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  1. I'd like to point out that when KSP (and MechJeb, if applicable) fail to pick up on fuel for accurate delta-v calculations, one can refer to the Tsiolkovsky equation to calculate what the true delta-v capability would be. It goes like this: delta-v (in m/s) = (Isp in seconds) * (9.81 m/s^2) * ln(initial mass in kg / final mass in kg) Note: Both LF & O are 5 kg per unit, so for a fully-fueled spacecraft, final mass would be the initial mass (in kg) minus 5x the sum of LF and O capacity of the spacecraft. For nuclear-powered stages, LF is just counted (since nuclear engines
  2. Raptor9, I'm a big fan of your craft. I now use them almost exclusively for my missions. I see that you (obviously) use these in your career saves as well, so my question is not about the crafts themselves, but your saves. What's a day in the life of the Kerbal Space Program on your save like? For example, what is your mission schedule like usually? Do you think you'll ever publish another thread that focuses on your missions in these saves, something along the lines of what Brotoro did for his Long-term Laythe adventures? By the way, I noticed something while perusing through your catalo
  3. Hey @Raptor9, I know you're taking a break from KSP for the time being, but I was curious as to whether you had plans to make some sort of Laythe-capable spaceplane or vertical SSTO that could be easily transported aboard a rocket to Jool's SOI and would be used as a shuttle from the surface to whatever space station I'd be putting up in space around Jool. I know there's the SR-19 and SR-21, but I consider those too unwieldy to bring to Jool aboard a rocket from your catalog. Another option I saw was the LV-4B, but that only contains 3 kerbals, whereas my future expedition would bring along 6
  4. On another note, what's your design inspiration for this? I'm guessing from the L it could be something with precisely guided rocket-powered landing capability, possibly a Dragon?
  5. OK sorry I should have been more clearer and said only the probe stuff on that page.
  6. I think what @DMSP means is payloads like these that can be found on this thread. Probes, motley stuff, the kind that would call for SLS's flexibility. Why don't you create a Cassini-like probe that has both a lander and a probe in one that could use the Titan family to send itself off to Jool (or Sarnus, for fans of OPM) and particularly the lucrative target of Laythe? Have you gotten so far as Jool in your career save yet?
  7. Hey is there an optimal MechJeb ascent trajectory for all the rocket launchers that I can use?
  8. Yay it's updated! And no flip-outs or rapid unplanned disassemblies this time either
  9. Jebediah: Don't worry Wilson, I'll do all the paddling. You just hang on. Wilson: *stays silent, as always*
  10. Ye but what about an engine mount with the engines arranged in a line? I don't see that around. The mod could do with that alone and call the rockets a Jupiter family.
  11. Hey shadow, I have an idea for you to consider as your next direction for this mod: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter_(rocket_family) The Jupiter rocket family, part of the DIRECT proposal. It would have used existing Shuttle hardware and evolve it into this rocket family. You already have the External Tank, Orion and associated hardware, SSME, and SRBs, so it should probably be easy for you to make additional parts for this family in order to be implemented.
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