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  1. The PS4 only supports MP3's on a usb stick, and I generally use spotify for all my music
  2. Would this be possible at all? As in writing an audio stream to an mp3 which is then being read by another device over a USB (i.e outputting to a media player reading off that usb connection)
  3. Anyone want to squad up? I tend to play at least a few rounds every day
  4. Is there a way to use the Joolian moons to break into an orbit around Jool? I have a stage with 2347 delta v left, and want to end up in orbit around Tylo (big lander so transfer stage doesn't have a lot of delta v). Aerobraking isn't an option:P
  5. It doesn't spawn for me either, I'll try again.
  6. I built this in orbit and a decoupler's not coming off. I can't get whack a kerbal to work and I'm not gonna relaunch the entire thing. What would be the best way to remove it?
  7. I have incredipede on my tablet actually, it's quite interesting.
  8. Just put this into orbit with a spaceplane and I got quite an interesting delta-v readout
  9. I basically want a game that'd be boring to most, really simple (Dwarf Fortress is actually pretty appealing, just a bit hard to get into). Preferably not needing a mouse, and with a bit of a learning curve? Dark Souls used to be my chill game before my controller stopped working with it properly
  10. Uh I want something I can play while having something like 2 braincells to rub together basically. Think Race the Sun, Super Hexagon sort of simplicity. It's probably kinda weird, I just find most games are way too complicated to play while relaxing Money isn't too much of an issue, just as long as it's got more than a few hours to it. EDIT: Super Hexagon is well worth it if you haven't played it btw, it's a bit difficult at first, but I finished it after just under 20 hours and I still play it quite a lot
  11. Does anyone know of a really chilled game that I can just casually play while relaxing? Something like an easier version of Super Hexagon would be perfect, which doesn't require much thought or effort. I just want something to zone out to. Also I'd prefer something that doesn't need to make much sound.
  12. Is it possible to adjust hinges in the VAB? Also it's nice that it remembers groups over subassemblies
  13. I've been trying to build a helicopter with Infernal Robotics, but the helicopter blades start jittering around before the entire thing that's doing a magical dance. It's more an autogyro with propelled blades. It goes straight up alright, but once I try and move it spins apart
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