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  1. How do you make the fairings split so one half stays on the base and the other half splits and jettisons? I am playing around with the Agena structural support skirts too, is the skirt meant to stay with the agena after staging?
  2. The skirt says the Capsule is the heaviest, while the station module says the hinge is (if I have everything else removed). I just get the capsule swinging on the hinge
  3. How did you autostrut it? Trying to get the skirt to strut to the station module but not getting results? I might just use an old fashioned strut
  4. Do you use a hidden docking port or is it just for show for now? And is the pod held onto the stack with a decoupler or just the hinge?
  5. The new Real Names folder, is that supposed to be a seperate folder in the Gamedata folder or part of BDB Extras?
  6. Any way to make MJ more accurate landing on a planet with atmosphere? tend to end up several km away from landing point
  7. How do you use the Hermes docking arm to dock?