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  1. "Will launch early next year" August 2015. Squad does seem to like its early year release dates...
  2. Sandbox has been good enough to keep me hooked for years. Career is a complete mess (it's more of a KSP beginners guide with some random side quests thrown in) and hardly challenging/interesting/rewarding. I haven't played career since it was introduced and probably would've stopped playing KSP altogether if it was the only game mode. Career could be amazing if some decent game and user experience design is implemented (as discussed above and the multiple dedicated threads that have been posted on the subject over the years). But alas, it doesn't seem Squad is inclined to give career the
  3. I can also confirm in stock I also noticed that when you retract/extend the landing gear of a stationary vehicle, the wheels collide through the surface, and the craft appears to rest on the wheel axles rather than the wheels themselves. Whenever the gear is extended and locked, the craft bounces up from the axle height to the wheel height, sometimes quite violently. The change in surface interaction from axle to wheel may also be happening during loading of a save, resulting in this bouncy behaviour. EDIT: On further investigation, the behaviour I described above se
  4. I just finished my latest stock orange tank to LKO hauler: Grab the craft file at KerbalX!
  5. Then I'd like to keep it the way it is, so change one of 'convert' votes to a 'keep current format' vote please. Just set the default to 'sort by date' and we're golden.
  6. I voted 'change to chronological', but I would still like the option to sort by votes. The default should be 'sort by date' however IMO.
  7. I recently got back to playing KSP (took a break for more than a year), and today I started working on my first* stock orange tank to orbit SSTO. It barely makes it to LKO, however, and re-enters the atmosphere on fumes: * After KSP 1.0 released that is Also, I updated my stock SSTO spaceplanes on KerbalX , so be sure take them for spin in 1.3.1 if you're keen Sherpa Bushido Nova Super Nova
  8. Any word on a fix @JPLRepo? From a UX perspective this is very unintuitive/inconsistent behavior and unlike the original Mk2 attachment 'problem' KSP 1.1 (1.2?) set out to 'fix', there are no in-game work-arounds for the bug-like behaviour the 'fix' created*. PS: I tried to link a thread I started about this very problem in 2016, but it seems it was deleted. So here's some pics that highlight the issue: * even if you modify the attachment rules in one copy of KSP, the parts flip over when you load the craft in another copy.
  9. Good to hear it's working again! Any idea which changes between 1.3 and 1.3.1 caused/resolved these issues?
  10. The thing is, from the tests that I've performed in stock, I don't see any evidence that Aerogav's claim is valid. Are you playing this If so, could you send me a SSTO craftfile that: 1. Performed well in a previous version (please specify which one, e.g. 1.2.1). 2. Describe how it performs differently in the current KSP version. This way we can actually test if there are actually differences instead of acting on suspicions and assumptions.
  11. I don't observe this in, cones on terminal nodes still substantially reduce drag and increase craft performance... Which version of stock KSP did you perform your testing in? As far as I can tell, the aero adjustments introduced in 1.2.x are still the most recent ones. @Gaarst wrote a comprehensive analysis on drag that seems up to date.
  12. Since 1.3 you can change the ambient lighting in stock KSP. Works great together with scatterer to produce the effect I'm assuming you're looking for. Check out the pic below (not mine):
  13. Interesting challenge... there are a couple of unclarities in the rules though: 1. So there is the main mission to determine the flight time. Are there an infinite number of attempts to get the multipliers or just one single extra attempt? 2. In the main mission, do you have to complete rules 1 to 7 in the same run (particularly rule 2 and 3)? 3. Are you allowed to remove the oxidizer/monoprop from your craft for the main mission, and add these again for the multiplier attempts later? Or do you have to use exactly the same fuel load every run?
  14. 'Best' is highly dependent on the situation, i.e. total mass, desired delta-V and TWR. Have a look at Meithan's engine chart calculator to evaluate what the best engine options are for your specific rocket/scenario. You can find the original thread here. Example of max theoretical deltaV for initial TWR per engine type: EDIT: double ninja'd
  15. You can't blame console players to be somewhat skeptical about @SQUAD's 'affirmations' after they claimed they "solved the save file issues" for consoles +/- 8 months ago. Additionally, SQUAD/Deported offered no refunds or other forms of recompense for their broken product which is scandalous to say the least... so I can fully understand the anger, frustration and disillusion that our console brethren and sistren have experienced over the past year.
  16. Thanks mate! The nosepiece is an upside-down Mk2 cockpit... they're all fully stock, I promise EDIT: hold on, I'll get you a pic
  17. You're not alone OP. I also prefer SSTOs and spaceplanes without the 'classic' cockpit, though it's seldom for saving deltaV... in my headcanon cockpit glass would've been fully replaced with cameras/monitors by the time SSTO spaceplanes become viable. Additionally, while I like PJ's parts in general, I'm not the biggest fan of his cockpit designs. To me they look out of place and/or not able to reach hypersonic speeds (*cough*). So whenever I design a new spaceplane, I either use drones or custom cockpits. Here's a couple of my stock SSTO spaceplanes (some crewed, but all
  18. I don't think exposing the community to those kinds of hypotheticals would have been wise. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if SQUAD management evaluated the additional sales the localisation update brought *, decided someone else might do a better job getting new players in and/or getting money out of existing players, and accordingly exchanged the KSP IP for a lavish bag o' kredits. * According to SteamSpy for instance, there has been no substantial increase in sales after 1.3 went live (25th of May).
  19. No worries He didn't mention KSP specifically for microtransactions though... My bad, I have corrected my previous post accordingly
  20. From Strauss Zelnick (CEO of Take Two) himself? He mentioned it after the TT acquisition of KSP.
  21. Unlikely. Deported B.V. was registered in The Netherlands 2 days (22nd of Jan 2015) before Squad made their KSP "1.0" Beyond Beta announcement (24th of Jan 2015). Deported B.V.'s main investor is Parallel Dynamics S.A. de C.V., located in Mexico City. The Netherlands has been reported as the largest tax haven for US companies, and is also popular among Central American and Mexican companies/individuals to evade taxes. A recent report by Oxfam listed The Netherlands as the 3rd worst corporate tax haven worldwide, and the leading European county facilitating corporate tax avoidance.
  22. They're even skipping 1.3 and are going straight to 1.29!!! Must have been a lot of localization iterations... On a serious note though; @SQUAD the localization update is meant mostly for people that don't own the game yet. Hyping your community (which members have the game already) for a feature which mostly doesn't concern them AND you already disclosed is not ok at all...
  23. Here's the link to the paper on Nature's website which lists all the authors and affiliations. Also, here's a pretty nifty diagram of the system's transit model the authors propose based on the differential photometric measurements: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v542/n7642/fig_tab/nature21360_F1.html The forum doesn't allow me to insert the the image directly, my apologies.
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