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  1. Will we get free movement in IVAs? I want to wander around my colonies. Will there be life support (perhaps as an option or difficulty level)? Basic water, food, air, and wastes like TACLS? Will those nice new terrains be back-ported to KSP1? What is the development plan for KSP1, anyway, considering it sounds like KSP2 will let us do the same things as KSP1 plus more?
  2. Thanks, and thanks for pointing out my broken link (now fixed). That's what I get for copying and pasting my previous post.
  3. Ham NX Description Replica of: Haas 2CA Function: Orbital Launch Vehicle Launch site: Kerbal Space Centre Notes Design: Uses eight toroidal aerospike engines arranged to simulate a linear aerospike, and a scaled-down Mk3 cargo bay as a fairing since TweakScale can’t yet scale Airstream Protective Shells. Includes probe core for delivering dumb payloads (deployed as stage 0) which must have a top node for attaching the fairing (deployed as stage 1). Top of the fairing (cargo bay) must attach to the top node on either the stack decoupler or the girder adapter, depending on the height of the payload, and the Move tool used to align the bottom of the fairing with the top of the fuel tank. Flight: Align the (fake) linear aerospike so it will be horizontal during the gravity turn and can act like a wing (which it is). Associated: Specifications Cost: 5,346 funds Stage: 1 (2) Height: 8.8m Diameter: 1.0m Width: 1.0m Engines: 8 X T-1 Toroidal Aerospike "Dart" Length: 1.0m 0.375m scale Mass: 4,871kg 100% thrust Stages: 1 (+2) No gimbal Capacity: 100kg to LKO TWR: 1.48 (6.69) Delta-V: 5,022m/s Delta-V: 5,022m/s Gallery A 65% scale replica of the Haas 2CA: The linear aerospike engine is simulated using eight toroidal aerospike engines, plus a wing segment for limited attitude control in atmosphere: SAS controls attitude in space: As stock fairings can't be TweakScaled, the Mk3 cargo bay is used as a fairing: A single stage to orbit reduces costs: The Ham NX can lift 100kg to LKO; it's not much, but useful payloads are possible: --- TMF
  4. Thanks! I haven't heard of Cloud Aerospace before. I'll check them out. I need to put some work into my stock+Tweakscale Skylon, too (I got it into space a few KSP versions ago but didn't have enough fuel to get it back down).
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I find it very cool that smallish companies are now commercializing space travel. I've been trying to decide what to post next and you've inspired me to post another small rocket replica (from another smallish company) in the next couple of days. I just need to capture some pretty snapshots first ...
  6. Kiwifruit Description Replica of: Electron Function: Orbital Launch Vehicle Launch site: Guacamole Space Centre (island helipad) Notes Design: Uses scaled-down Mk3 cargo bays as fairings since TweakScale can’t yet scale Airstream Protective Shells. Payload (deployed as stage 0) must supply probe core for flight control and must have a top node for attaching the fairing (deployed as stage 1). Top of the fairing (cargo bay) must attach to the top node on either the stack decoupler or the girder adapter, depending on the height of the payload, and the Move tool used to align the bottom of the fairing with the top of the battery. Flight: Start gravity turn at 25km altitude. Associated: Specifications Cost: 1,506 funds Stage: 1 (3) Stage: 2 (2) Height: 11.5m Diameter: 0.775m Diameter: 0.775m Width: 0.775m Engines: 9 X S3 KS-25 "Vector" Engines: 1 X S3 KS-25 "Vector" Length: 0.775m 0.180m scale 0.180m scale Mass: 4,404kg 100% thrust 100% thrust Stages: 2 (+2) 3.0° gimbal range 3.0° gimbal range Capacity: 225kg to 350km TWR: 1.56 (4.07) TWR: 0.72 (1.55) Delta-V: 5,329m/s Delta-V: 2,966m/s Delta-V: 2,363m/s Gallery A replica of New Zealand's Electron rocket: It's a fairly simple model based on a 65% scale factor: The stock fairings can't be shrunk down to this size so I had to substitute the Mk3 cargo bays instead: Not too surprising that it works well for the first to second stage fairing ... ... but for the payload fairing, the top of the cargo bay attaches to the top of the decoupler and hangs down over the payload: Moving parts below their attachment points and over another stage often causes problems for me, but this works really well for cargo bays: --- TMF
  7. My first mod-heavy career (way back in 2013) got as far as an extensive colony on Duna before an upgrade broke my save file. But that was OK (or, to be more precise, I got over it eventually). The plan for my next career involves heavy use of kOS (which I'm still experimenting with), but in the process of trying to understand how real spacecraft work I ended up hooked on the idea of creating replicas using as few part mods as possible (with the exception of science mods ... I love me some science mods). Not highly realistic replicas, mind you, but replicas that try to capture some of the whimsy of Kerbal Space Program while using as few parts as necessary to suggest the real-life vessel. It's been a huge learning experience for me and a lot of fun, as I can now identify spacecraft on sight in movies or other media (my friends and family are less thrilled with this new geeky talent). Anyway, after sharing some of my creations for the weekly KSP Challenges I get the impression that others might like this style of spacecraft modeling too, so I'll start sharing some of my non-Challenge-related creations here. I hope you enjoy them! Launch Vehicles Kiwifruit (Electron replica) Ham NX (Haas 2CA replica)
  8. I get the feeling you really want that badge I would've said the same thing in reply to your post: since until you posted the screenshots nothing indicated you weren't using the Munar mod tanks (they can be scaled to 2.5m using TweakScale, which according to part nine of the rules is "allowed, but discouraged").
