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  1. Is it currently possible for having mission conditions that verify if components are active? For example, to see if the scientific tools are on or off? I noticed the game checks if throttle is active in some goals, wondering if that can be applied to other components. Thanks! EDIT: I just thought about something. I could just edit the Flight Engineer module to store a new resource called Data. and have each scientific part generate Data. Pretty sure I can use the Kethane module to make it work. Then have a mission goal that you have to get in orbit without any Data. And only complete the orbit goal once you have X amount. Might just work!
  2. I'll have to double check that pre-launch status. From what I understand it should be in that state! Ahh, ok. So if I switch vessel focus the 'lifetime' value of a mission gets reset? How does it deal with quicksaves?
  3. Thanks for that explanation. I was curious about how the game handles the trigger to start a mission. Let's say you have a craft that's landed on Mun. Can you use that craft select a 'return to Kerbin' mission and have the game start tracking it with that vessel? Or do all missions have to originate from Kerbin's launchpad? I'm using the TAC Lifesupport mod so kerbals generate food/water waste and also CO2. I wanted to make a mission to send back waste to Kerbin. Ideally I would like to have small ships attached to the main vessel going to Mun. Each little ship would be a tank of whatever waste (water, food, or CO2) with engine & parachute. From what I understand the missions can't be completed by a separate ship, which is why I'd like to know whether this is possible. Secondly I'm also using Extraplanetary Launchpads, and would be curious if missions calculate costs of ships launched from them? I know you guys don't offer cross support, but just curious if this was ever brought up. Cheers,
  4. Oups, yeah I meant client controlled. So you still see the vessel in orbit but can no longer gain control of it? Can that vessel be used for repair missions later on for example? Just out of curiosity, what would happen if you would happen to dock with a client controlled vessel? Thanks for everything!
  5. Woo! Awesome thanks! My OCD has been on fire for 2 days straight this mod is awesome!
  6. It's all good! I'm in love with this mod it's beyond awesome! Thanks for explaining! I was curious about what does the civilian trigger do? Does the craft disappear? I'm hoping it's that! Cheers!
  7. Wow, talk about one of the best mods known to kerbal kind! Seriously kudos all round for anyone who had a hand in this. I'm floored! In any case, I was curious as to how can you go about tweaking the costs of parts? I don't want to reduce anything, I just noticed that my Flight Engineer module has the cost of 1. I find that too cheap and was hoping to have it's cost be more like the mechjeb module which is something like 3,000K. Also, not that it would make a massive difference, I noticed that items placed in bins don't add to the cost calculations. Is there any plans in the future to make this be factored? Again, amazing work I've started a new game to try things out and will be making some missions myself! Woo!
  8. I see! No I wasn't upset, how could I be upset with such an amazing mod. Been looking for a life support mod, but all of them only worked when the ship was focused on. Which made refuel missions sort of cheating as your kerbals wouldn't be using resources while you were flying your resupply ship. Seriously, amazing work love this thing! And yeah, rather than mess around with that waste stuff i can see the benefits of focusing on that. Also, could use the waste resource for some funny mission objectives with the mission controller mod! Generate X tons of food waste on Mun, and bring it back. Thanks again!
  9. Until you instill the system which makes it hazardous to deal with not having waste disposal, I was trying to find an easy way to make it matter. What if you added an extra 0.0000001 (random number here) consumption rate to Kerbals which would be waste. So if you do not have storage you won't be able to generate/store waste, then you could add another condition which makes it that if you can't "consume waste" you will starve, choke, dehydrate, etc. Does that make any sense? EDIT: no it does not. My brain just turned back on. Oh well! Can't wait to see the next step in this outstanding mod!
  10. Howdy kind sir! Could you possible confirm whether this is the latest version to download? There seems to be a fractioning of the threads or something for this project, and i'm having a hard time figuring out what is most recent. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/35217-0-21-1-Extraplanetary-Launchpads-v3-New-Launchpad-Ore-Scanners/page107?p=595226&viewfull=1#post595226 It seems to be version 3.1. But as some others, I have a strange bug that the 2 non hexagonal ore bins textures don't load up proper. In any case, i just want to make sure I'm using the most recent version for my new campaign game i'm starting! Thanks!
  11. Another awesome mod! Woo! Is it possible to edit which items can be placed in the containers? And on that same note, edit which items kerbals can pick up and attach? I was sad to see you can only have the cubic strut, i want more! Still, the whole cable/winch resource transfer thing is out of this world! Oh yeah! It's all good found out that it's just a question of adding the module bit to existing items. Won't mess with the whole positioning of when you drop stuff. hopefully by picking items of similar size it'll work! Oh yeah!
  12. Thank you sir! I was actually doing silly searches like rocketry DR terminology. lol. I'll try without those evil struts now! Thanks everyone.
  13. Darn, i'm getting pretty down with Kerbal/rocketry terminology, but what is DR?
  14. First of all, holy mother of kerbals, this mod is just insane. Kudos to everyone who had a hand in this marvelous creation. Again, just wow. Now that being said, I've been experimenting to make docking arms for ground vehicles and had somewhat decent success. Although I'm experiencing a very odd bug where when 2 vehicles dock it seems to recalculate their combined mass and center of gravity or something. But when i'm connected via a mechanical arm (2 telescopic pistons, 3 hinges, with a octogonal strut to attach the docking port to it.) Links to before & after: Now that I said it only happened sometimes, it seems to be quasi consitent now. Whenever I attach my rover to anything, it'll try to flip on it's side?! lol https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xar58ogl0xle09/Before_Docking_Madness.bmp https://www.dropbox.com/s/8e50y7jjkiy3ykz/Docking_madness.bmp Anybody has had similar experiences? I'm totally new to the mod so perhaps i'm overlooking something obvious. Thanks for any tips!
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