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  1. I'm currently losing my mind. Haven't changed anything except add 1 more science definition, and now everything is broken. The last 3-4 experiments don't get their ID's loaded properly. And I'm full of these errors: I'm about to nuke KSP from orbit.
  2. Working on a batch of new fixes and s little surprise to make it worth your while! EDIT: So KSP just wen't "coucou" on me. Although I use identical format to my previous expeirments, to the letter, when I try to load them in the science experiment module, it says there is no experiment with that ID... But I copy paste the values... lol I feel like there is an exterior force playing against me.
  3. OOOOH!!! Smart man! I actually forgotten about that... I was labelling the experiment wrong. I can only fake it on the top layer, which blocks the second layer from being used in teh wrong situation. So I have to use InSpaceLow for the ScieceDef.cfg! but FlyingLow in my plugin modules. Got it!
  4. Yeah but here is teh thing about the FLying High/Low. I got it working at some point. I think the fixes we did for the new ways to detect Flying high are broken. (for non-atmospheric bodies) I want that fixed!! When are you.. oh, I see. Back to the coding board! Shoon!
  5. OK, take a screenshot of the pop up when the experiment triggers. (Showing Data/points & the Transmit button with the (100%) on it) Then screenshot the total output you get. Cheers!
  6. Ahhhh! What? D: /runs away forever I must have messed it up in the middle of the hotfixes. I had it working in MS19a or some prior release candidate. Well it's the weekend so I'll have more time. I'll see what's up with that and double check the other bodies as to how the flag comes up. Hmmm, maybe Nathan knows of this since he's the pro of sounding rockets in my book. and heart! <3 Go Nathan! I wouldn't be sure what's causing this.
  7. It's ok, the experiment is now Flying High. Smart man! Precisely, I didn't update the tree because there were changes to it. But to make things clearer, i'll update the tree's name for consistency's sake. I can't repro this! Can you give me a bit more details as to exactly which experiments are doing this? I once had a weird 75% transmit of data(But the Science Pop Up did say 100% and the values matched), but I think it's because I slipped out of comm range before the transmission was finished. Can you make sure you this isn't the case? Thanks,
  8. Oh! Wait, I misread your post! No, I haven't made fixes for those. Don't think there were at any point actually?
  9. Oh! Wait, I misread your post! No, I haven't made fixes for those. Don't think there were at any point actually?
  10. Heyyyy, what's that supposed to mean? It'll get better, don't you worry. Just so you know, I am not responsible for any damage that may occur to rockets or Kerbals if you fall asleep flying stuff! Enjoy!
  11. Milestone 19a Change Log: THERE ARE SOME EMPTY NODES! DONT WORRY (THEY ARE FREE!) Complete overhaul of the Probe & Capsules Techlines. Probes are now split by Planets & Moons. (Currently only Earth, Moon, Venus & Mars) Capsules are by program Mercury, Gemini & Apollo. (No Custom Experiments yet) Complete overhaul of Probes & Experiments: WAC/Bumper Sputnik 1 Sputnik 2 Explorer 1 Vanguard Luna 1 (First Impact Probe!) New separate Tech Tree for Stock & KSPI Science New separate Tech Tree for Kethane, EPL & KSPI Mining New Tech line for Antennas & Dishes (To be used with RO_RT2 tweaks by Brooklyn666) Multiple mods added to the tree (See OP for full list) New LAZOR sub tech tree New Infernal Robotics sub tech tree And many more I've forgotten since I've work on it for so long D: Hotfix MS19c fix list: (Released 2014/05/06) Luna 1 Chemtrail experiment is set to Flying High. (Flying Low is mostly below ground for now) Fxed timewarp not working for CustomExperiment plugin (NathanKell) Fixed the placement of some FASA tanks & engines. Hotfix MS19d fix list: (Released 2014/05/08) Updated Data Recorder input/output values to account for the Timewarp Fix. Fixed timewarp not working for ChemicalRelease plugin. (Based on Nathan's fix) Reduced Vanguard battery to 200 Updated Vanguard Experiment #2 cost to 10000 (~166 minutes, so use Time warp!)
