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  1. Since no one really answered OP's question, here it is. Engines throttle and propellers govern RPM. A simple constant speed prop for a piston engine uses engine oil pressure to drive a hydraulic cylinder in the prop hub. The amount of oil it is fed is controlled by a centrifugal governor mounted to the side of the propeller shaft. When the engine is throttled up, it tries to increase RPM. This drives the governor to feed more oil into the hub, which increases the pitch of the blades. This increases the load on the engine, and prop RPM remains relatively constant. Likewise, when the engine is throttled down, the pitch on the blades is decreased and engine RPM remains about constant. Multi engine aircraft have the ability to feather the prop, or turn the blades such that they are parallel to the air flow to minimize drag. I think they're supposed to automatically feather when oil pressure is lost, but don't quote me on that. The aircraft I work on have contained spinny things and I'm not multi-engine rated. Turboprops are a more complicated beast with the ability to feather and reverse pitch, usually requiring multiple governors (I've heard that the venerable PT-6 uses 3). Again, not sure how that works.
  2. I discovered that I can't get achievements to pop. I've tried making new saves, deleting old saves, and reinstalling everything and starting clean. Still can't get them to work. I don't think I've ever used the cheat menu, but I thought it was attached to a save. Any ideas?
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kutta–Joukowski_theorem
  4. Can you calibrate the instrument now to determine the error, and apply the correction to the data analytically?
  5. @Snark I wouldn't say I'm angry about the delay. I understand the development process enough to know that these things happen. I'm frustrated to have a last minute delay, and I know this means we're looking at the first week of April at the earliest to see this patch and more parts.
  6. On one hand, I appreciate the honesty letting us know that the update was delayed. On the other, this update is long overdue. The last console update was July 19th 2018, only a bug fix, and squad failed to communicate fot the next several months, even when directly asked. In my opinion, anyone who bought the flying tiger port should receive the DLC for free for being crapped on for the past 2 years. At the very least, squad needs to commit to a console update schedule, and make an attempt to bring features from pc to consoles in a timely manner.
  7. Looking forward to playing with the new parts and launching missions from the mun. Also, only 8 months after the the last patch for consoles. Please don't let this be it for 2019.
  8. As an engineer who has worked on a few derivative designs, loosing how something was designed or built is easier than you might think. While the majority of the design is in the drawings and documentation, a large number of design decisions are made by individuals and not written down. Trying to improve on an existing design is amazingly difficult if you don't know why it's that way to begin with. Whoever did it first may have designed around a then known issue that you won't ever find written down. So you hope that individual still works at the same company, ask why this is the way it is, hope they respond, and actually remember. Everyone who designed the Saturn V has likely retired or died, so good luck. Building it is even worse. The process for assembling aircraft since the beginning has been lovingly reffered to as "beat to fit, paint to match", and the industry has only recently begun moving on to less wasteful manufacturing practices. I can't imagine a rocket built in the '60s is any different. This process means the knowledge to build a Saturn V existed in a few people's heads, who coached everyone around them. Long story short, you're better off not trying, and building something new from scratch.
  9. @SQUAD Please make that altitude MSL (Mean Sea Level) instead of ASL. MSL is the actual name for pressure altitudes referenced to sea level. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altitude
  10. I don't get the argument that a base on the mun breaks the game. Truth is a space center on an otherwise desolate planet, regardless of the planet, is unrealistic.
  11. I like it. Looking forward to building a massive ion propelled ship and launching from the mun
  12. @SQUAD What about improved burn time for consoles? It was part of the 1.5 update on pc. Is that going to make the next update?
  13. It helps with sizing a craft. I'm horrible about bringing enough fuel for missions beyond the kerbin system, and a delta v readout helps. Also, its a feature on pc, so I would like to see it brought to consoles.