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  1. The hardest thing is the tedious science grinding
  2. As things are now, many people are spamming/grinding to get research points which IMO is even more of an exploit and considerably less fun than setting up the infrastructure and performing science over time. In another thread I posted some suggestions on how time-warp abuse can be reduced: - Science over time (SoT) would exist alongside the current 'direct' acquired science system - SoT science points would be acquired at long intervals, possibly with diminishing returns per experiment (or alternatively, increased returns over ever longer time frames) - SoT modules would require some tech, s
  3. I think science over time would be great for several reasons: - Stimulation of long-term missions - Functional orbital research stations and satellites - Functional rovers and surface research stations - Incentive for Kerbal infrastructure throughout the Kerbolar system - It more closely represents how actual science is gathered, which is nice (even for a game) The on-site research laboratories could run continuous experiments, as well as analyse/process data acquired from the current science sampling equipment which then can be sent back to Kerbin (maybe at 80% of the max scientific value, s
  4. The ascent autopilot, landing guidance and spaceplane guidance don't unlock untill you've researched tier 7 "Unmanned Tech". The rendezvouz autopilot and rendezvous, docking guidance are unlocked at tier 8 "Advanced Unmanned Tech". Hope this helps, with a bit of luck they'll add it to the in-game description in the next version.
  5. Great thanks mate! I was under the impression that all items were allocated under the default tech tree nodes... Didn't realise Bac9 added nodes. Back sciencing!
  6. There's an Aerospace Tech node ? Is that what it is actually called cause I can't find it (nor does the ksp wiki have it... B9 specific?). Here is an image of what I have researched. Could you point out in which node I can find the M27 (for instance last tier, 5th from the top). Cheers mate!
  7. Great update Bac9, I'm loving the tech integration! I do have a question though, in career mode when does the M27 cockpit unlock? I've nearly completed all tech and can't seem to find it in the remaining to be researched nodes. The M27 is available in sandbox mode. Apologies if this question has been asked before, I quickly glanced through the last pages but couldn't find anything.
  8. That's an amazing design huggy! Love the functional aesthetics, well done!!!
  9. I couldn't tick any due to lack of options... I suggest you include Kerbin
  10. That would be one huge node unit... please give us some plane parts from the (early) start B9 team, it'd make sense and allow for some more interesting choices to start a career Big fan of your work and am sure I'll like whatever you come up with. Cheerio pip pip
  11. Squad couldn't implement this due to economic constraints. In the meantime:
  12. ... will be preceded by a lot of assumptions of what 0.22 will be.
  13. Always: - SSTO where possible - Recover parts of non-SSTO's - Aesthetics before efficiency - Click EVA instead of IVA (applied mostly involuntarily) - Lose at least 1 Kerbal unit during IVA (see previous point) Never: - Worry too much about abusing air-spam tech - Run out of power
  14. For KissShot's non-refuel, orbit, de-orbit, VAB helipad landing challenge: This VTOL SSTO orbiter is based on NASA's DC-X reusable launch vehicle and MeticulousMitch's StaboJet VTOL design, so no funky loss of control during flame-out. Reaching a stable orbit is a breeze (*cough* air-spam tech), control during touchdown is quite tricky to say the least... as a result landing on the helipad from orbit took a more than a couple of Kerbals attempts... Mods used: B9
  15. Niiiiiiice, like all your VTOLs! The description is fantastic as well... downloading now.
  16. Thank you so much for this game Squad! There's nothing quite like designing an intricate craft and strapping it onto tons of explosives in an attempt to explore the distant hollows of the Kerbolar system. Can't wait for R&D, all the best and keep up the good work!
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