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  1. Seems to be a missing texture for the hover part's "exhaust". I just get pink rings.
  2. Hmm. I'd rather not do that. There must be a way to change RPM so it recognizes the newer mechjeb version. Guess I'll have to wait.
  3. It seems in-cockpit MechJeb functionality no longer works. Buttons are grayed out and do nothings and the screen doesn’t recognize it as installed. Anyone have an idea how to patch it so it works? Thanks.
  4. That was me. Forgot I resized the engine with tweakscale. It's easy enough to fix in-game as well with the Waterfall FX editor.
  5. I'm on Mac as well which is why I know they are aliases. The filesystem won't recognize them as anything other than that. When I do a "Get Info..." on them. It tells me the original files are from /Applications/KSP_1.9.1/saves/Climber Game/Ships/SPH/Omicron_Trip_S.craft Which I assume is a valid path on your Mac. Dragging something out of Applications always defaults to aliases unless you hold down the command key (for move) or the option key (for copying).
  6. Here's a ModuleManager config to remove heatProduction from the KA engines for those who just want to burn. link
  7. Are you sure? Because I tried redownloading them and I got the same issue. Screenshot below: I cant even open them in a text editor because they are not associated with any file on my computer.
  8. You accidentally zipped up the aliases instead of the actual .craft files.
  9. Getting a bunch of exceptions on vessel load. It also takes a really long time to load a vessel for launch My KSP.log is over 100mb so i don't think I can upload the whole thing. But this entry shows up 100s of times on vessel load at launch.
  10. It's not. Anti-virus software is notorious making false positives with DLLs.
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