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  1. We're doing announcements of announcements now? It appears we need to go deeper... I love the kerbal version of the Time magazine cover of Gagarin btw, here's the original for anyone interested (also without parachutes ):
  2. Did it strike anybody else that the planets of our solar system bear quite a resemblence to some of KSP's worlds? ...
  3. Reduce the friction of the front wheel to 0.1 units (advanced tweakables) and you should be sweet.
  4. This is a fantastic lil plugin, great stuff @pizzaoverhead! If you have the time/capacity, do you reckon you could add an option to disable the reentry effects on ascent, just like the comm plasma blackout is disabled whenever vertical speed >0?
  5. Yeah, I know... I was just being pedantic
  6. There was also a PSA not to buy the PS4 version of KSP on the PS4 subreddit not too long ago. It's scandalous @SQUAD hasn't addressed this issue properly by offering their customers a refund or at the very least an option to transfer the game to PC. As much as I love this game and the KSP developers (I'm a PC user myself), I am appalled at the stance Squad management has taken towards its console customers over the last half year (at this very moment they're still advertising the console version on their website). I'd advice every console customer that feels the KSP product does not meet
  7. Max said "expect" which goes paired with... well with expectations. I agree it wasn't a clear promise but he was lead producer at the time he published his statement. Then again, making any statement in the software industry doesn't mean anything anymore these days it seems Still, there's a delta-v calculator in KerbalEdu, wouldn't be too much of a hassle to port it to stock KSP, right?* *As long as FTE doesn't perform the port
  8. @SQUAD Could you also give us an update on the console version status pretty please? And the Schmelta-vee thing we were promised almost 2 years ago? I mean, KerbalEdu already has a delta-v calculator so why cant we have it in stock KSP? Ow dear gawd no... why not have the artists focus on the much needed rocket part visual overhaul instead?
  9. This is conjecture unless you can provide some evidence to back up this claim. I could say good talent was driven off by mismanagement of the SQUAD executive branch, something Scott Manley hinted at in one of his videos.... this is also an assumption, however. Let's stick to the facts please before pointing the finger at whichever group of people we currently like to blame most
  10. Yeah so much fluff, waffling and marketing attempts... I've never skipped through Devnotes before, but since the ' great exodus' I've done nothing else This was painful to read.
  11. Thanks for the link @StarStreak2109! Manley mentions quite some interesting stuff about the devs leaving (particularly from 42:20 to 43:44). Since it’s kinda spread out throughout his video I made a verbatim transcript* with corresponding timestamps of the relevant bits (watch the full video for some entertaining attempts at stock helicopters): 39:00 Scott summarizes the dev departures 40:30 On the origin of Squad and KSP 40:55 On public staff leaving and who's left 42:20 On the management and ownership of KSP 43:27 On Scott wan
  12. If you are looking for a low tech SSTO (but not necessarily a spaceplane), the amazing @Kergarin posted a video on making a fully recoverable SSTO from the first launch in career mode. You only need to unlock one tech node (described in Kergarin's video below):
  13. That looks amazing and very useful for anyone who's interested in sharing craft! Congrats katateochi and thanks for the fantastic work you've been putting into KerbalX mate! Can't wait to try it out, great stuff!
  14. Is there a Devnote Tuesday this week @SQUAD, @Badie? We understand they might be delayed or not posted this week if the devs are taking a break after the 1.2 release. However, please let us know on the forums or by a tweet or something. One sentence would do... you know, communication and all.
  15. Not disagreeing with you there. The Netherlands is internationally known as a tax haven. Still, any company registered in The Netherlands is by law required to respect EU/Dutch consumer right regulations.
  16. That's not true, KSP is owned and licensed through a company in The Netherlands (DEPORTED B.V.) as you can read in the KSP EULA and the KSP Terms of Service (remember DEPORTED B.V. was set up days before the launch of KSP 1.0?). So what @FlyingKiwibird says is definitely applicable from this respect and might additionally be interesting for console players looking for a refund since EU laws are quite stringent in protecting consumer rights (not sure what the exact regulations are for EU products that are sold overseas).
  17. It seems Squad forgot to mention an actual time of the launch event... another example of Marketing Company ≠ PR Company. Edit: I've found the reason why Squad has difficulty with their communications; Sauce
  18. Scott Manley released his 1.2 video (see below), and observed some interesting wheel behavior as well as a lander sliding down a steep slope. Check out the full video here:
  19. No link to Scott Manley's 1.2 video yet? (If I've missed it my apologies): Note that he was playing build 1581 at the time of recording.
  20. Which "tomorrow" are we talking about? Tomorrow is already 15:00 today in New Zealand but tomorrow doesn't start for another 8 hours for French Polynesia... Days with a 47 hour window are the devil (particularly if ReleaseDay Tuesday turns into ReleaseDay Wednesday... I'm glad I have a ticket for the Patience Ferry).
  21. I would agree apologies are not enough to amend this indeed, please carry out the refund requests of your wronged customers.
  22. No worries Not sure about the sliding, I quickly tested the LT-1 and LT-2 landing gears on steepish inclines on the Mun and no sliding up or down as far as I could tell (with and without warp).
  23. Not exactly sure about actual friction numbers depending on the direction of the wheel. Quill18 experienced some not quite expected lateral sliding behavior with wheel brakes on though, check out the video below (from 7:24 to 8:30, thanks @KerbMav for pointing this out): The first, they only operated when the very bottom of the wheel is in contact with the ground. The tires DO roll
  24. The wheels are still needles poking in the ground unfortunately (still can't rotate them for example). They also remain a bit too slippery for my liking, but are much improved over 1.1.x.
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