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  1. 1 hour ago, comeonnow said:

    It's clear that's what people who are complaining want - they want to play the game 2 weeks early.  They don't want to hunt down and report bugs.  These same people, if they were on steam, would be on the forums a week into the opt-in beta posting screenshots and bragging about playing 1.1 instead of filing bug reports.  They want to misuse the system for their own desires.  And because they can't do that, something like jealousy is causing them to lash out in hopes of stopping the opt-in entirely - assuming incorrectly that everyone else is just like them and wants to join the opt-in beta for personal gratification rather than actually hunt for bugs and help Squad out.

    The devs shouldn't cave in to this pressure, the idea to crowd source the last leg of bug testing will almost certainly result in a better release.

    That's a incredible amount of assumptions and generalisations you managed to post there... Please don't speak on behalf of a diverse group of people that only share that they bought KSP from the store instead of steam and are passionate about the game.

    I bought KSP from the store (since I wanted to support the devs) and have no problem waiting two weeks to see how 1.1 will look like. On the other hand, I am sad I don't have the opportunity to help Squad in improving the game I love so much... Contributing to this beta would've given me the feeling that I took a (minuscule) part in actual KSP development, so can I fully understand that some of my peers are quite sad/passionate/vocal about being excluded.

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