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  1. A few phots regarding the mod. Victory class CG, T45 DDG, Oberon LPD, Mosquito MTMB (Motor Torpedo & Missile Boat), Spike Corvette.
  2. How do get things to mirror movement without placing them separately? For instance, I have a plane with rotating engine nozzles a la Harrier. The nozzles I placed in pairs, but when selecting next or previous preset, both sides move in different directions instead of the same direction.
  3. Have I put this together wrong? The bridge is still 'attached' to the arm, and still moves with the IR buttons
  4. Ah right, I remember seeing something, I think on the BDAC thread, about weapon tweakscale. Cant remember or find what though
  5. Ok noticed the tweakscale bar, is it possible to scale the weapons themselves? Turrets and missiles etc?
  6. Ah right, I was wanting to play around with the CK and T45 parts, didnt notice any rescale options, Ill have another look
  7. Would it be possible to add tweakscale to the ship and weapon parts?
  8. I did not, thanks for pointing it out
  9. A little bug report on the new update (Awesome btw) Part descriptions and names such as on structural parts are slightly off...
  10. My ksp keeps crashing while loading, it seems to be caused by the Mk.1 intake from this mod
  11. Which mods in particular? Other than LBP, tweakscale, NAS
  12. Tried using this in 1.3, the hangar go away button works fine, but the hangar limits are still applied