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  1. Thanks very much! COMPLETELY fixed my rockets flipping. After knowing that the definition of gravity turn is a near-zero angle of attack, I never had a rocket flip again. However I had to manually point towards the prograde marker, as not using SAS will make it flip to the side and lose control (heading off from 90 degrees). Using only the prograde hold would make the rocket oscillate too much, so i developed a method of alternating between prograde and stabilization periodically. Maybe because I have huge unwieldy rockets. But it still works.
  2. Seems like DPAI aint showing its regular GUI elements. Near-stock, newest version of everything, newest module manager. All stock parts.
  3. I believe this is a very good answer. worked for me after I removed the 3-kerbal pod from the top of my duna lander and replaced it with lander cans. craft stopped flipping.
  4. could anyone post their smokescreen config here? thx
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