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  1. Kerbal Cities Pack

    the cities seem a bit too high density, could you maybe focus larger buildings to the center and have small buildings and houses around the outer part of the city
  2. 1.3? i wonder because the enemies don't work unless im inside a 300m radius of them, when i go outside that they freeze in mid air.
  3. and if there is please link.
  4. still not working for some reason i only see circles with minus signs in the middle, could this be a personal issue?
  5. Kerbal Cities Pack

    sorry but what's with the lack of news and updates?
  6. pictures are not working pls fix
  7. thanks for doing your best, i know modding hard so i wish you luck!
  8. when i downloaded this water lost its physics, i still get crushed if i go to deep but nothing floats anymore.
  9. P.E.W (A BDArmory Addon)Reactivated Development

    @LORDPrometheus if you need any help modelling i have a lot of free time.
  10. is this the expirimental version of scatterer or the normal version?
  11. the part i a city i made and turned into a .mu through unity this is the config config.cfg name = Cityobject mesh = module = Part category = none author = AtleSt static = true scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 1 cost = 0 subcategory = 0 title = City manufacturer = Atle Konstruction description = try not to fly into any buildings attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 mass = 1 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 1 minimum_drag = 1 angularDrag = 1 crashToLerance = 1 maxTemp = 1 breakingForce = 1 breakingTorque = 1