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  1. Could existing mods be ported over to KSP 2?
  2. So @CobaltWolf, it looks like your workload is about to skyrocket, unless Squad does a very good job of porting
  3. So, KSP 2. Better be as moddable as the current one. Can't not have BD Armory (and the 40 other mods)!!
  4. Any Contares RCS whether built-in or separate parts and version 1.7.3
  5. I'm getting an issue with the RCS plume visuals. The plume is backwards (from the right nozzle, but 180 degrees out from where it should be) an also the plume is huge, bigger than some LV booster engines
  6. I know, I don't mean soon. It was more of a 'I might put it at the end of a currently very long to-do list' sort of thing
  7. Ok, will keep my 'belligerent' copy un-updated and use my 'peaceful' copy for testing and usage