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  1. Avionics. I meant to say avionics! The avionics control parts don't have working sas.
  2. I don't know if this has been reported or not, but none of the 'aviation control' parts have working sas. The reaction wheels work, but not sas.
  3. mr. engino

    Interstellar science mods?

    The news of Voyager 2 reaching interstellar space interests me, leading me to wonder if anyone has made a mod that allows you to conduct science experiments in the ksp equivalent of interstellar space (that is, any orbits/trajectories beyond the apoapsis of Eeloo)?
  4. There is a whole bunch of mods that I could list here, but I guess if I had to pick just one, it would most likely be AmpYear. There are numerous missions that had almost ended in disaster simply because I forgot to deploy solar panels before time warping, but thanks to reserve power it has saved all those missions from ending prematurely! In addition, it also helps with the occasional situation where you're trying to transmit science data, but don't have enough charge to transmit it.
  5. mr. engino

    mod Idea/request: leveled science experiments

    True that, but this is even more difficult than it should be.
  6. mr. engino

    mod Idea/request: leveled science experiments

    So I notice. I just had a chat on the discord server about this, and it appears that there is no way to use already existing frameworks to make this happen, it'll have to be done from scratch; which means it won't be easy...
  7. mr. engino

    mod Idea/request: leveled science experiments

    Well to top it all, I have zero ideas on how to implement this myself. Do I add it via upgrades to tech tree? Is it a separate part? Do I add some kind of feature that has never been implemented before? Please don't assume I know what to do, the only "mod" I ever made was for Chatterer, and that was just a simple set of audio files!
  8. mr. engino

    mod Idea/request: leveled science experiments

    Yes, but my current skill with mod making is not good enough to pull off my idea in the first post without having it look like excrements.
  9. mr. engino

    mod Idea/request: leveled science experiments

    Wonderful suggestion, but I feel it's better to let a more experienced modder create this, as the concept I had in mind is a bit more complex than what I had written, and its currently beyond my mod making expertise.
  10. One of my biggest gripes with ksp is that once you get all the science for an experiment in a certain biome/situation, that's it; any further missions with the same experiment to that same location will not gain any further science points without science labs, though that only allows the experiment to be run once more per lab. I have thought it over numerous times and I have now thought up a potential solution to this problem: leveled science experiments! The idea is rather simple: any experiments you have can be upgraded by tech tree advancement to where you have higher level experiments, which are similar to the lower level experiments, but are run with 'more sophisticated' hardware! This in turn would allow one to send out subsequent probes with the same experiments, allowing for greater immersion! The best real-life analogy I can think of would be the Mariner missions to mars: Mariner 4 sent us the first glimpse of mars with a somewhat primitive camera, with Mariner 6 and 7 giving us a more detailed image of mars and Mariner 9 giving us an even better look at the Martian surface through better cameras. If anyone would like to make this idea a reality, please do so!
  11. I know. What my problem is is that some craft files that were included with some mods keep showing up even though those mods have been removed!
  12. I'm just trying to get rid of all the mod craft files because they're somewhat hard to differentiate from the stock game craft files. Also, I forgot to mention that I was playing sandbox mode when I noticed this happening; it isn't impacting my career/science mode games at all, but I find when I'm trying to test out a new spacecraft design, the crafts from mods that I don't have installed anymore show up, and there are a lot of them!
  13. Just had a thought, could the steam cloud saving be causing this?
  14. Yes I'm deleting them from the ships folder in the main folder on steam. The uninstalled mods that have added their own craft files are Dr. Jet's ChopShop, probes plus, and Raidernick's russian spacecraft, and I installed downloaded craft files for BDB.
  15. I've been trying to delete craft files that were included with mods I've uninstalled long ago, but whenever I try to get the stock craft files back via verify file integrity, the mod craft files keep returning when I start the game! Any help appreciated.