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  1. You can trim your forward movement (default Mod + W) for autowalking. Scratch that, just checked, doesn't work. Could've sworn I used that trick before, but maybe I used it on rovers instead or had an autohotkey assigned or something At least you can use ALT + > to increase physical warp when you're walking/running, so your expeditions by foot won't take as long.
  2. Thanks for the craft file @Klapaucius. In KSP 1.7.1, I could reproduce the wing flexing behaviour as you reported in the OP. No flexing in 1.6.1 or 1.7.0, so it seems this issue was introduced in 1.7.1. There was no mention of any autostrut adjustments in the changelog (see below), so it seems to be a bug. I've upvoted the associated report on the bugtracker that was linked earlier in this thread. Then again, it might be a separate issue, as 5thHM said he experienced bug #22733 prior to 1.7.1. Edit: nevermind, read that wrong. @JPLRepo, any idea on what's going on?
  3. Do you experience the wing flexing behaviour in 1.7.0 as well? Still on 1.6.1 myself.
  4. Are programmable time-delays part of the extended action group options? Those would be very handy!
  5. Cool. Couple of questions: - In the video, it says 'embark on critical research missions'. Could you tell us what's 'critical' about them? - What actual new gameplay features are implemented in exploration and performing science, or is it still a click fest with moving around a bit more and waiting a bit more? - Are there any new kerbal animations, for example for collecting surface samples? I'm a bit confused since it seems there was a scene cut in the video just before the kerbal was about to collect a rock, but the flag planting animation which we all know about was full
  6. Sweet! Now we won't have worry about wearing out the "G" key anymore (not my vid):
  7. Seems about right. From the PC Gamer article on Breaking Ground: Your rover's arms aren't the only fancy bit of robotic kit that you'll be able to take advantage of. Robotic hinges, pistons, rotors and rotational servos can be stuck onto spaceships, each of them with simulated physics affected things like force, torque and power consumption. These components and other parts of your ship can also be controlled via the new robotic controller system, which lets you coordinate their behaviour. Sure, I get it... On the plus side, if you feel it's unfair to pay $/€ 15 for an expansion
  8. Excellent post, summarizes all my concerns perfectly, +1 (once I'm allowed to again). Since the whole rushed beta and "1.0" release of KSP, the tax evasion scheme and the dev mass exodus, I've been quite skeptical of Squad (the marketing company). Now that Squad (the KSP development branch) is under the umbrella of Private Division, it seems take to the concerns and suggestions of the playerbase on board again, quite reminiscent of 2012-2013. Unless Breaking Ground turns out to be seriously underwhelming/buggy, I'll buy this DLC just to reward the devs for listening to the community (and
  9. There's a new controller system, which allows you to coordinate robotic movement. From the PC Gamer article on Breaking Ground: "Your rover's arms aren't the only fancy bit of robotic kit that you'll be able to take advantage of. Robotic hinges, pistons, rotors and rotational servos can be stuck onto spaceships, each of them with simulated physics affected things like force, torque and power consumption. These components and other parts of your ship can also be controlled via the new robotic controller system, which lets you coordinate their behaviour." @Maxsimal @UomoCapra, I take i
  10. Unfortunately it is a very common problem as mentioned by everyone above. There's definitively a fix/workaround for most of the causes, if you don't mind posting your craft file I can have a look at it.
  11. Cool thanks, should prolly look into activating those notifications again. Still, I don't think a bit of communication here would hurt the bug squashing process, as it will keep the community more active (I know it would for me at least).
  12. @SQUAD looks like you put some effort in squashing a number of bugs in 1.7.0, great stuff! You might want to remind users who filed bug reports to check if any relevant issues have been fixed successfully. Notify them in this topic for example... just a friendly suggestion.
