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  1. I don't mean to be picky or anything, but when you do update this mod, could you add some more electric charge to the narly probe core? The amount of electric charge it currently has is not enough to transmit the temperature data.
  2. mr. engino

    (Chatterer) Morse Kode

    Yes, the transmissions should be randomized, as they are uniquely different from each other.
  3. I have finally released the addon I made for this mod! Go check it out!
  4. mr. engino

    (Chatterer) Morse Kode

    Do you like using chatterer, but have grown tired of the sstv sounds whenever you transmit science? If so, this is the addon for you! Introducing Morse Kode, the chatterer addon guaranteed to make your experience a little more interesting! -How does it work? Well, it replaces the sstv sounds you normally get when you transmit science with CW (continuous wave [morse code]) sounds to provide you with a low-tech experience, making your science transmissions sound a lot more simple and a lot less significant! -How do I install? It's easy! go to the chatterer folder in gamedata, then to sounds, finally swapping the sstv folder already there with the one you downloaded, and thats it! For all you easter-egg aficionados: each sound file is a message written in morse code, containing messages both historical AND hysterical! Good luck on decoding the messages! Download Here!
  5. Hmm, it appears that the problem I was having disappeared. Considering that I made a fresh reinstall of ksp, that might have fixed the problem!
  6. Does anyone else have problems with the narly probe core? Every rocket I build with it keeps breaking, with the probe core hovering above the craft, and whatever remains is stuck to the ground with an apparent velocity of ~100 m/s.
  7. Not exactly "fanart" per se, but I guess a ragecomic can count?
  8. Ah, good to see my comment got noticed! As I had stated in a previous comment, I likened this mod as the Soviet equivalent to bdb, and as such, I had hoped that this mod had the early Soviet probes. Granted they were lacking in scientific instruments compared to the u.s. counterparts, they did have some form of science experiments. For instance Sputnik I, despite being little more than a metal sphere with a battery and radio transmitter inside, it did have an internal temperature and pressure gauge, so it can be argued that a 'kerbalized' version of it would have a primitive 2hot and presmat combination, much like how the narly probe core (vanguard I) has a 2hot. Need I say moar?
  9. I do have probes plus, but it doesn't have the probes I'm looking for, not to mention no rovers yet. I was actually hoping that tantares would have some of the earlier probes (sputnik, luna, etc.) much like how bdb does (explorer, vanguard, pioneer, etc.).
  10. Well, I finally found the soviet equivalent of BDB! While I wait for Kopernicus to update so I don't lose progress on my save, I'd like to know: does this mod have soviet probes along with manned spacecraft?
  11. mr. engino

    [1.4.3] Kopernicus (Release 2) - May 6

    What I'd suggest is starting a new game. If it appears that whatever planets or whatnot you had before the update is gone, it's safe to say that Kopernicus is broken.
  12. Yes, please do include a white texture for Gemini pod. It'll help reinforce the purpose of my early tier rescue craft!
  13. mr. engino

    [1.4.3] Monthly Budgets 4.5.1 (19/05/2018)

    I have a question. I've been considering using strategies in my current career save, and I was wondering: how does this mod affect strategies like outsourced r&d? Do I gain science when the budget 'updates'?
  14. I'm not sure who else is having this kind of issue, but in my career save, the tracking station is said to be at tier 4, when it should actually be at tier 2. Because of this, I am unable to properly upgrade the facility, leaving me frustrated. Is there a fix besides uninstalling and reinstalling the mod? Also, are there any mod conflicts that might cause this?
  15. Sometimes contracts can help you with recreating real life space missions like rovers and space stations, but there appears to be no contracts for impactor type craft (NASAs' Ranger project, for example). So, I 'd like to request a new contract type to be made to promote this kind of craft. I know that the Impact! mod adds a similar type of contract, but it requires a separate craft to record the impact, but I find that to be a bit tedious, not to mention unrealistic. What I'm looking for can be described/designed as a contract that requires you to either crash a space probe directly into a celestial object, or do some science while on a collision course with a celestial object.