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  1. The "funny orientation" thing was the reason Squad introduced the fix IIRC. Here's my main issue though; you can easily work around this by pressing "w" and "d" once... whereas you cant work around the flipping textures flipping, even when you save a craft with the correct textures they will get flipped again when you load them in a different stock KSP game. So the pros and cons of each situation: Current Mk2 fuel parts: Radial attaching parts: Easy Rotation behavior: Unexpected, counter intuitive, inconsistent, buggy Asymmetric craft: Yes In-game w
  2. This bug still exists in KSP Link to the bug report here. Solution to the issue: Change the following lines in the Mk2 fuel tank .cfg files in the GameData/Squad/Parts/Mk2FuselageLong and Short: Remove line: mirrorRefAxis = 0, 0, -1 Change node_attach line to: node_attach = 1.25, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 Please fix this @SQUAD, thanks!
  3. Ow man, a stock delta-V readout, Xmas came early (but late )!!! I'm having some serious z-fighting issues with wings in 1.6.0 vs 1.5.1 though, anyone else experiencing this? Very disappointed to see the Mk2 texture flipping bug still hasn't been addressed in 1.6.0, @SQUAD @UomoCapra @JPLRepo or whoever is in charge, could you pretty please have a look at this, it's been well over 2 years since this bug was introduced. The fix (proposed by @Porkjet at the time) is extremely straightforward: You'll have my eternal gratitude!
  4. That's incorrect unfortunately. When you bought KSP you payed for a software license not a product, by playing any version of KSP (whether it's 1.3.x or 0.7.3 or anything in between) you accept the new EULA: For more info, have a look at the Updated Terms and Service thread here, or read the new EULA.
  5. The first paid KSP DLC is coming out in just over a week if all goes to plan. Are you planning on buying it? If you choose "other", please post below to let us know what/why!
  6. Unfortunately, according to the EULA, KSP is licensed not sold, so by playing any version of KSP (whether it's 1.3.x or 0.7.3 or anything in between) you accept the new EULA: And here's the statement from Daniele Peloggio (= @UomoCapra?) on the KSP steam website: If you don't accept the new EULA, it means you're terminating the license provided by Take Two, and, as described by the EULA, you are required to destroy and/or delete any and all copies of KSP Software in your possession, custody, or control. NB: IANAL
  7. Any news on a response by any chance @JPLRepo? Since the new EULA will go into effect in 4 days, it'd be great if we would get more info soon. Particularly if we want to communicate through these forums, which will require accepting the new EULA from the 6th of March if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Thanks for the feedback saxyomega, I'm curious to hear how you go with the Katateochi! Concerning figuring out the ascent profiles, in the end it really comes down to trial and error. However, there are some strategies that you can apply to speed up the process. I found in KSP 1.3.x, starting off with a 10 degree ascent profile works quite well. Then adjust the initial attitude based on your craft performance. Ideally, you'll want to go as shallow as possible so you can build up as much horizontal speed in airbreathing mode, but you don't want to go so shallow that your craft starts burni
  9. Any news on this @SQUAD @Darth Badie? The fix is pretty straightforward, as only the attachment rules of the Mk2 parts need to be changed back to their original settings... There's also an entry on the bugtracker here, but it got marked as "not a bug". While I can understand it is not a "bug" per se, it is very unintuitive/inconsistent/buggy behavior and there's currently no in-game workaround. My gratitude would be eternal if you could fix this!
  10. Get twice the amount of junk in space with the Gemini Class cargo transport! This unmanned stock SSTO spaceplane has twin cargo bays and can deliver a 2x5.6 t payload to a 100x100 km orbit. Been sitting on this one for a while, but after some recent tweaking I think it's good to go. The Gemini is a bit more tricky to handle than my other craft, but if you think you're up for it, grab the craft file at KerbalX here. Edit: Post 500! That's a personal record as far as forum posts go
  11. Congrats on the Thread of the Year 2017 with the K prize! :)

    1. boolybooly


      thanks Yakuzi, was a nice surprise this morning :D

      you would be welcome to add a mission report of your own should you feel so inclined :wink:


    2. Yakuzi


      I was thinking of doing that, can't believe I haven't submitted a K prize entry in all these years :blush::)

  12. I would certainly hope so. However, since this issue was the main reason for "enhancing" the console port, it's kinda important for Squad to state this explicitely... unless of course we're all supposed to forget the squad/fte console port love-up ever happened
  13. Great stuff @SQUAD, loving the new textures!!! Could you also add a completely light grey fairing pretty please, like NASA and spaceX are using for isntance (potentially with a toggle to put your flag on)?
  14. Hey @katateochi! Is there any chance of adding a feature that allows for different versions of a craft to be categorized on one craft page (e.g. passenger, fuel, cargo, vtol versions)? Else I'd have to create heaps of craft pages that are basically the same ship. For the sake of overview this would be great IMO. Thanks for the amazing work!
  15. I worked on a stock long range SSTO version of my "Nova" series spaceplanes. Due to its state-of-the art nuclear turbo RAPIER engines, the "Hypernova" has over 4,000 m/s deltaV in 82 km circular Kerbin orbit and can perform a return trip from the Mun, Minmus and Duna* * hypothetically, I'm still figuring out a landing protocol that doesn't involve lithobr(e)aking Also, I you haven't done so already, be sure to grab a copy of the "Katateochi" class heavy cargo SSTO (also stock) from KerbalX... you can't afford not to fly it :
  16. In honor of @katateochi and the fantastic work he's done with KerbalX, meet the "Katateochi" class heavy transport spaceplane (with permission ) )! The "Katateochi" is fully stock, delivers a 36 t payload to circular MKO (250x250 km) and is a breeze to fly. Be sure to leave a thanks/like for katateochi in the dedicated KerbalX thread on the KSP forums and grab a your copy of the craft at KerbalX (where else) now! Full album here. Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy your flight!
  17. I took a new stock SSTO spaceplane I'm working on for a test flight at civil twilight:
  18. Thanks for the craft file Meep! I had a look at the plane and there where some issues (besides the lack of a front wheel as @Gordon Fecyk mentioned above ): As Gordon mentioned, the most critical issue is that the rear wheels are too close to each other, resulting in severe oscillations and deviations in direction of the craft The rear part of the engine pylons are not strutted, causing flexing of the pylons and the landing gear attached to the pylons (you can clearly see this when the craft is first loaded on the runway from the SPH) When attaching the front wheel like
  19. Everything in the natural world complies to the laws of physics... even lego (or the capital of Nigeria).
  20. There is a very common problem with the default friction parameters of landing gear that causes this behaviour. To work around this, right-click your front landing gear, override the friction control* and set it to a value of ~0.2... this should fix your issues. If not, please provide some screenshots or, better yet, a craft file * You'll need to enable "advanced tweakables" in the main settings menu.
  21. Can you provide a credible reference? @SQUAD @Darth Badie is it true that the console version will get more updates... that would be pretty big news.
  22. Great stuff Squad, really looking forward to the rocket parts overhaul! @SQUAD, since you guys are working on textures atm, could you please fix/change back the attachment rules for the Mk2 fuel tanks? The current behaviour is inconsistent/unintuitive/buggy and causes asymmetric glitches*: Incorrect part rotation: Asymmetric radial attachment behaviour: * and there's currently no in-game way to work around this, unlike the original attachment rule associated "problems". Much obliged!
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