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  1. Same here, running KSPI-E on 1.7 and no impact data recording present. I had earlier thought I need to research the technology first, but maybe this is actually a bug...
  2. OK great, that sounds good to me. So here is a picture of my situation, you can clearly see how the two temperatures are completely different. BTW, I am probably interested in doing some debugging myself. I have never done any development on KSP before, but I think I can manage. Any resources you could point me do? Also, I have both Windows and Linux systems, what is preferred for development?
  3. Hi all, I recently started playing around with KSP (v. 1.7) again, and I have to say that it is still as fascinating as I had remembered it. After installing KSPI-E, I found some rather odd behavior. Specifically, I think the waste heat system is somehow broken. I am using the Liquid Core Reactor Engine. It seems that no matter how many radiators I put on my vessel, the engine will always overheat after a short time, and this time is the same regardless of the number and size of radiators. (I'd like to post a screenshot but I could not find the function to do so). I am also super confused about the difference between radiator temperature and part temperature, and why these are even separate. It looks as if these two have hardly any correlation at all, with either of them being much higher than the other at times. From what I have seen, the only thing that seems reasonable is the relation between the radiator temp and the power radiated. For the particular example of the Titanium Radiator Semi Foldable, in one case I get a rad temp of 415 K and a power of 44 kW. When you plug these numbers into the Stefan--Boltzmann radiation law [1], you will get a total of area of 26 square meters, which is I guess is about right when compared to my eyeballing estimate of the radiator's size. Cheers, Lennex [1] https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=43.8kW+%2F+(stefan+boltzmann+constant+*+(415.3+K)%5E4)
  4. Same problem here. I really like to do manual piloting, and especially in career mode it is great fun, but for my main sandbox save I'd still love to get MechJeb back, especially S.A.S.S. and the delta v display are quite helpful and I miss them a lot. Thanks!
  5. I have .18, but in my case the second Orion ship in Kerbal orbit still worked. I got the other one going again by fiddling around with the save game, so theoretically, I suspect for some reason the drive itself can be in a "broken" state. @nyrath: Hey, Boosterspice is right. It's still a great mod and you should not apologize for its bugs. Let's better work together to fix them! :-)
  6. Update: Last night I've played around with the save file and replaced my stricken craft with a version from a bit earlier, but keeping the orbit. This magically has brought back the Orion drive to work. Now of course this ALSO leaves a clone of my second landing party (I think, Calkin, Fredler and Gus ;-)) and their lander somewhere on Bop, but I'd imagine that actually sounds like some weird Star-Trek like temporal tachyon techno-whatever-bubble anomaly kind of story, so I decided to keep them :-).
  7. Ah, good to know. I have found out that the drive still works on another vessel equipped with it. So there's hope the problem is "only" in the save game, and fiddling around with it a bit *might* solve my problem. Thank god a I have a bunch of save game backups ... I'll let you know as soon as I know more!
  8. Nope, throttle is a 100% and nothing happens. Also, I have more than 2400 of the 1.9 kt bombs left and a smaller amount of bigger bombs, which are all activated. What ist the function of the Z key? I do not that, and neither could I find it in the key bindings.
  9. Hi everybody, first of all, I'd like to thank nyrath for developing such an awesome mod! I already had a lot of fun playing around with the Orion drive :-). However, now I seem to have a little problem. I have sent my Orion propelled mother ship to Jool, including a bunch of landers docked to it to visit the moons. Suddenly, for some reason, the Orion engine has stopped working, regardless of my on/off settings of the different nuclear charges. Any way to fix this? I'd hate it if poor Bill, Bob and Jebediah were stuck in eternity in some lonely orbit around Jool... Thanks! Lennex