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  1. Please stop posting 'in-character' updates to your installation problems. Not only is it not super useful and slightly confusing, but it's against the forum rules and is sort of filling up the thread. I'm more than happy to help you, but please write full sentences and try to be concise and descriptive of what problems you are experiencing. @ALL Sorry for the delays, I was basically out of commission yesterday being sick! Yay! I have some cooking to do today, but I should be able to release MS19c which addresses the bulk of the issues I see being posted. (Installation snafus aside obviously) I didn't reply to all your reports, but trust me I've read them.
  2. I'd suggest making a copy of your installation folder and moving it somewhere else on your HDD. That way Steam updates/verification won't steamroll your mods.
  3. Very strange. I'll try to repro this on the weekend, before releasing hotfix MS19c. After having performed the experiment in one career save, you start a new career and the experiments aren't there anymore? Weird.
  4. Ahhh, Are you playing with TreeLoader or Edit? If you are playing with TreeEdit, you CANNOT USE QUICKSAVE. Why? If you press F5 anywhere else than in the Research center, you save a 'blank' tree and goes back to stock if i'm not mistaken. :/
  5. Do you use MechJeb? If not, you should at least use it to get your rocket stats in the VAB. You'll need ~8000DV/s to get into orbit. The DV required is very dependent on your ascent profile, and how well you execute it. Weird, have you already performed the experiment once? I once the experiment is completed, you can't do it again. Or did you hear about the altitude changes? InSpaceLow now only starts at 180KM.
  6. DOh... thanks Nathan. Removed and yes, I meant 'real engines'. That's what happens when you post when you are 'real tired'. Go realism!
  7. If you mean having multiple 'live' tech trees. That will never happen. I am planning to have a RFTS & Real Fuels Trees, but other than that nothing is 'planned'. If you meant fragmenting everything into seperate 'mini-trees' within a single tree. That would probably start being a little messy and/or confusing. Not to mention you'd have to have enough parts for each nation to warrant a separate tree. The tree is already quite massive, and is still only a fraction of it's intended 'final' size. IE, the exploration section of the tree is stopping at Mars, and only have 3 nodes per body. Manned exploration is even more compressed/abridged right now. I'm trying my best to at the same time have a thorough but summarized installation instructions. At some point it'll become a full page post just for installation. It's a WIP but we'll get there.
  8. Since for now KSP is a 32bit program, you can only use up to ~3.5GB of ram or so. Using the texture reducer I'm getting ~3GB while in-game. If you are still having issues prune out parts you don't need. Doing that requires to be a bit familiar with .cfg files just so that you know what you are deleting.
  9. Howdy, Yup empty nodes was part of the release notes. Which I never got to update the OP with. My bad. As for the engines, yes. Isn't there a note in the node saying it's empty but to use to upgrade your engines? Might only have written that for liquid engines. D: My bad again! For the stretchy tanks, I think they aren't meant to be used but are still there to support old craft files. Is there A stretchy tank? I'm seeing other posters mentioning they can't get past 2M. But that there is one usable though. I'll be checking this out before 19c. Which is basically almost done. Probably going to cast a net out to people who'd like to be part of a small volunteer test group. That way we could nail down the obvious issues prior to releases and have less hotfixes. Cheers,
  10. Howdy, I'll do a round of testing on the sizing of tanks before releasing 19c, which addresses the bulk of the leftover issues. D: Been away for too long, too much changed, so I'm playing catch up at each turn. Cheers, - - - Updated - - - Yes, that is correct. OMS & DOUBLE OMS only for Klockheed-martin mod.
  11. At this stage worrying about balance is a bit jumping the gun. Please remind yourself that it's still in alpha stage. Meaning not everything is implemented, and what is implemented is probably not balanced or subject to change. We can't add the solar panel module to it due to the fact that it's a sphere. I'm a bit tired so I don't recall the precise reasons behind that, but it's more complicated than simply adding the module. Don't worry about the historical only focus. I'm focusing on the historical probes first, to give a basis of progression. In each tech line you'll have 'non-historical' probes and "missions". And yes, I'd love this whole tweakables thing. That was something I thought about a long time ago. Problem is writing the code for it. Or were you offering to write it? In the end you don't need to worry about 'super parts', the end goal is to homogenize everything. But one shouldn't expect a balanced experience while playing alpha versions of a mod, using countless other mods that are also in flux/evolution. We'll get there, but it'll require a bit of patience from us all.