  13. I finished another stock transport SSTO spaceplane. This one takes 4.5t to 100x100km LKO with ~260 m/s delta-v to spare. Grab your copy on KerbalX here (stock version, without aviation lights) Full album here
  14. Good to hear! I figured since you explicitly asked us to communicate the urgency/internet popularity of the bugs in your game, you'd be anxious to give us some feedback... you know, to give your playerbase the slightest of inklings that the free time they devoted to fix your product isn't completely wasted. Thanks! Who knew spending hours at an end of my free time meticulously going through bugs and design flaws, lodging files and writing detailed reports whilst being told that stuff's "working as designed" would be something people pay money for??? I'll make sure to provide my bank
  15. Cool Now what about addressing the bugs you so enthusiastically asked the community to prioritise for you? There's quite a few bugs which have been upvoted, however, I haven't seen any marked as "Ready to Test" for 1.7...
  16. Great work @SQUAD! Alongside the delta-v readout, I really appreciate the initiative, time and effort the team is putting in providing us with these much needed and requested metrics. I'll echo the comments about the UI optimisations posted above, including adding an ap/pe readout. In the meantime, keep up the good work! PS: Great timing as well, no one seems to be mentioning the moonbase anymore
  17. How are you guys n gals going with the bug squashing? Despite a slew of upvote amassing issues, I haven't seen any marked as "Ready to Test" for the upcoming version... I had similar issues on my end, appears to have something to do with the size of the table... moving the "votes up" option up in the "Selected Columns" list seems to fix it.
  18. Today, worked on this unit: Not today, not Korolev, not cross:
  19. Thanks mate, very much appreciated! Happy you like them Bla Bla, I loosely based the Slingshot on the MiG 4.12 and the Slingshot Pro on the MiG 1.44 (both were demonstrator designs), they indeed have some similarities with the Rafale. The door on the front end is from an upside-down Mk1 cockpit (on top of an upside-down Mk2 cockpit with the Slingshot Pro). I frequently use some degree of clipping for aesthetic purposes (and because KSP cheats with drag/aerodynamics a), but not to physics defying extremes if I can help it. Here's a list of visual mods I use:
  20. No worries mate, welcome to the forums, quite the entrance with an SSTA! I checked it out on KerbalX and it looks good! I did notice however that it's not marked as "stock" due to FAR... Since many peeps look for stock craft on KerbalX, you might want to consider (if you can be bothered) saving your craft in stock KSP and reuploading. On my end, I finished a series of stock SSTO spaceplanes for LKO after being away from KSP and the forums for quite a bit. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to tinker around in the SPH and optimise craft you'd never thought would reach orbit. Anyhow, b
  21. Just checked and there was indeed a flag at the end of the runway Issue upvoted on the bugtracker, thanks for letting me know OHara!
  22. Thanks heaps mate! Did a bit more testing on the z-fighting issues I've been experiencing in 1.6.0, check out the gifs of 1.5.1 vs 1.6.0: KSP 1.5.1 KSP 1.6.0 Both are completely stock installs*, identical settings, same craft file (loaded and launched from the SPH, accelerated to ~120m/s then stopped). As you can see there is some minor z-fighting on the ruddervators in KSP 1.5.1, however, in 1.6.0 all wing parts and most other parts are having epilepsy level z-fighting issues. The z-fighting problems seems to be fixed upon reloading the scene.
  23. Thanks @TriggerAu I was referring to this, I'm obviously oblivious to what was discussed internally: Anyhow, thanks again for looking into this!
  24. I have resubmitted the issue to the bug tracker here: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/20423. Any up-votes or comments are immensely appreciated! ??? Neither are the fuel tanks... AFAIK, the "fix" was introduced sometime between KSP 1.0.5 and 1.1.3 to make attaching Mk2 parts easier for new KSP players (originally you had to press "w" and "d" before the Mk2 parts were lined up correctly when attaching radially, check out the Mk2 crew cabin as the "fix" isn't applied to that part for obvious reasons). The texture flipping buggy behavior was an undesired s
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