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  1. @Friznit, @Terwin, and @tsaven thanks all for the suggestions! I think this gives me a good base to get started on. Looking forward to this play-through
  2. I'm looking for a set of mods to build around this (well, USI in general. I've always loved all the RoverDude mods ) and was curious what (if any) "future tech" mods people are using with MKS? I recently finished watching The Expanse and the Epstein Drive was really cool to me. Is there a mod that has something like this (that also plays nicely with MKS)?
  3. Uh oh, someone's got some splainin' to do xD Thanks for swift update
  4. Unfortunately I am at work and unable to test this. I know installing it through CKAN requires 1869, but the main page of Maritime Pack does not appear list that as a dependency. I will try installing manually when I get home, perhaps try that (if you haven't already).
  5. I believe there is a bug in the 1869 mod, and the author said they were looking into it. Though it has been a while, @Fengist
  6. Back before CKAN there weren't exactly a whole lot of mods even worth installing (imo) and maintaining a list of ~10-20 mods wasn't big deal. Now, you've got multitudes of wonderful mods that contribute to a fun game experience and maintaining a list of 50+ mods suddenly becomes a bit of a chore. Sure, installing mods is quite a simple affair, but CKAN brings the convenience of selecting the mods you want and walking away to do something else while it does the tedious things. It saves time which, you seem like someone who can appreciate, is in quite short supply for anyone who has a full tim
  7. Fixed that for you As for version 1.0, it's been fairly standard practice (in my experience) that the release versions start at version 1.0. Squad was more like than not just following that tradition.
  8. World of Warcraft has had numerous patches which has changed the game significantly enough to impact playstyle (some of which annoyed many users). But, when there is significant movement forward you sometimes have to make some compromises. Does it suck that you may potentially lose some progress, or craft? Of course! But if it's that worrisome to you, you can always make a backup of your KSP folder (outside of Steam if you use that) so you have an old version to fall back on to continue your game. Do you not thing it a bit odd to complain when developers add new features for FREE, when many
  9. I'm going to have to agree with most of what the other posters have been saying and say that it is KSP's RAM limit giving you issues. Since KSP crashes at about 3.5GB, having too many mods will have you reaching this limit quickly. This is more likely than not the root of your issues. As someone else state, using the -force-opengl should save quite a bit of memory. Alternatively, and this is what I've been using, you can also try -force-d3d11 instead of opengl. Using directX11 has saved me a lot of RAM and still kept my FPS > 40 in most of the average KSP scenes ("mega stations" are anot
  10. I've uh...gotten to Minmus...once? I have a bad habit of installing a bunch of mods, playing for a couple days, then going on to play another game. I come back some time later and do it all over again. I've gotten to the Mun quite a bit, put some satellites in LKO, but other than that not a whole lot. I think part of my problem is that I install too many (no such thing right? ) mods and just get lost messing around with all of them and not actually get anything done. I keep telling myself that one day I will actually get somewhere. Time to go re-install/re-mod KSP again :D
  11. This has definitely got to be my favorite so far, although the one from Charle_Roger comes in a close 2nd.
  12. They currently have an issue with the new voxel thing that FAR uses. I believe Bahamuto has a fix in the works but it isn't out yet.
  13. Yay, more mods to get And so I'm not cluttering the thread with my posts about mods, here is the first plane I've come up with. It handles like a dream, but trying to land is a pain due to not being able to slow down very easily. I am still on the first level science building so still no Procedural Wings yet.
  14. What are yall using to get those propeller engines?
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