retracts just fine in a completely stock game. What MM configs are you talking about? I suspect it is something to do with those
  5. Have you tried updating all the bundled mods to their 1.3 versions? My stuff is all parts, so should work, but you must update all the bundled mods to 1.3, as they are plugin based
  6. Nah, this mod isn't 100% dead. Close, but not yet. Sorry that I had to bring this thread back to the top just to tell you that
  7. ya, sure. im posting pieces of paper through the bars
  8. with what? I can't see you saying you needed it
  9. I think the original plan was to make the original ISS, but, frankly, I can't remember - it's been nearly a year since i did that Zarya, and it's currently not on my list of priorities. I do want.to come back to this, but there's only so much time in a day, so we'll see
  10. No retexturing, other than a new texture I made for a procedural fairing. However, the version of Tantares this was made with is before some fairly substantial changes, so thats why it could look different
  11. No worries man. Sorry if I came off a bit harsh...It's just a stressful time of the year for us students
  12. I think you've entirely missed the point of this project - the intention was to build a series of stockalike replica parts, because I enjoyed the process of designing, researching and constructing the modules myself. If I wanted to simply build the ISS, I would have gone for a far easier solution, but would have still steered clear of that mod
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