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  1. The greenhouse is located under the lifesupport subsk
  2. Thanks I created .cfg files before just wanted Toto make sure I put it in the right folder Whoop!!! congrats Nils and KPBS in reaching 100 pages
  3. Nils I know you are busy, but if you have time for a request can we get a sickbay and a structural part to ensure we can make symmetrical bases. thanks
  4. Actuall it was Nils the,pbs author who caught it
  5. There seems to be an issue between the new module manager and kerbalism
  6. I will try regressing MM. thx for the great work you do
  7. Nils KPBS update broke Kerbalism. KKOS.Recycler and FUR Gas tanks disappeared (so a craft wont load). Reverted to previous KPBS version and works fine. I am running two versions of the game one with USI-LS, KPBS, and FUR with no issues, the other one with Kerbalism, KPBS, and FUR and had no issues until the KPBS update. Found this in the log [LOG 2019-51-24 23:51:40.405] Deleting root node in file KerbetrotterLtd/FelineUtilityRover/Parts/Mods/LifeSupport/AttachableGasTank node: PART:NEEDS[Kerbalism&ProfileDefault] as it can't satisfy its NEEDS [LOG 2019-51-24 23:51:40.453] Deleting root node in file PlanetaryBaseInc/ModSupport/Configs/Kerbalism/Profiles/KPBS_MM_Kerbalism_Default node: @PART[KKAOSS_USI_Recicler_g]:NEEDS[Kerbalism&ProfileDefault] as it can't satisfy its NEEDS I can send full log if needed rafael
  8. Sickbay not working in sandbox
  9. Manual install The problem i have is not locked part, rather the stuttering described previously.
  10. I can confirm the behavior
  11. Is there a way to get sickbay to work when playing sandbox?