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  1. Wow, thank you very much. It's not exactly what I'm looking for, but it works very well.
  2. Is there any mod for reverse the control surfaces with Action Group, change their deflections and Inactive them? After entering a planet with an atmosphere, when I retrograde my vehicle control surfaces working reverse. At least, I need to Inactive them. I cannot Inactive them with just clicking. There's no time to do that and they are (control surfaces) more then 6 (mostly 8 to 14).
  3. Merhabalar. 0.21'den beri KSP oynuyorum ve 800 saat'e yaklaştı =) Steamden eklemek isterseniz: chickenouz
  4. Merhabalar herkese =) 0.21'den beri KSP'deyim. Kendimi bildim bileli Havacılık ve Uzay'a obsesiflik derecesinde bağlı bir insan olduğum için KSP ile de aynı obsesifliği sürdürüyorum. Son zamanlarda Türkiye'de KSP'ye olan ilgide artış mı var yoksa bana mı öyle geliyor? Steam'den isteyen ekleyebilir: chickenouz
  5. Hi, great work! And sorry for my bad English =) ...and one more sorry for off-topic question: I have a question about this lander. I see it on "The Path to Mars: Boeing Leading Charge in Deep Space Mission" video and i love it! But i can't find its name Its looking Altair Lander, but more lovely =) Can you help me?
  6. Sorry for bad english; I love this mod. Do you have planing for procedural command module? Can be great. And i have same problem with tweak scale now. I think, i must wait for update =) Thanks =)
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