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  1. right now I'm trying to work on a career save filled with hyper specialized designs. So SSTOs designed to go to KEO only, where cargo and crew disembark to board interplanetary ships that only operate between planets, each of which have their own SSTO designs. The idea is to make a really efficient interplanetary transportation network that's fully reusable.
  2. I work on a 707 variant for a living. Changing fuel levels in the wing tanks of aircraft will alter the COM, though not as much as forward and aft body tanks. Since the wings are swept back, the outboard tanks tend to be behind the COM, and the inboard tanks in front. Since the 707 has 4 main wing tanks, each corresponding to one engine, all 4 tend to drain at nearly equal rates however. You are correct that having weight in the wings helps with the structure though. Having all the weight in the fuselage and all the lift in the wings could conceivably cause an aircraft to fold if poo
  3. Is there a way I can edit the files to make the game think I'm in an IVA when I'm in a first person EVA? I'm trying to make this mod work in conjunction with Vivero, a VR mod. Vivero unfortunately only allows you to enable VR when you're in an IVA.
  4. This isn't a suggestion, it's something I'm actually trying to do with a mod pack. The idea is to make a full mod pack that will make the game somewhat playable in VR. Here's what mods I'm putting in: Vivero (VR mod) https://github.com/Vivero/Kerbal-VR RasterProp Monitor (and various plugins to make the MFDs more useful) Through the Eyes (Kerbal EVA first person view) KIS and KAS (to make EVA a little more interesting) I've run into a road block. Vivero ONLY allows you to enable VR when in an IVA... And apparently running the first person mod, and g
  5. There’s a ton of stuff you can do, I already see a bunch of people talking about tweaking wheel traction and wheel bases. Personally, I set the rear wheels to toggle on an action group. If you turn off rear wheel steering at high speeds, you get more stable turns at the expense of turn radius... Who needs to make sharp turns at high speed anyway? And if you want to get cheaty about it, the COG of jet engines are outside the physical dimensions of the part... This means you can put a bunch of them on a rover facing downwards, and move the rover’s COG below the ground. Do
  6. Thank you everyone for the help. Holiday, any craft files would be greatly appreciated. I’ve experimented recently with RCS and thermos, but it kept coming loose. I think it’s because the thermos were facing the wrong way. I also have a few craft files already with working bearings, but they’re difficult to reverse engineer since the propeller is often built right into the aircraft. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to develop one as a sub assembly, so I can easily do engine changes in the field if one breaks. Halcyon, I noticed that about the docking ports. I though
  7. I'm mostly asking for help in this thread. I'm currently trying to develop vehicles I can deploy permanently in the field to support a career mode colonization effort. This means I need to set up mining facilities, SSTOs, and small towns on every planet. Perhaps the most difficult planet to set up such a colony with reusable technologies on is Eve. Thanks to its dense atmosphere, simply using aircraft to fly at faster than driving speeds between bases is a compelling option. However, jet engines obviously don't work inside Eve's atmosphere. So, I have to resort to stock electric pr
  8. I'm having these issues as well. It's becoming extremely frustrating. I've only just now reached the point where I'm motivated to build and develop extremely large vehicles for an end game campaign I'm working on... And now I basically can't build any because kraken. And not normal kraken, I mean an unusual amount of kraken immediately on loading in for vehicles that in previous versions, would have been fine. There are 3 things this seems to affect me for: 1.) Fairings I first found this issue wherein I tried to replicate an old shuttle design I had a few versions ago with the
  9. Oh, it was 1.0.4? That would explain it then, if I remember correctly re-entry heating in 1.0.4 was broken to the end of ONLY being able to re-enter with heat shields. Not that such a game mechanic would be a bad thing, but not until after the devs finally decide to make heat shielded versions of all the space plane parts. And I actually have made all rocket SSTOs and high sub-orbit first stages before, but those were rocket launchers that landed under parachute rather than by flying. The problem with that method though is you only get like 67% of the funds you recovere
  10. Would you happen to have a craft file or a video of the bearing mechanism itself? I've been trying to find inspiration lately to build a bearing for my not-so-successful turbo shaft engines. Excellent plane by the way. I hadn't really thought of using such bearings before for VTOL swivels.
  11. You know, if you used fairings instead of heat shields, this would be a lot better craft for a number of reasons. For one thing, fairings tend to be a lot lighter than heat shields. They are also the second most heat resistant parts in the game TO heat shields and engines, making them good nose cones during re-entries. And because they're a lot more streamlined, you'll incur a lot less drag on take-off and ascent. I suspect you used heat shields there due to an explode-y issue on reentry, and I think I know why. You are re-entering unbelievably steep, and unbelievably fast, at a scar
  12. Just as a quick note guys, someone requested a "tiny buran" video. So I'll be making and posting that one here and on YouTube as well in the next week or two.
  13. Depends on whether or not it's bob. That coward needs to fry. GO TEAM JEB.
  14. @YoeriCookie Everything depends on speed, angle, altitude, and parts. First of all, avoid exposing delicate parts, like solar panels, batteries, and computer cores. Either keep them tucked away inside cargo bays as much as possible, or try to keep them in the trailing edge of the re-entry profile. Second of all, you want to bleed off as much speed as you can inside the upper atmosphere. For re-entry from Leo, I usually deorbit to a periapsis height of 40-50 km. Make it a very shallow re-entry profile. Once you start re-entry, you want to stay in the upper atmosphere for as
  15. Thanks guys. I got a YouTube channel. You should check it out, I'll be posting more KSP ship vids. I'll probably be making my next one about the tiny shuttle's big brother.
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