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  1. I just collected my first Mun Stone and it got transformed into data, is this the desired behavior ? I would have thought it would be like a surface sample of some sort. (And I have a contract to bring one back...)
  2. Since I updraded to 3.0, [X] Science! Continued stopped showing any science. Is it fixable on your side or should the mod author get the mod compatible with Kerbalism ? As I understand you have to modify how science works heavily, I hope it will remain compatible with a few science mods out there.
  3. Alright then ! That clarifies that. Wow I forgot about that and I have KER installed... Thanks
  4. Hi, absolutely wonderful mod ! I can't go back to anything else. I have just one request though, that's been done multiple times over this topic's pages and I still don't understand why you don't want to add the feature. Could you add the total deltaV of multiple nodes somewhere please ? I know we can see the list of deltaVs, but summing in your head can be quite tedious if you have to fiddle a lot to get the best trip deltaV you want. Two use cases when I really need the total deltaV : interplanetary travel planning from LKO (you need a lot of maneuver nodes - at least three - to get to the target planet's orbit, and deltaVs can be very large, you really need to check the total deltaV for the trip isn't exceeding your vessel capabilities if you travel on a budget) and tricky orbital changes (I'm trying to figure out what should be the best intermediate trajectories to go from one orbit to the other and Hohmann isn't always enough if you need inclination and/or argument of periapsis changes on eccentric orbits; so you need multiple maneuvers for that and trying to come up with the most efficient way of doing it without reading the total deltaV anywhere can require a lot of head computation...). You could add it at the end of the list for example if you don't have any room left on the window. Please consider adding it, you would save me (and not only me, once again it has been requested a lot) a lot of sanity !
  5. Just passing by to tell you you are awesome to continue this mod ! It's an absolute must have for me. Kudos
  6. It can't be that because my fix only involved adding the file extension and not changing the file names.
  7. I am indeed using Linux, but it shouldn't matter as far as I know (I don't think Windows allows file referencing without extension either, so that's a plugin problem and not a system problem I guess). So yeah, I should post this in the Kopernicus thread because it looks to me that it's a bug about the way Kopernicus loads files. It's just that I had a problem with your mod in particular so I posted here first. Anyway, keep up the good work, your mod is great, I love it !
  8. They all are in .dds in GameData/OPM/KopernicusConfigs/OuterPlanets/PluginData . (The textures that didn't show up were, and, but there could be more that I didn't notice, I'm not used to what the planets are Really supposed to look like.)
  9. Hi ! I'm playing on Linux because of 32bits issues (MOAR MODS !) and my graphics card isn't at its best on this OS so I'm using this mod instead of Scatter (which gives me about 15FPS...), so it's very useful, thank you ! Anyway, I would only like one more small thing : could you update the metadata for CKAN please ? It shows to be only compatible with KSP 1.0.4.
  10. I don't know what is going on, but I had to remove the ".dds" of several texture paths to see them in game. My Neidon and Urlum were white, and Sarnus had only one color. By removing the extensions in the config files, I could finally see them as the screenshots suggest.
  11. Yes sorry, that's not that bad, I should edit my post : you will have to manually reset your settings. They will be muted by default, that's what I meant by "messed up".
  12. I thought tabakhase was about to do it as well so I didn't bother posting a patch. I will soon (later today, don't worry) do it for people who can't compile themselves, I feel your pain. Keep in mind though that not everything is perfect, mostly because of KSP's way to handle sound, but it should nonetheless be better than before for that aspect. Anyway, if you were ok about how the mod was in 0.90, at least you will have a similar experience if sound muting doesn't work for you. --EDIT : There you have it -- ProbeControlRoom 1.0-beta8a Patch v1 DOWNLOAD http://www./download/25jwye12ctrc4fg/ INSTALL Install ProbeControlRoom 1.0-beta8a as you would normally do. [Optional] Backup the file GameData\ProbeControlRoom\ProbeControlRoom.dll Install ProbeControlRoom.dll from this archive to GameData\ProbeControlRoom CHANGE LOG -Rebuilt against KSP 1.0.2 -Disables ProbeControlRoom IVAs camera wobbles KSP introduced in 1.0 -[Experimental] Disables vessel sound when in a ProbeControlRoom IVA KNOWN BUGS If vessel sound doesn't disable or does so incompletely, that's perfectly normal most of the time... I couldn't do better for now. If you Really want to prevent vessel sound from happening, here is a quick workaround : (doesn't work for staging sound and sometimes sepratrons) press Escape twice (pause/unpause). Sounds stupid but works sometimes. (You have to repeat the manipulation any time you switch camera mode.) [Not in README.txt] If KSP crashes while in ProbeControlRoom IVA, your sound and wobbles game settings will get messed up. There is nothing we can do about it for the moment. Keep that in mind if you find yourself with weird settings (muted sounds and wobbles disabled). You will have to manually reset the volumes and wobbles in your settings. Other than that the mod and the game will continue to run flawlessly. DISCLAIMER I own nothing from this mod apart from the few lines of code I added for this patch (but I don't care if you do the darn you want about them). Don't get stuck with bugs and tell me about them in the forums post ! (!-new-3D-RPM-17) Happy rocket crashing from your state of the art control room ! --Edited Edit-- Woops, once again, Z-Key got me, but at least you have choice for the patch you want. But looking at his code, his version is buggy and doesn't include patched sound. (No offense Z-Key)