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  1. mr. engino

    (Chatterer) Morse Kode

    I could do a script, if I knew how... I guess leaving instructions would be the best option.
  2. mr. engino

    (Chatterer) Morse Kode

    Dunno. My intentions for this mod is to replace the sstv sounds for science transmissions with morse code. If Athlonic adds the ability to swap transmission sounds like with radio chatter, maybe I'll put it on ckan.
  3. I have a suggestion to make! Looking at images of the vostok spacecraft, I noticed these flaps around the retro rocket; these flaps were actually a thermal control system. I would like to suggest, therefore, that you add those into the game for a better vostok recreation. Besides, I think it would be nice to have an early game thermal control system, in case you send your vostok to moho or something.
  4. I've been using final frontier to help me renember who went to which planetary body first, and also been using the professions addon for roleplay purposes. I am wondering if there are any mods that add extra professions for kerbals to have? The only known example of what I'm looking for is the colonists mod.
  5. mr. engino

    Green Rolf Vehicles Development Centre

    These are great, but honestly they need to be put into one folder download.
  6. mr. engino

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When you're writing the description for the next spacecraft in a series, depicting the successes and failures of the previous craft, then saying something along the lines of: "we made this one different with ___", THEN occasionally in the descriptions you try to portray any 'comments' made by a person from a fictitious meeting you held, discussing any further improvements or other mission goals to try to achieve with the spacecraft series before moving on to a different line of spacecraft entirely. In addition, assuming you're playing career mode and enjoy doing the rescue missions, you'd pretend that the stranded kerbonauts were from less successful missions done by other space agencies, and that you'd try anything to reuse older spacecraft series in an attempt to relive the old days as rescue craft; often with varying success rates. All in all, given the way I've described my addiction to this game, I can safely say that: A) I'm borderline schizophrenic or, most likely B) I need to start my own youtube series about the spacecraft I design and their mission(s), perhaps as a documentary style.
  7. Technically they're not really stupid but, any part testing missions that require testing a parachute part LANDED; not in flight, LANDED. I mean gee wiz, isn't the parachute supposed to be tested mid-flight?
  8. mr. engino

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    Oof, trying to classify the kind of ksp player I am is a bit difficult. In some regards I'm all four, though the first one is usually by accident, I don't try to break the game, it does it on its' own! I guess I'm actually more of a combination of two and three, as I tend to try to replicate historical spacecraft, though I usually mish-mash them together for maximum results!
  9. mr. engino

    [1.4.1] ResearchBodies V1.9.7 (17th Mar 2018)

    I've been using this mod, but I appear to be stuck. (playing in science mode BTW) I've managed to find Minmus and imaged it with a TST telescope, but beyond that there is nothing showing up in the observatory about minmus! How do I get about researching minmus, and also where is that ground telescope referenced in the observatory?
  10. I am using version 1.7.0, and the range I'm not entirely sure, I think it's the default range. EDIT: I checked, the range is 500
  11. I finally encountered that jittery spacecraft glitch that comes with this mod. I was wondering if I reduce the extended physics range, would that help mitigate the issue?
  12. Not really. Most spacecraft in real life usually had two antennas, a low-gain omni-directional antenna usually used for backup and keeping track of the spacecraft, and a high-gain directional antenna that required orienting the spacecraft so that the antenna was pointing towards earth in order to transmit data successfully. Since I already installed a life support mod to my game, I figured I'd try to go all in with realism, which is why I asked about a realistic communications mod. It appears that remote tech has what I'm looking for, so I guess this question has been answered?
  13. It appears I've gotten into making ksp more realistic, and I was considering the communications aspect. I know about remote tech, but I was looking for something different. Unless remote tech does contain what I'm about to describe, I am looking for a communications mod that features a requirement to have the antenna directed at Kerbin to not only maintain contact, but also to transmit data, with being not properly orientated affecting control and transmissions.
  14. Oof. Doesn't that seem kinda dangerous not dangerous enough?
  15. Sorry I'm late to comment on this. I do use the various srbs included with BDB, usually for the historical spacecraft. I must admit, however, I really need to learn how to adjust the boosters and also when to turn them off; when I attempted to make my Vanguard I replica, I forgot to turn off the srb, so I instead made a Luna I replica, though since it didn't fly by the mun, I guess it was more like Pioneer V...