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  1. Oh crap! No! That's it. Feel so stupid . Thanks!
  2. Hey RoverDude, Enjoying your excellent mods, thanks for making those! Have a question about Life Support though. My Kerbals seem to be OK as far as life support goes but they are refusing to work. See the screenshot below. What am I doing wrong here? Hope you can help me out! Cheers, Stealth
  3. Thanks Mats! I've been testing the AI and it performs very nicely. The problem for contracts is that I need a steady take off surface for automated aircraft. They need to take off on autopilot and engage player aircraft (have guard mode active). Once I find out how to do that without manually having them take off it's going to be a nice mission
  4. Hey Volwen, I've started working on a contrack pack of my own to complement yours. Have you managed to get newly spawned craft to have their guard mode activated automatically? If yes, how do you specify this in the mission or the craft file? Cheers, Stealth
  5. Hey BahamutoD, Thanks very much for making this awesome mod pack! I've had a lot of fun with it . I'm going to build my own contract pack with more missions for people to enjoy and I have some questions: 1. Does the AI use the (tracking) radars to fire missiles? 2. Does the AI use the datalinks to share information? 3. How do I implement above points into a contract? 4. How do I make sure that Guard Mode is on when a craft is spawned in as a target for a mission? Hope you can help me out Cheers, Stealth
  6. Thanks for all the quick replies! I've managed to get it working. This is going to take a lot of learning and experimenting
  7. Hey all, I've taken my first tiny steps in trying to create some contracts. Mostly I'm basing these off of Kerbin of Fire contracts to see how I should I write them. Ran into an issue: I have created a contract group and 1 contract. The contract group shows up in the Configurator, the contract itself doesn't. What am I doing wrong? Here are the files: I would really appreciat any help you could offer!
  8. Hey Volwen, Enjoying this mission pack a lot! Thanks for making it. One thing I noticed though: the ground targets at the airstrip and the "destroy this camp to the north" had their weapons managers disarmed. The moment I turned them on manually they started firing at m units right away, but up until that time I had encountered no resistance. Is this something I need to enable manually for every emplacement or is it something you can change in the global settings for your mod?
  9. Hey! Been following this mod for a while now and just wanted to say that I'm very happy and so grateful that you guys are putting so much work into it. Thanks so much for that!
  10. Thanks very much for looking into it for me . I'll be sure to contact the mod creators.
  11. Hi all, I'm getting a crash every couple minutes. Not sure why, because I'm not out of memory. KSP Version: 0.90 Mods I'm using: Asteroid Recycling Technologies Community Resource Pack Deadly Reentry Orbital Science Firespitter KAS Kerbal Aircraft Extension Infernal Robotics Mechjeb Dockingport alignment StageRecovery Station Science Texture replacer TAC Life Support Karbonite Karbonite+ Kolonization pack Exploration pack All mods are up to date. Here's the link to crash log: Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers, Stealth
  12. @Thourion: Thanks! I did a vanilla install with only Mechjeb installed and it works now. I can finally get things moving again .
  13. Hey Sarbian, I've tried both the Dev version and the main version but can't get either to work. I'm not using any incompatible mods. How could I get it working? Cheers, Stealth