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  1. Pointy end up, Flamey end down. If other way around you are having a bad problem and you will not go to space today.
  2. I see that this hasn't been updated since 2019?
  3. I would like to suggest adding a 'control from' selector to the Ranger, in this case directly aft. This would make docking a lot easier, atm I stick another docking port on top of the Ranger port and use 'control from here'. This does help but is not quite there, as the Ranger ports and the Endurance Ranger ports are at an angle, therefore it's less than intuitive to dock. I'm not even sure there is a perfect solution to it tbh
  4. Always thought it was just a very narrow ended cone, not a squashed cone end.
  5. Is the wiki going to be updated to reflect the newer versions and abilities of MJ? Current wiki is over 3yrs old.
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