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  1. bit busy atm with rl. but thing begin to cool down. i'm planning on getting back on it. It's been a while so my memory is a bit foggy on that, but you should be able to use action group to do exactly that. And i fixed the typo, sorry for the delay ^^.
  2. @Scientist: I'm currently in vacation, i will be back in front of my rig end of august, nothing i can do until then. ( unless someone make a modulemanager patch to remove my mod on those parts) @dwyw 1. I told kerbalstuff that the mod is 1.0.4 compatible, so CKAN should update itself from there. If not, well, unless someone else compile the mod against 1.0.4, there is nothing I can do until I return. 2. Antenna auto deploy is in my todo list, but they may suffer from the same drawback the solar panels have. Haven't play with it yet, because I also want the mod to interact with RT. 3. As for
  3. it's done automatically from kerbalstuff, so just wait a bit and it should get there.
  4. thank you very much, I found the bug =p. when you go into timewarp the part suddenly became unshielded from airstream wich trigger the deployement .... Edit: New update 0.0.4d Changelog: lock the solarpanel autodeployement when timewarping to avoid panel deploying inside fairing.
  5. huumm... first are those the stock fairing? second, could you send me a pic of the rocket by the side. or send me the craft file ?
  6. oh I see. it's because the fairing is not protecting you from airstream anymore. because you opened one side. So as soon as you open the side, the panel deploy isnt it? when I say side, it's the top or the bottom of the fairing ^^. So nothing i can really easyly do. And as i got my finals in 2 weeks, nothing I should do about it until then XD. And it's gonna be a very tricky one. so for the moment jetisson the fairing as soon as you open one side to avoid it.
  7. Hi. i really do like you mod. but i also like to be able to choose wich parts to install and it's very very tedious to do so. Would really appreciate if each part got its own cfg file, and even a folder. ( you can look at the file structure of MI fuel tank expansion to get an idea of an easy to trim mod). I also like the fact that you can attach engine in a bigger or smaller socket. but it's still a bit buggy and when you remove the "fairing" some of them got a little offset.
  8. very nice mod =). but I've got one big problem with it. my keyboard is not a qwerty one. could it be possible to use some control defined in the setting instead of wasd. (the keybinding are in the GameSettings object ex: KeyCode d = GameSettings.Editor_yawRight.primary; ) Edit: didn't see that you could change the key in the config.cfg
  9. hav'nt tested it with a service bay. but when inside a fairing it shouldn't deploy. gonna investigate. Edit: I can't reproduce it. can you show me a picture of how you setup the panel inside the service bay. my guess is somehow your panel is clipping through the service bay and then the game think it's not protected from the airstream anymore wich trigger the deployement.
  10. auto light is already in my list. I haven't look into it yet. ( exam season =p ) but you can know the solarflux you get for every part so i think that should do the trick. as for the rover i don't really get what you want with the brake?
  11. Update: versin 0.0.4c. Tex_NL bug shouldn't be here anymore ( and it should uncorrupt solar panel who had this bug)
  12. ouch. yeah it seems like a nasty one indeed. can you send me your save? and do you have other mod installed? Edit:I found the culprit should be able to push a patch tonight. ( UTC +2)
  13. i push an update, the autoDeploy toggle should work as intended now.
  14. Where is your ship when this happen? and which solar panel are you using?
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