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  1. The hotfix for MS19c is out! Come and git it! There are STILL empty nodes, which should be free. Oh and I fixed the Dish & Antenna tech line.
  2. No patch for you! Just kidding... Yup, it's coming out tonight. Just need to make a few final tweaks to the tree, publish that, update the OP and tada! I'll post on the thread once that's done and tell you when you can come and git'it!
  3. Stretchy tanks are fixed! Ratzap tried it out and boom goes the dynamite.
  4. I'm not 100% sure whether MS19b had the MM files for Stretchy & PP. :/ I THINK I can work on this ab it tonight. No guarantees!
  5. Awesome, that should set me up. Or not, I'll see I'm no C# expert myself. Lol
  6. OK, we are on the same page then. I've said I'll lower the Vanguard probe EC. And on top of it, no point in having missions that last months, since I need to work out how to use time compression & having it impact the rate at which you get data points. Right now the whole process ignores my plugin. D:
  7. I'm not saying balance isn't important, just that it's not high on the priority list compared to making sure things 'work'.
  8. Hey there! I've actually not implemented the SCANSAT (or what's the name for it again?) yet. It's on the endless highway of to do list. As for the Soviet engines, they've been replaced as they should have been in MS19c. I sadly have to work tonight, so I'm not sure I'll have time and/or energy to finish up the very few things that need to be done. I mainly wanted to double check the 2M issue. We've built MM files for those, so I'm not sure what's up. As Ratzap mentioned, the probes need EC overhauls. Vanguard is crazy high because of how long it lasted (but with solar panels) just can't really use the solar panel module on a sphere. /shrug I'll tone it down a few. But hey! You can stop yourself from using them outside their intended mission. I don't think it's part of the OP, but I did mention in the thread (buried in the 100's of posts lol) that I wasn't going to have a mindset to 'prevent' cheating. Obviously that probe is insanely high, but in general I'm hoping that people showing interest in the whole KSP 'realism' thing, that they aren't going to try and beat the game in a gamey fashion. Cheers,
  9. Ouch... That's similar to an old issue that I thought Nathan had fixed. (But it had nothing to do with tech levels, just sometimes the way you increased width got saved weird, and when you'd load you'd get super bizarre things like above, but instead of up/down it was sideways. lol
  10. Apart from the free starting nodes. Free nodes down the line are simply free because they are empty. I think this patch will address the last key issues, I wish I had time to test the 2M+ Stretchy issue.
  11. That's definitely going to be fixed in the next RO release. Found some typos and what not. So the new ranges will be as per the fixes suggested by Brooklyn666. The PacketResourceCosts also needed updating. They were set to ~5-30KW per packet. Considering just a small of data fits in each. D:
  12. Can't release tonight, helped out Nathan to fix the RO_RT2 file. There were quite a few typos and erroneous part names when Brooklyn666 handed it over to us. So yeah, took hours to fix. I'm done for today, just wanted to spend an hour or too, next thing you know it's 11PM. Heh... Cheers,
  13. Weird, like I said not able to reproduce with MS19c, so perhaps fixed? I updated some stuff in the plugin.
  14. 180km is the 'new' cutoff for FlyingHigh/InSpaceLow. I've tried to reproduce getting double situations, but I'm not able to. Tried around 125km like you did in your screencap, and a few stages before 180km. And it was always only 1 situation, flyinghigh. And switched to InSpaceLow at 180km. Are you running the experiment or the data recorder to get that?
  15. Those are derived in other ways. But the double situation debug output makes me very suspicious of double plugin or something. Which reminds me... I have to remove at some point... T_T
  16. Wow, ok. That's interesting. I'll check it to it right now. EDIT: Can't repro using my install for MS19c. Perhaps it's fixed? But that looks really bizarre you are able to get 2 outputs of 'current situation'. Does it do that at any height? I only get one. Make sure you don't keep the compressed archive in your game data folder. i think KSP is able to read them, and then you end up with double plugins! D: EDIT2: In any case, since MS19c is coming out tonight, just sit tight.
  17. Doing a sweep of the Antenna ranges then I'll release Hotfix MS19c.
  18. Yup, RO got updated so WAC experiment is back with RPL only. Thus MS19b doesn't have it. I can release MS19c like, 'right now' but I haven't had time to test anything. But I'm thinking this type of situation is worse. We need longer weekends or days that last longer than 24 hours. A combination of both would be ideal. EDIT: I found & fixed the stock science instrument issue. Basically squad sometimes updates the values of the scienceCap for each experiment, and the ones I had were outdated. So there we go.
  19. Wow, ok. Would you be interested in helping me test hotfixes and releases before they are posted? You seem to be sharp on finding these things. PM me if you are interested. (I'd make test plans in excel sheets so that it's not explorative as much as confirming that X & Y still work, and that the newly implemented Z works as intended. ) Cheers,
  20. Ahhh! All those values were set via the celestial body parameters, so it was done from a theoretical perspective. Although I did confirm FlyingLow on some bodies, perhaps I skipped the moon. Seems a bit unfair to have flying low generally below ground... D: That's more than flying low...
  21. Hotfix19c should nip that in the bud. But are you saying that you are able to stretch your tanks past 2M with MS19b?
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