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  1. tbh the biggest barrier I have encountered in gravity assist are the small imprecisions built into KSP (possibly due to floating point errors?)
  2. This all seems like a very detailed explanation as to why the RAPIER is, in fact, a pretty well-balanced engine when considering the rest of the game..
  3. I've been waiting for this exact hotfix (plus the docking port bug/craft assembly bug but I'm guessing it's a more challenging fix). I will be buying the DLC today, thanks x a million to the devs for their work
  4. They're also helping inform purchase decisions, so I would argue they're not doing anyone a disservce, and quite teh opposite
  5. I certainly don't doubt what you're saying is true, but the more reasonable explanation here would be that the forum-going Squad staff (devs, community managers) are not involved in the business/pricing decisions
  6. this is why I'm holding off on a purchase, like all major KSP updates I'm gonna assume at least one hotfix, maybe two, are on the way
  7. There's no way that's true. Steam can't just sell games for whatever price they feel like whenever they want, unless that was specifically agreed to by the publisher. Retailers actually don't usually get to set their own prices unilaterally, they normally enter into an agreement with the product's manufacturer/label that rather strictly delineates the kind of pricing they can set and under what circumstances, etc.
  8. are the robotic parts (esp. hinges and rotors) re-entry capable in terms of heat tolerance?
  9. Oh OK that must be why SQUAD keeps trying to fix it, because it definitely isn't broken and everyone except the great jwenting has no idea how to build a craft Why wouldn't the fix apply to the existing craft?
  10. I might need to jump on this once I figure out how to set it up correctly It sounds like in that case you need to get better at the game.
  11. tbh I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm concerned because landing gears, while better, still are pretty broken, and at least superficially the pistons I would guess operate with similar physics. I'm also a bit disappointed that the surface modules very likely can only make use of dedicated surface power generators, which kind of feels like a lost opportunity to use existing electrical parts.
  12. I think maybe the thought was a motorized hinge may have a part action the free pivot, sort of how we can free pivot the klaw before locking it back down.
  13. Honestly KSP is an astounding piece of software. That you can cobble together a flappy wing thing and the game just "understands" how it's supposed to behave... Amazing.