  12. Thanks Aazard! EDIT: So, the next hotfix is sort of being delayed. But there are some good reasons! * I've implemented the antenna/dishes tech levels as per Brooklyn666's .cfg file that is included in RO. * I'm fixed some mismatches of engine tech levels. * Added RLA (RCS & Engines) * Added Space Shuttle Engines. (ONLY oms and double-oms) * Fixed more experiment issues. Data recorders being restricted at 100, when experiment costs 500, etc. I need to fiddle those new engines & RCS modules into the tree, and we'll be good to go! As soon as all the main issues are ironed out, I'll start popping out experiments to fill in the gaps! As well as start exploring how I'll be implementing photo & video experiments.
  13. Huh, So if I understand you correctly. You see them in the tree, they are researched. But you don't see them in the VAB?
  14. Not yet, but some of the probe parts not in use right now might be used for placeholder of experiments. I had 'fun' experimenting with resizing nose cones, but the later probes would require assembly which i'm not really familiar with. So I'd almost prefer to use a premade probe and have it play the role of a historical probe. (Albeit a bit weirdly shaped) But people like Frizzank are creating awesome models of the real probes, so why lamely try to fiddle with parts when those will probably be made for real down the road. We'll see! Use Tree Edit and unlock all nodes and peruse the later nodes. You can see the partnames instead of the titles. Because as you've probably noticed, you see partnames in the gamedata folders, and not the 'title'.
  15. Yeah, right now it's missing RFTS. I have a pre-release to update the engines. Not sure when he's releasing. I'll talk with him tonight most likely. Cheers,
  16. NP & KW have multiple engines that will most likely really narrow your choice engine wise. Try it out, but if you notice you are missing some engines to make the mission happen. Then you'll know you should have KW & NP. Did you try ONLY keeping the engines? Those 2 mods have so many tanks & Fairings, all of those can be removed if you are dealing with such senstive RAM issues. I have to say, with only 2GB it'll be pretty hard to make this whole package fit. I'm always around 3GB of ram being used. :/ #1 - Starts from 180km as per RSS changes. #2 - Fixed that and will release 'c' version soon. #3 - They need more power. Nope, It's intended to fake the fact that the probe was solar powered. It has enough EC to last the duration of the historical mission. Considering I'm not able to have data collected in time acceleration I'll most likely strip it down the road. Check out the part .cfg file. You'll see a // note explaining the reasoning behind the increase. Probes need EC overhaul for balance. The ones with less EC are the ones that need to be boosted.
  17. Since non atmospheric bodies have only High/Low Space situations, I cheat around it and fake FlyingHigh & FlyingLow for those bodies. So for Luna 1 impact probe, you have to perform the chemical release trail while flying low only. (Would be kind of meh if it was only lowspace... :/)
  18. Are you sending me a message indirectly there?... HMMM? So my best friend NathanKell sent me a list of new engines, so I'll update the tree again tonight to fit the new levels, etc. Nathan did bring to my attention there are a few engines I'm not supporting. I will be adding those in a later hotfix or MS20, but in some cases they are part of pretty large packs and only pick a select handful of engines. So before bringing those into the fold, I want to have the installation video up, and a separate one to explain which folders to keep, etc. I don't want to just ask people to follow separate pages of instructions, hopefully the video will be a massive crusher of any issues stemming from erroneous installs. One last sprint...
  19. Actually I didnt' fully update the OP, I'm waiting for Nathan to release the next installment of RSS & RO. Since some stuff is dependent on that. We were planning joint release on Sunday, but his stuff is leagues more complicated, so it's been experiencing delays. Shoon!
  20. Yes, I've now fixed that error. Going to release a patch soon. With a little bonus.
  21. A ha! Found a bunch of little mistakes here and there, I'll release MS19b-Part Deux, in sync with Nathan's RSS & RO. So that people don't wonder why there are 2 WACs and what not. Cheers,
  22. OK, well there is a way to save massive amounts of ram. Number of being getting Boulder Co's Active Memory manager or something like that. It compresses textures and saves a LOT of ram. The next thing you need to do, but this requires a tiny bit of skill. If you look in Novapunch & KW Rocketry folders, delete any fuel tanks. Same goes for pretty much any and all fuel tanks for AIES, FASA, or even some Stock ones. Using Stretchy SRB you don't really need fuel tanks anymore. Plus it'll clean up your VAB like you have no idea. Again, don't just delete random things, make sure you know what you are deleting. The hotfix took longer than anticipated, so I wasn't able to make videos this weekend. But I'll a full installation video from A to Z. Ninjad on my on thread... T_T
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