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  1. Excellent! Returning to KSP after some time away, good guide to the latest and greatest.
  2. I suspect it's exactly this. Easier to garner political will to fund incremental missions than one big commitment up front.
  3. solar activated membrane ion pumps that can confer large scale hyperpolarization, achieving an ion-thruster like condition. Or maybe it simply farts in the opposite direction of where it wants to go.
  4. Confirm, I attended the Mars Society conference a couple years ago where a NASA planetary scientist said just that. Robot will collect samples and store them to give humans more time to argue about how to send a later human/robot mission to retrieve them.
  5. As long as the resurrection tank doesn't break.
  6. Agreed. This is what phasing and docking look like to me these days
  7. Which step are you having trouble with? The tutorial isn't as bad as Plusck makes it seem. There are a couple areas where the tutorial could use improvement, but otherwise I got within 3 km following the instructions no problem. Anytime you start moving away from the ship, burn retrograde (green X) to cancel relative velocity, then burn Pro-Target (pink circle) to move towards the ship again. You can use main engines or RCS as the tutorial says. There are more optimal ways to do this, but it works. Hit the brakes, then reorient and thrust. The tutorial says to use the Chase camera for final approach, this is wrong AFAIK. The Locked camera in recent versions of KSP is what the chase camera used to be, it is much easier to line up the ship correctly in Locked. Use SAS to keep your ship pointed toward Pro-Target (pink circle) while you use lateral thrusters to close in and dock.
  8. I agree with this. OP, perhaps another way to think of this is to determine the ratio of launch mass (or stage mass) to delta V for real rockets and Kerbal rockets. After all, rocket capabilities are usually described as the mass of payload they can deliver to specific orbits (LEO, MEO, GTO, etc.) - the deltaV requirements of those orbits are pretty well known.
  9. Yeah this.I would love for Realism Overhaul to be its own game. Orbiter 2016 is scratching that itch for now. Edit: a stock functional MFD system in the cockpit view would do wonders for KSP.
  10. Likewise, with a clean install and only a couple part mods everything is running great.
  11. Dres base at the mouth of the canyon. Kerbin Return Vehicles are backordered so this will be home for awhile.
  12. That looks crazy good. I've been looking for a good parts mod like that.