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  1. Don\'t be worry 'Kergin Galactic' isn\'t perfect oO(No Chance to install a parachute...)
  2. Oh yes there was still something.. ;D My memory is a sieve...
  3. I rebuild the Ariane IV Goodday from Europe
  4. ^LOL^ Also ich bin schon dabei, ich hab auch schon was zum Wiki beigetragen. (Kerbin Prime)
  5. there is a new mod called 'Kergin Galactic' --> http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=4336.0
  6. my day was a little bit boring so i make a smiley with the (no idea what the word could be ->) metalwalls :D
  7. good old 'Lucia' Missions to the sun and to the ...hmm.... nothing I already think of a Voyager mission in later time (when we have more planets) i\'ll call them X.plore
  8. ehhhm, well.... i want to know how to put pictures in it that was no problem
  9. Hi, this topic is for the brilliant KubLab mod. I build the X.plore with it and it work great. The X.plore was shoot to the sun and at the AP the sun was very small (Can anyone tell me how the spoiler function works????)
  10. What about the 'Pegasus' in (<- ??? ) the movie 'Space Odyssey - Voyage to the Planets' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEetar1qSws <-- at the beginning you can see it sorry for the bad english
  11. I orbiting Sun with you!! After 30 min I oribiting the sun with my new KubLab Hey what about an Space Station???? Very well done
  12. hmmmm......**** ehhm well, I\'ll change the Target to: Fly trough it :D:D:D
  13. very beautiful..... I have a lots of ideas for it oO( TAXI!! I need to to to the sun!!) =P
  14. Jeb has new Sunglasses now and want to try it 'Jeblike'. oO(Since they were aground on the Mun :-[ Jeb is a littele bit soft in the brain ) Shoot for the Sun and try to land on it. AND ignore my very bad English. Pictures would be perfect.
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