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  1. Good to see you're still around raidernick! I was wondering if you could modify this mod a tiny bit by at least adding more science experiments to some of the probes; some of them had science experiments in their real life counterparts that are missing in the ones included in this mod.
  2. Obsolete Mods

    I just remembered another mod, the anti gravity room mod!
  3. kerbal spaceport website archive?

    Well, I finally figured out what #3 was, Simian Endeavors!
  4. Paragliding Chair?

    Well, I decided to take a look in the squad part files, it turns out that there is a way to get this to work! Currently there is a module for the kerbal parachutes, called ModuleEvaChute. My guess is that if you make a part using said module, you would achieve the same effect as the kerbal parachute! I'd do it myself, but I'm not proficient enough at modding yet.
  5. I recently installed this, but for some reason the button only appears in the tracking station. Reading an above comment, I checked the config file location; I found a file called "empty". Could this be the cause of the issues?
  6. [1.4.X] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    so I noticed...
  7. [1.4.X] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    While I like this mod, it has incompatabilities with ksp interstellar extended; as it keeps freezing during loading at "loading PartRecipe for KSPIE VASIMR2"
  8. Hrm, and yet I downloaded the continued version of ose workshop...
  9. For some reason the game refuses to load properly, it keeps getting stuck during the loading sequence. Specifically, it gets stuck at "loading PartRecipe for KSPIE-VASIMR2". Any help appreciated.
  10. Is anyone else having an issue where the game hangs up when loading, specifically when it gets to "loading partrecipe for KSPIE-VASIMIR2"?
  11. Obsolete Mods

    Romfarer's lazor system was the best!
  12. Mod request: Chatterer for probes!

    Oh! So the feature actually exists in the mod? I guess I'd better install it and see for myself!
  13. The Chatterer mod is good at making a silent game come to life, but I have noticed a slight lack of love for the probe cores! I would kindly appreciate it if someone would make a variation of the chatterer mod for probes; probably just some morse code or something, modem sounds, historical satellite recordings, etc. If it has been already made, or if it can be done with the chatterer mod itself, please let me know!
  14. Obsolete Mods

    Ah, there are so many mods from ages past that I could mention, my most favorite of them all would have to be Hooligan Lab's airships mod! Never has one been so able to make a magnificently gargantuan airship loaded to the brim with all sorts of scientific instruments, not to mention having the ability to *SAFELY* make an eva report without having the kerbal fly off the craft midflight! If you used the Cirrus balloon, you don't need parachutes; heck, if you used that balloon on a lightweight spacecraft, you don't even need boosters to get high into kerbin's atmosphere! (good luck keeping the craft from flying apart though!) In all honesty, I deeply miss that mod, I wonder if it'll still work in 1.4?
  15. KSP custom control panel project. codename: KONPAN

    Thanks for the support! I do know about the arduino micros' capabilities, but I still want to get a bigger arduino; primarily because I don't really have a big breadboard, and the fact I want to use the micro for another project.