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  1. Since multiplayer will be a thing in KSP2, there's gonna be a framework for flying multiple craft together independently. I was wondering if this framework can be abused to automate missions in singleplayer KSP2. Please hear me out: I would love to set up automatic resupply, maintenance or crew rotation missions, either by programming them from scratch or flying and logging the actual mission first, which will then be used as a template for the automated mission. Plan a date and time and a number of periodic iterations for that mission afterward, and watch your space program actually come
  2. Thanks for clearing that up! I was under the impression that the vanilla EVA space suits were orange as well... false memory is a pain.
  3. So Jeb, Bill, Bob and Val all have an orange suit on when they go out on EVA (without making history or breaking ground)?
  4. Can anyone get the 4 veteran kerbals to wear their orange suits on EVA? I'm trying in a vanilla (stock, no DLC) 1.7.3, but can't get it to work. They do have their orange suits on in IVA, but they turn white as soon as they exit the craft. Wandering if it's on my end or a bug... Let me know in case I need to file one.
  5. I share your concerns. In the end, I would imagine that that the producer would prefer a short return of investment of the intellectual property they bought, so building upon the same framework as the original with a little bit more features and better aesthetics is the quickest time to market. Will that ultimately lead to substantially better gameplay than building a dedicated game engine from the ground up? I'm skeptical, but love to be proven wrong. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the plenitude of unfounded assumptions about this matter and everything else concerning KSP2. L
  6. What do we know though? I haven't seen any VAB or SPH videos or pics. If you'd purely base it on what we know from KSP2, then rockets will be built over time on the launchpad* (check out 01:13 of the launch trailer): *Obviously not saying it will, just be careful with the assumptions. I'm sure we'll get more info over the next couple of weeks
  7. Apologies, I didn't explain that very clearly. I meant that the classic Kerbol system will still be the default start. But hopefully Star Theory will give veteran players the option to start in a different solar system, on a larger home planet (3x-6.4x Kerbin).
  8. Despite all my skepticism deep down I'm hoping that the devs know this, and have designed an alternative starting planet/system for players who wear their big boy space suit pants.
  9. It seems that folks at Star*Theory have finally implemented n-body physics in KSP2. They didn't take into account that the Kerbolar system is quite unstable, however, so when they took their fancy new interstellar spaceship for a 100,000 ly spin around the galactic neighborhood, they returned home just in time to see Duna being ejected from the system at a high inclination over Kerbol after a 455-hole gravity assist from Jool. Pretty straightforward if you ask me.
  10. From the IGN interview video, it seems like planetary body shine is included (youtube link). Specific part type explosions explodiness is mentioned at the same time in the video, ain't that handy? No more Kraken? From the top of my head, I'd like to add a couple of suggestions myself as a 2000<=KSPlaytime<=4000 h player: Cosmetic enhancements: footsteps, vehicle trails, kicked up dust. nuff said condensation trails, mach effects. Would be nice to have for immersion chatter. Kerbals communicate(?) in the trailers and have com arrays... we should
  11. The first activity on the KSP2 Steam page was in September 2018 (can't seem to find that actual page info anymore though). EDIT: found it, thanks to @Bombaatu! My somewhat educated guess is that KSP2 development started shortly after Take Two bought the rights from Squad around May 2017.
  12. I'm not one to hype on moving vehicles, but I'll buy a ticket for this ride though! How our destination will look like, no-one knows. But we're set to arrive in spring 2020!!! (source, last sentence of the article)
  13. There's gold to be found in that there article. Not least: " Kerbal Space Program 2 is due out on Steam in spring 2020. " "Touting an improved terrain system, Star Theory wants players to feel like every location is special in some way. "We really want each location to feel like a unique discovery that you'd feel like screenshotting and sharing with people, and—if it's an interesting spot—maybe other people would also attempt to find that place in their local games," says Simpson. "I'm pretty excited about the results we've been getting out of that system. And there are
  14. These 2 images from the steam page of KSP2 make me particularly excited, it really looks like infrastructure/processing is going to be a thing, and I especially like the grimy industrial feeling of the second pic: N.B. looks like these pics are from in-game footage, could be wrong though. EDIT: it also looks like robotics are included based on the rotating habitation ring in the trailer
  15. Fantastic news and amazing trailer, well done Private Division, Star Theory and Squad! I'm also cautiously optimistic, it looks like the devs are tackling a lot of the issues KSP has. Here's to interesting interactive planets, a proper career mode with time based mechanics and meaningful orbital and planetary infrastructure, and a science system that is based around understanding the solar system/universe, instead of unlocking tech! Very excited!
  16. KSP 1.0 should have been named 0.91... or at the very least "KSP 1.0: Should've done beta" I personally use geome instead of biome as well. We suggested it when 'biomes' were introduced, but alas, it fell on deaf ears.
  17. Hey thanks! I didn't want want to jump on the "this should've been stock since release" band wagon either, but here we are. While I understand the frustration associated with save-breaking updates, this should never withhold any developer from improving their product. There's been multiple KSP versions in the past that messed up existing saves in varying degrees, yet the devs pushed their updates, and the game is getting better and better... Planets are still as boring as watching paint dry in a non-vacuum environment, might as well rip off that band aid quickly since they're overhauli
  18. One comment: 1. Awesome! And a couple of questions: 1. Is there going be kicked up dust from walking and driving? My rockets and planes kick up dust, so why not let Kerbals and rovers do the same. 2. Are there going to be footprints and vehicle trails? 3. Are the planet heightmaps finally getting an update as well? The geography and planetary features of most planets and moons are still very bland... 4. Are there plans to include a wheel size that fits between the fairly small TR-2L and the huge XL3 wheels?
  19. This thread's been pretty quiet lately... We can't have that! I finished a couple of stock/vanilla SSTOs recently (apart from visual mods). First up is the "Riptide" class transport SSTO, which can bring a 4.5t payload to 100x100km orbit: Then there's the "Vortex" class VTOL SSTO, a two seater that can land on the VAB, then reach 70x70km orbit, and land back on top of the VAB again: Grab your copy from KerbalX if you want to take either craft for a spin, you can also find the flight instructions there.
  20. Congrats on page 2000 team KSP forum! But let's never forget at which cost this came. It was the beginning of 2014, ah yes, I remember it like it was yesterday... "What did you do in KSP today" was the new kid on the block in the General Discussion subforum, where it was in direct competition with the more mature "Show off your awesome KSP pictures" thread, originally started by Capt'n Skunky. Because there were too many stickies in GD, the mods decided to move SOYAKP to KSP Fanworks, much to the confusion of the community. The community valiantly tried to get SOYAKP moved back to it
  21. Today I landed my new vanilla VTOL SSTO on the VAB to pick up Bob, then took him to orbit, and landed back on the VAB to drop him off again all without refueling (surprisingly it only took two quickloads to get the landing right, the Kraken be praised)
  22. They're still in-game, but a lot smaller so they match the size of the electric soccer balls recently discovered by Hubble.
  23. True that! Still, your expeditions will be shorter one way or the other
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