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  1. Found your thread via Google search, I had the same problem! I was approaching the south pole by rover, maybe only going 8m/s max, when suddenly, the entire craft exploded. I checked the log and it stated that all of the parts had overheated. I sent a duplicate rover, quicksaved on landing, and approached the south pole. Same thing happened. Had Kerbal Engine Redux up, the point at which I exploded was -89 55' 09'' (or was it 56' 09''? One of those two). I will try to replicate this weird bug on a clean install soon: I too, was running mods, but none that change the atmosphere like FAR. A very strange and curious bug. And talk about a jump scare, I wasn't expecting something like that to happen at all, especially after just visiting the north pole. EDIT: Can confirm that the bug happens on a vanilla install, rover overheats in between the -89 59' 09'' and 11'' mark. Leaving the death zone does not cool down the rover at all. Since this also appears to affect things in orbit, I'm now curious if this "death zone" is cone- or cylindrical-shaped. Time to put something on the cusp of Kerbins SOI in a polar orbit and wait for the fireworks. EDITEDIT: Even at almost 70 million meters out, Jebediah is no match for south poles. I resorted to using hyperedit to make my inclination exactly 90, since blindly trying to hit as close to 90 inclination without mods and then harmlessly passing by the south pole...is no fun. Needed more explosions, I got it to happen with hyperedit.
  2. Quick update - My computer has been acting up recently. I had to perform a system restore. All current progress has been lost. I did not back up my save anywhere. However, with this comes possibility. The engineers at KSC have more time to design an actual "big wheel" look-a-like for Moho. I will try not to disappoint.
  3. Really, a product of the 60s? I kinda feel bad now for not actually building a big wheel lookalike, I'll attempt to in the future, once Moho is finished. Thank you for adding my submission! Itsy bitsy problem, though; I lost that KSP save in a system restore (yes, it had to be that drastic. Every other option either froze or just wasn't possible with what little I've done to back things up for recovery) I had to do yesterday. My computer has been acting up recently (curse you Windows 8 and Automatic Updates!), and I should of backed up my KSP save on Dropbox or something since I knew of the problems its been having, but, alas, I did not. So, all of my progress has been erased. Heh. I'm pretty sure that using Hyperedit to place my rover relatively close to where I landed on Moho is justified, right? I'll definitely back up my save every time I exist KSP now. EDIT: Heck, screw Hyperediting that hunk to Moho, I'm gonna design an actual big wheel look-a-like! This system restore gives me a chance at redemption and making an actual big wheel. Why not? I'll be continuing this thing in the same mission report, explaining what happened to the first "big wheel" while transporting and landing Big Wheel 2.0 on Moho.
  4. I think you may have missed my submission, Fengist, just a few pages back. I'm circumnavigating Moho in a rover that is self-refueling and able to return to orbit when the time comes. I specifically chose Moho for the challenge of getting there and to show it a little love (EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm specifically looking out for Moho fairies as well, those pesky lights that few past explorers have seen. Link to a past reddit thread that contains the "fairies" is in my mission report). Dres/Tylo may be next if and when I finish Moho Heck, maybe even Laythe, that sounds like a great challenge with how much ocean there is. One celestial body at a time, though. Here's the mission report from a few pages back, I plan to update it within the next couple days: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/121398-Circumnavigating-Moho-Elcano-Challenge
  5. I couldn't help but notice that Moho doesn't have its own "Circumnavigator" flair yet. Well, let's fix that, shall we? SENDING A "BIG WHEEL"* TO MOHO*Note: I did not make a big wheel. Perhaps one for Dres, Tylo, Eeloo, etc., later. The mission is underway! This is gonna take a while...oh well!
  6. SENDING A "BIG WHEEL"* TO MOHO*Note: I did not make a big wheel. Perhaps one for Dres, Tylo, Eeloo, etc., later.** **NoteNote: With the system restore I had to perform, I will be able to design an actual big wheel look-a-like! There's still hope! Let's just hope that the KSC engineers don't mess this one up... After hearing the news of the "Elcano Challenge" sent forth by Fengist, Gene Kerman immediately accepted the challenge and contacted Wernher, asking him to build a big wheel that could circumnavigate... ... ...MOHO?! Gene, are you mad?! That space potato is insane to reach, let alone land on WITH A ROVER! ...okay, "Big Wheel", sorry. ...WITH A BIG WHEEL! And why would we need to circumnavigate it?! Why would you accept such a challenge, this'll bankrupt the KSC with the size of the rocket we have to build to get there! *sigh* Well, I suppose we could check that wasteland of a planet for any anomalies...we've been getting strange readings from Moho's north pole, and we haven't heard anything about the fairies in quite some time... ...ladies and gents, may I have your attention, please! We need our best, brightest engineers to build us a "big wheel" that can get someone to, and land on, Moho! ... ...get to work! We don't get paid to blow things up, you know! Now, any volunteers to go on the trip? Imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/NUWmo I suggest that you visit the album in order to read the descriptions, things might make a tad more sense. More updates to probably come!
  7. QQ: In the rules, does "Jeb" stand for "MechJeb"? I'm coming from the old circumnavigation thread which, if I remember correctly, banned nearly all plugins. I'm interested in participating in this thread, but I'd like to know beforehand if MechJeb is fine to use, since keeping any plane at a constant altitude for a long time can test one's patience. It's especially important when you're nearing the 30,000m mark.
  8. Yes, Kerbal Alarm Clock. I made a reddit thread a while ago pointing out roughly the same thing. I hadn't realized that it was Kerbal Alarm Clock until plenty of people pointed it out to me.
  9. Quoting the changelog in the 1.0 blogpost: "- All game temperatures changed from ‘Kervin’ to proper Kelvin." So now all temperature readings on the thermometer should be in Kelvin. I haven't been able to download KSP 1.0 due to internet data limitations, do thermometers in version 1.0 go below 0?
  10. How about: The Kestral or the Federation Flagship from FTL. Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer from Star Wars.
  11. How could you all forget your tin foil hats, they're listening! Minmus is actually a giant mint chocolate chip ice cream chunk, and the kovernment is secretly feeding it to our almighty savior, the Kraken, in order to delay our inevitable conversion into baby kraken hosts!
  12. We went over Mars One for a week in Current Events, and a senior girl asked, "Does Mars have gravity?" I nearly lost faith in our generation in that moment.
  13. Been playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth lately, great game, amazing soundtrack. I fell in love with the Chest theme and boss fight theme. Can't get them out of my head. They go great together, the main floor theme, then the boss.
  14. Pol. Out of all of the places, I've yet to conquer Pol without tipping a manned lander. And Tylo, just I haven't tried Tylo yet, so Pol shall stay as the one I have the worst time landing on, mostly because of its oddball terrain.