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  1. Good find! Works for me. I'm on a Mac and even in 0.22 had problems left clicking on a crew hatch. Very (VERY) seldom worked for me. In 0.23, never worked but wasn't crucial until i got Bill & Bob stuck inside the lab in orbit. Finally managed to get a rescue mission sorted with your workaround supplying the secret sauce. Nice one.
  2. In a similar vein (without wishing to hijack the thread!), I've just returned Jeb from the Mun with a science lab. When I used the lab I was granted 100 sciences in addition to all the other stuff, reports etc. Just before landing back on Kerbin I reset the lab to close the doors in case they were ripped off in re-entry. On recovering the ship (capsule +Lab) I only got 65 sciences. I had saved the data from the Mun research. Did I lose it because of closing the doors (re-setting the lab module?)
  3. Follow up question: I've just landed Jeb on the Mun, with the science lab, complied a report etc and got 100 sciences from the lab. Did a few EVA reports etc plus on-orbit reports for a total of 165 sciences Returned to Kerbin intact but after recovering the craft only ended up with less than 100 sciences, mainly from the recovering of the craft. Prior to re-entry I "reset" the lab to close the doors (in case they were ripped of in re-entry). Does this wipe out the lab science? even though Id saved the report?