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  1. i see, ok no worries, long as there is a way, which you have pointed out already, its all good. considering what the mods accomplish, struts and fuel lines not working is a pretty small issue
  2. i have kis and kas, i assume thats all that i will need for it to work then? thanks so much for the reply, i was under the assumption that the new kis setup allowed all stock parts to work now. ok gotcha, thanks much. i will assume that there are special fuel lines also?(seeing as to how i would guess its the invisible attachment between stock part points causing them not to work)
  3. just learning how to use this addon, it is amazing so far, but how do you attach struts to secure payloads in eva in space? i have them in my inventory, i have the wrench and screwdriver, i hold h to attach it, and no matter what i do, replacing it, moving it, etc.. it always just puts the end strut connector, and does not attach anything to anything. am i missing something, or is this not able to be done etc? also when in space, and i left click/drop something, how do i pick it up and replace it in inventory? g grabs it, but only allows me to place it on something, not back into the kerbals i
  4. if ive read things right tho, there is no reason to have more than one sample slot. i could be wrong, but taking 3 command pods, to get 3 different sample types, would be the same thing as sending multiple samples, home, via one pod, via transmittion. lets say, a science sample gives 10 science, for a return delivery. if you transmit it, you get 20% of that science(saying the bottom in blue says 20% for example) well, if you do that sample collection, and transmition 5 times, youll get the full 100% = 10 science points, the whole diminishing returns, is based on a MAXIMUM science available fro
  5. yeah ignore my last post as its been 6 months since i used a rover, it seems its ijkln to control it lol everything is working nominally
  6. i installed the home set, and the mk5 ant, if i load the ant, go out of the vab onto the launchpad, i used to be able to drive it around no issues, now it bobs slightly left right forward or back but does not move. checked my keybinds, i hit wasd, even tried shift ctrl. nothing. all the clickable options are there , engine, wheels, antennae, etc.. i am currently using the cleverbobcat.dll from the clever bobcat 1.20 dl on the spaceport, as the home set that i downloaded didnt appear to have the dll in it, as people on previous pages said to use for it, is there a newer version?, am i doing som
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