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  1. im getting extreme amounts of z-fighting in the latest release even when physics range is only set to 20km is there any fix or do i just have to start deleting clutter and unused vessels covering my ksc?
  2. removed kerbal konstructs and reinstalled some mods, seems to work fine now
  3. version 1.4.2 bda version 1.2 the pink lines are debug aiming lines in the bdarmory options
  4. the howitzers have a bug for me, for some reason the bullets stay in mid air my mod list is pretty big so it may be something there vesselmover take command infernal robotics hullcam vds kerbal foundaries thoose are the only ones that should interfere with bdarmory and the rest are just visual mods
  5. i use the the dlc parts but not for my replica crafts (i know that sounds counter intuitive)
  6. thanks, i rarely go outside kerbins sphere of influence so i dont know what duna used to look like but i do miss the lake between the mountains and the ksc (i got the game in version 0.17)
  7. anyone remember this? well i was just wondering for curiosity's sake where this might have been filmed. a picture on the map screen would be preferred but anything will do.
  8. do addons like north kerbin dynamics work with the new version?
  9. will someone please start getting rid of all these "1.4? it donte work" im getting tired of thinking there is actually something important on this thread when i get a notification. isnt it a breach of forum rules anyway?
  10. AtleSt

    What happened to the shadows?

    i get that it helps performance but i have a gtx 1060 so its just sad i don't get to use that power to the fullest extent, squad should just have the default at a low number. sadly shadow cascades doesn't go over 4 even if i mess with the settings file, hopefully someone finds a way to circumnavigate this
  11. you used to be able to set shadow cascades to 64 and the shadows would be high res even at far distances but now the shadows are blurry until i come right up in their face, why they do dis?
  12. i know it's more work to make lod models, the lazy method would be to just use the decimate modifier in blender. if the remastered kerbinside models are better optimized i guess my question is a bit void but thanks for the answer anyways
  13. I've had some problems with fps in kerbal konstructs sometimes and therefore im wondering how easy it is to integrate lod* models in ksp because i cant stand the way that it is just either max quality or culled, i could see some problems with collision of you have PRE but it would greatly help with performance if more modders used lods* *L O D level of detail, used in game development to reduce amount of polygons on screen while keeping the visuals essentially the same
  14. yeah i know, having a 4k monitor is great and all but some unity games just don't work right
  15. for some reason when i alt tab my game res bumps up to 4k which is an fps nightmare so this mod is great