  9. Part four of the rules for this particular challenge:
  10. I don't mean to speak for @Badie, but my guess would be that it appears you missed the second rule (in the OP): In my opinion (others may object), you could use @cratercracker's official badge (also in the OP) as a participation badge (I did this for the last challenge, although I shrunk it shamefully small for my sig).
  11. Thank you all for the votes and support! Thanks again to @Badie for organizing, to @cratercracker for the badge, and to everyone for the creative entries. And thank you to @linuxgurugamer for evaluating all these entries. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing effort you put into preserving and extending so many mods. I didn't want to say earlier (because it would've looked like sucking up) but after attempting to fly another (not as pretty) replica of the Phantom Express that used only stock parts and TweakScale, I realized that I wasn't happy after all, and so I'm making the Mk 2.5 Space Plane Parts a permanent addition to my mod list. I'll be adding a new and more accurate replica of the Phantom Express to my KerbalX page this week (for anyone interested), and it's much more controllable and glides like a dream thanks to some fuel flow priority tweaks but mostly -- I really believe -- due to the flight characteristics of the Mk 2.5 Space Plane mod. So thanks again @linuxgurugamer (and thanks to @RaginCaucasian for the original, and @artwhaley, @SuicidalInsanity, and anyone else who has contributed to this wonderful mod).
  12. I'm happy with my current set of mods, but the Mk 2.5 Space Plane Parts and Munar Industries - Modular Fuel Tank Expansion mods are very nice and a good fit for the XS-1 Phantom Express replica I wanted to create: Although we're required to have at least one Kerbal aboard, the XS-1 isn't intended for crewed flight. So, I've made the payload a crewed science mission to the Mun with one Kerbal on board: The real XS-1 is rated for a payload of about 1,400 kg to LEO. This payload is 2,300 kg and the I8-2-XS could handle a bit more: Approaching the edge of space: Fairings ejected, the payload's antenna and solar panels deploy: Payload separation after orbit circularization: The science mission to the Mun begins: Meanwhile (after a reload to pre-launch), the reuseable spaceplane portion returns to Kerbin: Approaching runway: ... and landing: The I8-2-XS Fajita Express is ready for immediate reuse: So: Built a shuttle - 10 points Reached orbit - 20 points Landed without damage, all Kerbals survived - well, technically true, but no points for this Brought 2.3 tonnes of cargo to orbit and deployed - 2.3 points for a big total of 32.3 points. Here's the craft file:
  13. "Done circ ... ... Done circliz ... ... Done orbit "
  14. I took @Badie's instructions literally and didn't use the overlay or map view , but this was a personal challenge for me as it's the first time I flew a mission entirely from the IVA. Here are the highlights of the flight of the Minestrone-Aspic (6:00 - click CC for mission profile): ... and here's the entire flight (21:33 - click CC for mission profile): No cuts in the full video (just some time warping) but I did splice in additional footage from a second, nearly identical flight to make it a little more interesting to watch.
  15. I've been playing with kOS, learning vector math so I can write my own alternative to the built-in PID controller (some ideas I want to try out). My intention is to have this ready before I play Career again so my ships and probes are more realistically automated (and can land on a dime like Elon's), but so far the only maneuver I've accomplished with my test probes is the funky chicken.