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  1. You must have missed a step. After unlocking all the free nodes, the one furthest to the north will have a few antennas and the WAC probe core. I'd suggest reading over the OP, and the subset of instructions for RSS & RO. The RPL Tweak pack either uses existing models from both stock & mods. The WAC Probe is a modified nosecone from AIES if I'm not mistaken. (or KW) Does Module Manager give you any errors on boot? How many patches is it reporting? You can also share your output_log.txt file so we can see what's going on during boot, and what not.
  2. I recall people to wanting to build such a tree (starting with Planes) but I don't remember seeing a thread about it. sorry don't know it's name if it had one. As for not having any probes, did you unlock all the free nodes? are you sure you also installed the MS19E tweak pack? (check the op)
  3. Woa, ok. I was having moments of insanity when I made those. For some reason 1,400 pounds became 1.4 tons... I'm so proud of myself sometimes...
  4. Especially with a full time job as a Project Manager that waits for you in the morning... lol - - - Updated - - - I don't use homes. and thanks for the stats - - - Updated - - - Flying high, check the probe file.
  5. To be able to save time I had to test it using HyperEdit. So the situation trigger works, but I wasn't sure the sort of speed you'd hit. For transmission I did lower the data size, so it shoudl transmit relatively fast. (Albeit currently impossible by the numbers you are giving me. lol) I'll have to recalculate the altitude cutoffs. Space Low would be too wide of a range. So I'm thinking we should up the Flying High cutoff. And in any case, we NEED TO increase the Flying Low, it's starting at 8KM ASL, and most terrain is around 8KM ASL. Oupsie! 2.4km/s
  6. Nope, I received a PM about Moon biomes for RO/RSS I just need to reply. D: SpacedInvader is working on it.
  7. Yes, just super busy. I'm behind PMs, you and another are on top of the list. But I'll most likely get back to you Friday. Trying to take it easy on evenings, rushed things too much in the past weeks with the hotfixes. It's bad for my health. :/
  8. No sorry, figure of speech. I'll have to investigate it further. EDIT: As I thought: "Patch notes from PF" * Added new resizable fairing bases with configurable number of side nodes. * Old parts (bases and adapter) are deprecated. Launched vessels should be fine, but you might have trouble loading old designs in VAB/SPH in career mode. * Added new part: Thrust Plate Multi-Adapter.
  9. I see, if he made new parts he might have retired the old fairings. And the brand new parts will most likely be in strange places in the RPL tree. I'll have to go check that out.
  10. Do you see them in the tech tree? Or are they only missing in the VAB? Did you try to start a 'new' career to see if they are present? That's quite bizarre.
  11. Are you playing with RPL MS19e? IE, did you install Tree Loader and all the mods listed on the OP? If you are new to KSP in general, it might be a good idea to read the OP of any mods you are having issues with first. Some of the mods require post install changes, or additions in order to function as intended. And if you could say the name of the parts you are having issues with that'd be great. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Nope, not at all. The mod pack question has arisen multiple times throughout. So perhaps I'm giving the short answer at this point. And yes, I'd love to see some kind of in-game mod support. As long as it does not become restrictive in any way! D:
  13. Don't download from Curse unless you 'have to'. Stick to the forums, since this is where everything seems to be updated first. I don't even have my stuff on Spaceport. (But I'm lazy or something.)
  14. I'm killing you? I hope that's a good thing! Yeah, this one was a bit of marathon more than a sprint. Today I'm going to take it easy and enjoy various forms of digital entertainment.
  15. Tell me the 'partnames' of the ones that aren't supposed to be in either the Mercury or Gemini nodes. Since those don't have tech level sit was rather tricky to figure out where to put them. Thanks,
  16. LOL, no I haven't done that. Come on. And I'd never edit a .cfg file like that, it would be horrible! D: And ONLY the RPL probes, were fully revised. Stock & Mod probes still need overhauls. Some of the stock science instruments have their values updated. Go in the RPL folder, and find the Tweaks\Squad folder, somewhere in there you'll find a MM file that tweaks stock experiments. Double check the values against the stock sciencedefs to see if the base/cap match. Ultimately this doesn't advance the issue. Which is experiments which I know 100% have base/cap values matching don't get fully transmitted. We'd need someone to have a vanilla install, update the stock sciencedefs to have matching base/cap values. And then test out transmitting with stock functionality ONLY. That way we could figure out if this is a stock issue or maybe RT2?
  17. I wasn't able to reproduce this. Only once and it's when I slipped out of comm range while transmitting... I'm really dying to know what the hell is doing this. If you look at any of my files you'll see that all RPL probes have matching base & science cap, and also when attached to a part they have their 'xmit set to 1.0'. This is a sneaky one...
  18. After a grueling 12 hour sprint of RPL Madness... I quit! Just kidding. lol RPL Milestone 19e *RPL Post >Tweaked first page of post, and reorganized it by sections with quotes to ease reading. >Created RPL Probe List. * Full Sweep of all RPL Probes. > Updated Experiment Data Costs (Check out the First page of the thread or below, thanks to timewarp compatibility) > Updated Battery costs (No more insane Vanguard probe? Happy? ) > Updated Science Payout of almost all probes. > Luna 1 now has only 30 units of Chemical to be released while Flying High. (~30 seconds) > Tested all RPL Probes. > Shouldn't have any more Reaction Wheels on the implemented RPL probes. * Full Sweep of Tech Tree Costs (UPDATE YOUR TREE!) > Increased Costs of Liquid Engines, SRBs & RCS to account for new experiments & Payouts > Added costs to the Antenna/Dish tech line. > Moved around some remaining stragglers in the tech tree. NEW!? Probes & Experiments Created and placed the following in the tech tree: *RPL-SWE-MB1 - Bio Sample Analysis & Retrieval from low Earth orbit. *RPL-USA-NK1 - Bio Sample Analysis & Retrieval from low Moon orbit. *Made a copy of ProbeCoreSphere for Sputnik1. (Instead of using the stock part itself) Milestone 19e - Probe List hebergeur gratuit hébergeur d images gratuit herbergeur d image hébergeur d image gratuit
  19. Howdy, I'll make a video and an Excel sheet for download and track. as far as mod pack I'm not going to try it again too many mods varying releases, so really hard to maintain. and the last thing modders need is dealing with outdated issues do to a pack being out of sync. that being said there were 2 mod pack downloaders but I think they aren't updated anymore. Thanks for the feedback,
  20. OK, is it "all" the probes? Just the RPL probes, or some probes? Module Manager tweaks? Or the part itself having too many modules?
  21. do you have the zip file still in your game data folder perhaps?
  22. Whatever it was it's fixed. I don't even want to know what it was. The weirdest thing ever.
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