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  1. The new Real Names folder, is that supposed to be a seperate folder in the Gamedata folder or part of BDB Extras?
  2. Any way to make MJ more accurate landing on a planet with atmosphere? tend to end up several km away from landing point
  3. How do you use the Hermes docking arm to dock?
  4. Cool beans, also the shrouds on the RnF docks seem to disappear when I load in for launching, and ideas on that?
  5. Wonderful! Quick Qs, the Ring and Fork docking mechanism, when setting up to dock, the forks have to be open and the Ring's posts retracted yes? Also wondering if you plan on expanding the Commonwealth Rockets, maybe with a Europa V from ETS? Or even a Commonwealth station parts pack?
  6. Could existing mods be ported over to KSP 2?
  7. So @CobaltWolf, it looks like your workload is about to skyrocket, unless Squad does a very good job of porting
  8. So, KSP 2. Better be as moddable as the current one. Can't not have BD Armory (and the 40 other mods)!!