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  1. guys i bought ksp in 2012 for $18 i would be literally be buying the game again for $15 give or take $3 v.16
  2. i have been playing 1.4 unmodded for a couple of days and have noticed some bugs but here are the ones I have found most difficult to deal with. 1. EVA movement if you try to run or start moving a long distance more than 3 seconds with the key pressed down it will glitch and give a weird animation no photo as of yet. mainly because of a confederate flag on the EVA suit, Flag, spacecraft, etc. don't want to start ww3 no more questions about the flag. 2. EVA parachutes when it says level 3 to get them it lied I started a carrer mode with xp leveling on and jeb is a level 2 and he somehow has a parachute. 3. one time on eva after bailing out of a mk1 command pod with my data after landing in the water it said that it couldn't recover because I was still on a ladder which I wasn't I could still swim have to repeat this. that is all for right now I would have posted this on the bug tracker but its not up or I couldn't find it computer specs ksp 1.4 64bit windows 10 64bit i7-3000 something intel graphics 4000 8 gb ram
  3. hey @CobaltWolf i don't know if this is the right place to put this but Ive been having some trouble with the mod for the 1.3.1 version x86 English windows its been causing some access violation in the game itself and the mono.dll @ 0023:100704db and it seems to be just your mod and i thought it might have some conflicts with the chaka monkey mod but i removed it and still nothing and it only does it when its done loading the game. anyway just tell me if you need the full log
  4. my game crashed during loading after it finished windows 10 x64 using the x86 version of KSP ENGLISH i7 up to 3.4 ghz, quad core, 8 gb ram, i have the following mods chaka monkey orion mtv mod kis/kas blue dog design historical rockets scan sat raster prop monitor and the log: Log moved to pastebin by friendly moderator: Link
  5. OK i knew they were trig functions but i had no idea what they did or how to use them i have a TI-84 for this do i have to use sin(O*H) or what and you saying if i have two sides and do the inverse i can get an angle with ARCTAN yes i have seen the Tan -1 an sin -1 on my calculator and just to ask if their is a more simpler explanation for these cause i kind of get the ratio between two sides but other than that i am totally lost like the inverse i know that has to deal with the opposite regression or something like that. but functions i get them but the explanation of what they are or how to explain them is way beyond me. i took algebra 1 but other than that i have no clue.
  6. OK so i have been looking for a way to mathematically figure out how to rendezvous with anther spacecraft with out using the map as a challenge and i have been reading on Wikipedia on orbital rendezvous, and i think i have come to an partial understanding of it but i am not sure. so here is what i know that i have to do. first i have to go either higher or lower than the target, phasing orbits, and then at a certain moment i have to speed up to catch up with the target when in a matching intersection, and then after the burn i have to point retrograde on target mode on navball and fire at closest approach when i get to the separation distance. now here is the article that i have been reading and i partially understand it except for the ARC-TAN, SINE, TAN. so its just the arc tan, sine and tan that get me off cause i have no idea what they are
  7. hey guys sorry for not posting lately I haven't really had much time but I have good news and well I don't know about any bad news. the good news: Getting a new MIG/Flux welder from harbor freight. (3-4 weeks) as I have mention before I have many tools and I needed a welder for basic metal applications and that way I can start on some parts for my engine but I have been away from this thread because I haven't had any time so I haven't read any thing yet but I will soon get back on track. still looking for a job btw and it doesn't seem to be going well.
  8. if the textures for the old parts are still in the game this is just hypothetical but could you go into the game files and find the parts themselves?
  9. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE RELEASED!!! Finally stuff I have been asking for for ages since 2012. Yay New content!!!!!!
  10. I usually try to respond during 8-15 during 1st,lunch,3rd,and 4th and if I'm home I try to respond but I am usually busy at home. and for the past 3 day our 2ed block teacher has been absent and so I think she may be out for the week so we have ben just doing whatever
  11. For the helium balloon did it pop when it hit this altitude and low presure
  12. I had also had the concept of using a ballon and a video camera plus a parachute with gps locator I have been looking into kno3 and sugar mix but I would be helpful to list some more suggestions for rocket fuel
  13. Well gas I only need about 60 a month and I should be making 400 a month at 7.25 an hour 4 hours a day 5 days a week . Minus taxes do the math about a good 300