  12. Alright, I think the value I'm going to set out in the wild will be the following: Data Recorder Data Rate: 1 Unit/sec Power Rate: 5W/sec (0.005 EC/s) As I always say, if this plays off OP/unbalanced or whatever. I'll tweak it. Especially since timewarp works now, I'll probably revise experiment data costs and the Data Recorder's rates too! Did a few tests, seems to be going ok.
  13. Since it seems the rate of collection is the 'main' issue left, I'll try to do a quick pass of all the recorders and slap in new values into a hotfix for tonight. Cheers,
  14. Nope, if you look a few posts back somebody else brought it up. I need to update the input/output values to account for the new way the plugin updates them. Hang in there!
  15. No idea my friend. I'm not the one who created tree loader, so for support on it I'd suggest posting on the relevant thread. Try a clean install and start a career with only Treeloader mod in your Game Data folder (Apart from the stock files obviously). Are you using somekind of proxy, VPN or firewall? Very strange!
  16. It's not supposed to do that. The tree only updates ONCE and that's when you start a career. The alternative some people say is to use the tree file that it saves in the career. (IE start a new career, get the file, and move copy it over your 'current' career. But results may vary.
  17. I'm not getting any issues with Treeloader. :/ hebergeur d image
  18. Huh, that's very bizarre. So you do get the Mumech Tree Loader prompt asking you to chose a tech tree, but none appear? And btw, that log you posted, isn't related to RPL. That looks like some stuff from KSPI.
  19. "easy fix" no, but it's doable. Each probe .cfg (In the RPL folder) which has a Data Collection or Chem Trail node will have input & output values. I believe in most cases the input for EC is fine, it's the output that will most likely need a boost. Try '1' for the Data collection, that should ~1 Data Unit per second. Nathan found the way to make warp work yesterday, but I implemented it by mistake. D:
  20. A historical probes pack, but for 'non-earth' system? I'm not sure that makes sense. What historical missions ever went to Minmus? (There is no reference body for anything like Minmus) You get my drift? What I think you mean is to have experiments that aren't following the RSS order of planets. (IE, Minmus not orbiting kerbin) The issue with this is that it would require '2 separate' tech trees & tweak packs (To account for the different order of planets and what not) The 'two trees' I'm seeing coming to life in the distant future will be this one (based on RFTS) and a second one (based on Real Engines). And I think that in any case, those wouldn't require separate trees, unless some parts need reassigning. Still that would be minor job compared to redoing the entire exploration tree and coming up with experiments to fill it with. :/ The tree was created first and foremost for RSS/RO/FAR and the rest of the realism mods, I understand that people might like to experience the tree under a different setting but I can't offer that at the moment. Best regards,
  21. @Ivan Why is the procedural wings part of the must-have package and the procedural fairings are not? I'd rather need the latter than the former. Can I install the fairings without breaking anything? Wow! You just made me realize it wasn't on the list somehow!? Yes, it's supported and please do go get them. (They are implemented in the tree and all that jazz) For the dupe part, not too sure what that's about. Ignore it for now, unless it's THAT nosecone you absolutely wanted. @Balance Yeah, with the massive infusion of mods I did for MS19 there are some random parts still needing to find a home! D:
  22. It was brought to my attention that due to the updated handling of the Data Collection Module (Thanks Nathan!), the input/output ratios for both DataCollection & Chem Trail have now reversed to 'true' per second. As such, the DR and CT modules will work at turtle speeds... D: Oupsie! But the good news is... Yes, this is sort of good news. Is that we'll be able to use Timewarp! So I will be able to do mission that require 'long collection time' without having you fine people stare at the screen in anticipation for hours. lol Stay tuned for yet, ANOTHER FIX!
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