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  1. ok thanks. honestly i would much rather make separate low poly mesh colliders instead of using primitives. i just wanted to know if i could get working colliders without having to open unity(ugh).
  2. Hey, i just started making my own statics, but it seems to be impossible to have concave colliders. how do i make colliders for my statics? also btw i looked around for a while and there is almost no documentation on the creation of the models them self, if someone could link me anything or explain the process i would be very grateful.
  3. I have som modelling skills and i have been looking into some of the beta content of kerbin city, if anyone wants to organize anything just PM me (i check this forum almost daily) beta image imgur gallery: https://imgur.com/a/GcL2iXw
  4. i just watched the announcement and it felt unreal, i never expected this to be happening but i am incredibly happy that it is.
  5. i really hope the random texture stretching bug gets fixed too
  6. there was a devlog where they said they were going to rework it and ad it in 1.1, but that never happened. i've never actually seen a squad member respond to anything about the tier 0 buildings so i assume they are trying to put it behind them.
  7. its 1.5 i guess it is in the advanced tweakables, which for some reason wasn't turned on. and yeah i know its timewarping that is at fault, but once this thing gets started it never stops
  8. why has my sr71 suddenly become a wannabe lowrider?
  9. what mod are you guys using to get that metalic sheen on everything, i installed textures unlimited but that did nothing
  10. i used to do this (((stock))) and some others from my time did too, i kinda lost my love for ksp and then my oldest thread vanished. one other big one was mulbin, but none of his photos remain so they are probably gone forever. i will take a guess and say there are many people who still do this, i just think that people don't care as much about sharing it anymore.
  11. I've been spending my day in blender (for some unknown reason) and i decided i wanted to test out my fire materials. so i made this short little vid (horrible quality btw, rendering this stuff takes time). im thinking about making it more kerbal themed with images of kerbals in the background and some kerbal noises, and then i'll properly render it in 1080p anyways i want feedback and pointers for the kerbal aesthetic and if someone could link me to a nice sounding rocket test fire and the sound of a kerbal screaming that would be appreciated
  12. im confused, in the description you keep talking about a bdarmory expansion, but if my 5 mins of googling is right that means you never made it, you should update the post or clearify what this bdarmory expansion thing is or was
  13. yeah, the fokker dr.I weighs roughly 0.4 tons in real life, but i cant get it under 3 tons in ksp since most parts are made of metal in game, and cloth would probably be hard to implement.
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