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  1. After much research and consideration into Ace’s KSP controller setup, Ace has found a Stick + Control pad combo that has a lot of potential. The first requirements were; (3 axis flight stick + throttle) & (3 axis Joy stick + key pad) = :-) The setup also had to fit on my desk and be of reasonable quality. I must have looked at all the Joystick and throttle combos available and even looked into creating custom controllers. I settled on the Saitek AV8R flight stick. For a Saitek product it is a good solid build and mine works just fine. It is good for lefties and righties. The throttle is on the front, easy to reach and out of the way. There are lots of programmable buttons and a four-way hat. You don’t have to use the Saitek software, I don’t. Best of all it comes with stickers :-) Cons; the stick is kind of big. People say I have big, beautiful hands, tremendous hands but this thing makes my hands feel small. That makes for a long throw and you may have to hold the base down. The base is a good size. For the Joy stick and key pad I wanted some thing like the Saitek Farm Sim control pad. It had a lot of cons; it is reportedly a poor build and big. It hangs off the desk edge and that is against the requirements. I was pretty close to purchasing. I found the IP Desktop from CH Products, it is an awesome find! It has a 3 axis joy stick, with a 2 button top, perfect for switching docking mode. It also has 12, yes, 12 programmable buttons I haven’t been able to use them all. It is compact, good for lefties and righties. The stick is short-throw the foot print is small and the palm rest holds it place for good control. It shows up in the control panel as a regular game controller so it has potential with other games. It makes docking and rover steering really fun. Cons; CH Products makes game controllers this is not one of them. The IP Desktop is an enterprise product used for controlling PTZ security cameras. You may not be able to purchase it directly and it is expensive if you find it new, around $400. I was able to find a floor model and haggled with the seller. Ace is having lots of fun with the setup, good luck with yours!
  2. All right my two subscribers, get ready to have your dink knocked in the dirt. Well its all about the up sell. In this episode Jeb flies into the danger zone, goes ballistic and burns the place down but really doesn't grow as a character. KSP Space Academy, The Sequel Strikes Out More at KSP Space Academy
  3. What I'm saying if I'm saying anything, is Welcome to Space Academy!
  4. Ace's feelings about the new MK3 parts can best be expressed in a monolog by Al "Cutty" White in the 1980 major motion picture "Airplane"; "S'mofo butter layin' me to da' bone. Jackin' me up... tight me."
  5. Hello Folks, Ace is looking for a mod for the old MK3 parts. In particular a crew cabin for the old stock MK3 parts. I meant to get it from the space port but never got around to it and now its gone! Does anyone know of a post here on the forum for that old MK3 mod? Does anyone know of a lingering github link? Any old mk3 system fans out there? Can someone help Ace?
  6. Been having a lot of problems with some of my best planes since the .25 update. I recreated my favorite plane with the new SP+ parts and besides it looking kind a derpy, now it will not lift off the runway! It flies off the end of the runway like a dork! This is the plane; F1B-Peacock The pre .25 plane has been featured in several Space Academy videos. The F1 Peacock is a simple design and KSA’s go-to plane for several up dates. Since .25 I have used the SP+ parts and its flight characteristics have changed. I think I have tried every possible configuration of parts and it won’t lift off. No luck with .90 either. My other designs also proved trickier to get off the runway then the first time. Anyone else having these issues recreating their designs in .25+? Did I miss something in the update specifications? Should I wait for the next update? Already spent too much time trying to figure this out.
  7. I'd check the numbers on that. More then a spreadsheet I am interested in the formula by which a parts specifications can be generated. It is not necessary for existing parts but for modders making new fuel tanks, it might be useful.
  8. ...and here it is. For standard 2.5 and 1.25 fuel tank parts there are 200 units of fuel per ton. Fuel = volume * 173.93 Mass wet = volume * 0.24 Mass dry = Volume * 0.03 It's all interesting, I'd like to know the numbers for the MK2 parts. Finding the Volume of those is going to be tricky. Or easy if you have already exported the model. Then the 3D program can tell you and you can tell me. Ace! I need to know!
  9. Lurker smells what Ace is cookin! There is a pattern there and it would helpful to know for creating stock-alike parts and such. I almost forgot about the data in the Wiki, most of what is needed is there. All that is missing is the dimensions of the parts. What is the height of a jumbo-64 for starters?
  10. Thanks for the bit of info. I think the answer I seek is hidden in the specification of the stock parts. I was hoping someone had created a spreadsheet all ready. My question is, in other words, If I create cylinder part X high and Y wide and I want to make it a fuel tank. How would one calculate its mass and capacity?
  11. Are there any guidelines for the amount of fuel units to volume in parts? Any general rules for assigning mass to parts?