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  1. The pixelized city show up while in scaled spaced i.e in orbit 160km+. Do you want me to post a picture showing what I mean. BTW thank you for all your work. What you do is beyond me.
  2. Multiple the stock delta V values by sqrt(10). Yeah I have been lazy to create a delta V map.
  3. Just tested your latest drop. So much better. I have only one request. The city light textures are really pixelated. Do you think it would be possible to add noise similar to what you did for the cloud textures.
  4. Thanks for the compliment. The reason Duna's atmosphere is 'thick" is due to two factors. The gravity is low so its not pulling in the atmosphere close to the planet. The second factor is the atmosphere of Duna is pretty warm so the gas molecules have a lot of energy to travel far. For Duna which is thin enough to model as a isothermal atmosphere you get H=RT/g which for Duna comes out to be around ~16. BTW Jool is even more extreme. As Starwaster pointed out the default heat shields will not protect you in any way. P.S One day I need to develop the code to calculate all this stuff on the fly.
  5. Sorry I have been busy with work and 1.1.3 didn't work well on my Linux system. Almost finished updated this mod to KSP 1.2. Still missing KSCSwitcher as well but will not delay the upcoming release.
  6. Hello Your work is amazing. I'm the maintainer of the 10xKerbol mod and I like to ask your permission to your textures. Only reason to not use your mod along side mine is that the surfaces of the planets have been changed due to the rescaling.
  7. That photo is from the EVE terrain days. I need to up that album. Sorry it was misleading. I wish Kopernicus could do textures with Scaled Space. Strange RSS doesn't like my setup. What packages are you testing against for RVE?
  8. Yep Kopernicus can use the RVE textures. Feel free to grab my settings from the 10xKerbol mod. As I posted the city textures have trouble blending with the terrain texture tho. The steep setting need more work but it looks better than the default. As for multiple texture levels I have no idea. Something worth trying :-)
  9. New 6.2.0 release. Didn't wait for the next EVE release so if you want pretty clouds you need the latest EVE which is the pre-release 1.1-3 for this to work. This is the eye candy update. Better clouds and we are back to using the RVE terrain textures for Kerbin so it looks so much better.
  10. Are you using the latest EVE? Their was some problem with the newer EVE with the last 10xKerbol package. I have this fixed in the latest version but haven't released since I was waiting for an offical EVE release. Hmmm, perhaps I should do a release and make a note about using the pre-release
  11. Here is a short video of my latest work. Waiting until the next version of EVE is release to release this. Latest 10xKerbol test
  12. Found it. This is a idea for EVE at this time. Vector3d rad = new Vector3d (Math.Cos (lat) * Math.Cos (lon) , Math.Sin (lat) , Math.Cos (lat) * Math.Sin (lon)); double elevation = b.pqsController.GetSurfaceHeight (rad) - b.pqsController.radius;
  13. Hi rbray89 I pulled your latest pre-release tag to try it out and so far its pretty awesome. I only see one small issues. Using Kopernicus I replaced the terrain texture and it blends with the city textures which results in this. Is their any way to resolve this? Also I have a question about when clouds show up. Currently the clouds at the particle level are more dense that what appears from orbit. Basically from orbit the area will look clear but when I zoom in clouds with appear. Can you control at what alpha level clouds in the 2D layer is needed to make volumetric clouds appear at?