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  1. Apollo-MOL. I didn't want to use tweakscale so i had to improvise with other mods to make it fit. However, here is the 11/2 stereo Apollo MOL recon station with additional modules for habitation, ELINT and REDACTED . The Apollo CSM uses the same Apollo Blk.IV CM as is already in use, but the SM is custom. Designed for two weeks independent flight after separation from the station, the SM does not have propulsion apart from a bank of 8 solid retro rockets
  2. How did you get the 2nd ring to dock? I'm trying to dock it but it won't, seems like even though its identical to the first it won't line up
  3. Phases 1-3 of my shameless imitation of a station posted here. Depending on how well (or not) Phase 4 goes, the building and attachment of the 2nd ring, I may or may not go for a 3 tier station
  4. When I have the Decals part of the mod installed it takes over some of the custom tabs in the VAB, used by other mods such as BDB.
  5. Made a Polar Orbit Satellite Interception Gemini (POSIG), successful intercept of a OGO at 600km altitude
  6. I can't see this without instantly saying (in my head) the words Omnicron Persei 8
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